Remnant 2: How To Defeat First Boss [Strategy]

Learn how to defeat the first-ever major boss, Mother Mind, in Remnant 2, using attacks and strategies to aim for weak spots.

Remnant 2 involves a lot of bosses to deal with, and the first-ever major boss in Remnant 2 is Mother Mind. This boss is just like other monsters but is much larger, making it much more difficult to defeat the boss. Knowing the patterns of the attacks carried out by the Remnant 2 first boss is vital. 

You can’t just defeat the boss by attacking only; rather, you must learn how to dodge and evade the attacks carried out by the boss. This will aid you in keeping your health while launching your own strikes whenever you feel like it. 

Key Takeaways
  • The best way to defeat Mother Mind is to aim for the weak spots which are located on their heads.
  • Mother Mind can be located in Yaesha and then visit the Nameless Nest. 
  • To avoid an incoming attack, the only way is to dodge them by using perfect timing. 
  • Beware of the acid attack when you face Mother Mind and try to change platform when her health is down by a quarter
  • Keep your distance from the bosses so you can avoid their stomping attacks.

What Is The First Boss Battle In Remnant 2 

After the introductory boss, the first Major boss in Remnant 2 is Mother Mind. This boss is not an optional boss, and you need to defeat it in order to progress forward in Remnant 2. The battle with this boss is quite tough, and you will be required to show your true battle skills.

Mother Mind is a huge boss in size and when you will enter the location, the boss will arrive from above through the opening. Just look above, and the boss will directly start by attacking you. So, before you enter the exact location, be prepared as the boss will appear very quickly. 

Location Of Mother Mind 

You can find the Mother Mind when you travel all the way to Yaesha and visit the Nameless Nest. Like the Root Mantis, it is always best to know the moves of this boss as well so you can defend well. The attacks carried out by the Mother Mind are as follows:

  • One of the moves is a vertical sweep which involves her claws as she launches them at the opponents. This also includes another strike from the second arm of Mother Mind.
  • Another set of attacks is the horizontal attack which also includes a sweeping move from the ground.
  • The ultimate attack is an acid attack with which if you come in contact, your health will start to decrease.

The best way to deal with these attacks is to dodge them. The vertical sweep attacks can be dodged if you move sideways when the claw lands on the ground. Do note that the timing has to be perfect. The horizontal attacks can be dodged by going to the wall of the arena, as the range of attack is very small.

The acid is quite dangerous as it drains your health drastically, so avoid coming in contact with them. There will be puddles of acid lying on the ground, so you must be cautious where you step. It is quite vital to evade these puddles as they don’t seem deadly but can give you enough damage to make your health seriously low. 

Remnant 2: First Boss
First Major Boss: Mother Mind

How To Defeat The First Boss 

Important: Players must target the glowing areas of the first boss to give maximum damage, which aids in defeating the boss easily.

The Mother Mind is an enormous enemy, so you need to hit the right spots to give plenty of damage. The best ways to defeat the Mother Mind boss are:

  • You should always try to hit the red cross on the monster’s face, as it is the weakest spot
  • Try to attack and then embrace counterattacks carried out by the boss. This way, you can maintain your health
  • Try to change the platform when Mother Mind loses a quarter of her health, as she will destroy the ground beneath you.
  • Deal with the minions that the boss releases as soon as you can because they can be a nuisance.

Launching these attacks can be quite crucial. Try to aim for the red spot as much as you can. Do note that when the boss loses a quarter of health, you must perform a counterclockwise action and leap onto the next platform. The boss will damage all of the platform beneath you, so escaping is the only key.

The first major boss has the same sequence of attacks, and these attacks are performed in a certain order. If you are facing any trouble defeating them, just give them a few tries and learn their pattern. They move similarly and don’t change much of their attacks. 

The best way to defeat them is to aim for the weak spots and counterattack their moves. You should keep on moving inside the arena and keep a safe distance from the bosses. You must change the platform from time to time to avoid any major damage from the boss. Players must deal with the minions first as soon as they see them. If you leave them unattended, they will surely be a nuisance for you. 


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