Remnant 2: The Corruptor Boss Fight [Walkthrough]

By reading this guide, players will learn different methods that can prove to be helpful in defeating the boss, The Corruptor, in Remnant 2.

The Corrupter is one of the bosses that players will encounter in the world of Yaesha. However, defeating the Corrupter is not an easy task due to the Pan Guardian and its instant health-depleting laser beam.

Key Takeaways
  • The Corruptor Remnant 2 is a boss found in Yaesha that shoots a large laser beam from its mouth.
  • Target the Red Core under the Corruptor’s belly as its weak point.
  • The Corruptor has an Alternate Kill method by brute-forcing the fight, killing only the Corruptor instead of the Golem.
  • The Golem, a former guardian of Pan, guards the Corruptor and has detachable hands.
  • Disable the Golem’s arms and shoot its head to disable it.
  • Rewards for defeating the Corruptor include Twisted Azurite, Hollow Heart, and Simulacrum.

What Is The Corruptor In Remnant 2?

The Corruptor
Gigantic Root Entity, The Corruptor

The Corruptor is an extremely difficult boss to defeat, which can be found residing in The Great Bole in the world of Yaesha.

The Corruptor is a gigantic root entity corrupting the Thaen. It shoots a large laser beam from its mouth that can instantly deplete a player’s health bar. 

Weak Points

It is not like the Corruptor is invincible to damage or players can barely inflict any damage. Just like every other boss in the game, it also has a weak point. There is a Red Core that lies directly below its belly; while the Corruptor is in the sky, players can deal a massive amount of damage to the Corruptor by shooting the Red Core. 

How To Defeat The Golem

The Golem
Guardian of Pan, The Golem

The Golem has very tricky attack patterns; here are some of the moves he uses:

  1. Detachable Arms: The Golem can detach its arms and will command them to attack you.
    Detached Arm
    Detached Arm
  2. Spinning Sword: The Golem will launch a spinning sword attack with all of its arms, which is kind of hard to evade.
    Spinning Sword
     Spinning Sword
  3. Shockwave Jump: As you move from one platform to the other, the Golem will also jump right after you; this jump will create a shockwave that will push you away.
    Shockwave Jump
     Shockwave Jump

Disabling The Golem

Now that we know all the attacks of the Golem let’s move on to the main part. That is how to defeat the Golem, as it protects the Corruptor and will not let you get close to it while it is alive.

Based on my experience, the Golem can be disabled in the following ways:

  1. The first method is that you can shoot all of the Golem’s arms, and while it is busy repairing its arms, you can shoot the Corrupter while depleting its HP.
  2. The second method is to disable the Golem; you have to shoot its head, which is the Golem’s weak point, as it will disable the Golem.

Alternate Method To Defeat The Corruptor

The method that I mentioned above is one that can be used to defeat the Corruptor in a normal manner. However, there also exists an alternate kill method for the Corruptor. In the alternate kill method, players will have to defeat the Corruptor without disabling the Golem.

However, I recommended that players should try out this method only when they have the best weapons that can deal a lot of damage to the Corruptor or in co-op mode. If players defeat the Corruptor by using the alternate kill method, then they will get the Hollow Heart as a special reward. 

Boss Fight Drops And Rewards

Corruptor Defeated
Drops And Rewards after defeating Corruptor.

I got the following rewards after defeating The Corruptor:

  • Twisted Lazurite
  • Hollow Heart
  • Simulacrum

With all of the information provided above, my guide on How to defeat The Corruptor Remnant 2 comes to an end. In this guide, I have mentioned different methods that can be used to defeat the boss, Corruptor, in Remant 2. The Alternate Kill method for the Corruptor is also mentioned in this guide, which rewards players with the Hollow Heart

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