Remnant 2: Ring Of Omens [How To Get & Stats]

Ring Of Omens Remnant 2 is an absolute must-have if you are someone who prefers wearing heavy armor like Leto MK II because it grants extra Dodging speed!

The Ring of Omens in Remnant 2 is a mysterious and sought-after artifact with unique properties. This powerful ring possesses the ability to alter the way evasions work, making it a coveted item among adventurers and warriors alike. Unlike traditional evades that consume stamina, the Ring of Omens switches this mechanic, causing evades to consume health instead temporarily.

Key Takeaways

What Is The Ring Of Omens

remnant 2 location Ring Of Omens
Ring Of Omens Via: Its Shatter

The ring is shrouded in an enigma and can only be obtained through a series of intricate steps. To unlock its secrets, players must venture to the Cathedral of Omens in the region of Yaesha, an ancient and foreboding place with a history that has long been forgotten. However, gaining access to the ring is not as simple as walking through its doors. It requires a unique weather condition known as the Blood Moon to be present in Yaesha.

  • The Blood Moon is a rare and random event that bathes the landscape in a scarlet hue, casting an eerie light over the surroundings.
  • To trigger the Blood Moon, players may need to exit the Cathedral of Omens and return to the central hub, Ward 13, before making their way back to the temple.

How To Get The Ring Of Omens

To obtain the Ring of Omens in Remnant 2, follow the steps I have listed below:

  1. Reach the Cathedral of Omens in Yaesha by progressing through the main story.
  2. Wait for a Blood Moon event, which occurs randomly. Activate it by repeatedly entering and exiting the Cathedral checkpoint or leaving and returning to Ward 13. Watch for the moon turning red.
  3. Solve the Blood Moon puzzle within the Cathedral by facing the entrance and locating a door on the right side.
  4. Once you’ve solved the puzzle, the secret room will reveal a hidden passageway.
  5. You’ll find the Ring of Omens and valuable Blood Moon Essences in the secret room.

Blood Moon Puzzle Solution

Blood Moon Puzzle Solution Ring of omens remnant 2
Puzzled is solved when circles contain both Moon symbols and the Ravager. Via: Nigo

In my experience, the Blood Moon Puzzle in Remnant 2’s Cathedral of Omens can be pretty challenging, but with the right steps, it becomes solvable.

Here’s the path I would recommend to efficiently unravel the puzzle and gain access to the hidden room containing the Ring of Omens:

  1. Reach the Puzzle Room: To start the puzzle, you must enter the Cathedral of Omens in Yaesha. Navigate through the Cathedral until you reach the puzzle room. A hanging shadow mechanism with levers on each side makes this room identifiable.
  2. In this guide, you will use the following cardinal directions: the hall you just came through will be referred to as south, the path ahead as north, and the paths on the left and right as west and east, respectively.
  3. South Lever Position: Begin by pulling the south lever to adjust the position of the triangle shadow. Rotate the south lever until the triangle shadow is positioned toward the north-northeast.
  4. East Lever Position: Next, move to the east lever. Interact with it to manipulate the position of the symbols. Move the lever so that the Doe symbol is on the north side.
  5. West Lever Position: Now, move to the west lever. Move the west lever so that circles contain Moon symbols and the Ravager.
  6. Open the Hidden Passage: After successfully setting the levers in the correct positions, a hidden passage will be revealed.
  7. Retrieve the Ring of Omens: Head into the secret room and claim your well-earned reward – the Ring of Omens, a powerful accessory!

Stats And Uses

Stats ring of omens remnant 2
Ring of Omens Stats Via: Sofa Supastar Gaming

The Ring of Omens is a powerful, unique accessory with intriguing stats and uses. It provides a significant advantage to players by altering the mechanics of evading, making it a sought-after item for those seeking improved survivability and agility.

Following are the Ring of Omens Stats:

  • Evades Cost: The primary effect of the Ring of Omens is that it changes the resource used for evades.
    • Instead of consuming stamina, dodging will temporarily consume health in the form of Grey Health.
    • Grey Health is a type of health that can be regenerated over time by not taking damage.
  • Enhanced Evasion: With the Ring of Omens equipped, players can evade more frequently and strategically during combat.
    • Since evades no longer rely on stamina, players can focus on other actions that typically consume stamina, such as sprinting or performing power attacks.

Hidden Traits Of The Ring Of Omens

Misty Step Formation ring of omens remnant 2
Misty Step Formation

The Ring of Omens possesses hidden traits that add even more depth to its already unique and powerful abilities. In my opinion, these hidden traits further enhance the ring’s usefulness and provide additional advantages for players who seek to uncover its secrets.

  • Bypass Weight Requirements: One of the hidden traits of the Ring of Omens is its ability to bypass weight requirements for armor.
    • Normally, wearing heavy armor like the Leto MK II would significantly hinder your mobility, causing you to “flop” instead of performing a standard evade roll.
    • However, with the Ring of Omens equipped, players can enjoy a standard evade roll regardless of the weight of their equipped armor.
    • During testing, I noticed how this allows for more tactical freedom in choosing gear without sacrificing agility.
  • Misty Step Transformation: The most significant hidden trait of the Ring of Omens is its transformative effect on the evade mechanic.
    • When paired with specific Yaesha-specific amulets, the ring unlocks a powerful ability known as the “Misty Step.”
    • This transformation turns the regular evade roll into a swift, mist-like movement that covers a greater distance and provides more flexibility in evasive maneuvers.

This is it from my side! I hope now you know how to get the Ring Of Omens in Remnant 2. Feel free to check out our take on Is Remnant 2: BEST Katana Weapon & Build and Remnant 2: Voice Actors & Cast.


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