Remnant 2: Burden Of The Gambler [Location, Tips & Usage]

The Burden of the Gamble is one of the best Rings in Remnant 2 that can give you massive buffs if you have the guts to take risks.

The challenging combat of Remnant 2 will have players look around for various accessories to improve their battle prowess. The Burden of the Gambler is one of the best Rings in Remnant 2 that is found during the early game. The utility of the accessory makes it worth visiting Cass in ward 13 to obtain the Ring. If you want to gamble or take risks during combat to gain massive buffs, the accessory is a must-have in your inventory. 

Key Takeaways
  • The burden of the Gambler is a Ring accessory in Remnant 2 that can give massive critical buffs to players if they are willing to take risks.
  • It is worth noting that the Ring disables all weak spots of the enemies, so players have to rely on critical damage alone. 
  • The Burden of the Gambler can be bought from Cass in Ward 13.
  • The Burden of the Gambler might put you at a disadvantage against some bosses; however, it can inflict massive damage if you use a DPS build

What Is The Burden Of The Gambler In Remnant 2

The Burden of the Gambler is a tricky-to-utilize Ring that can be bought from Cass. It gives players massive buffs that can increase their damage significantly. You might have a slight disadvantage since enemy weak spots will be removed. Still, you will gain significant critical buffs that can help you inflict a lot of damage even without relying on hitting the weak spots of your opponents. 

burden of the gambler remnant 2
The Burden of the Gambler (image credits: eXputer)
  • The Ring disables all weak spots of the enemies.
  • Increases the players’ critical chances by 10%.
  • Increases the players’ critical damage by 20%. 

Tips And Usage

  1. The Burden of the Gambler is not recommended to use against bosses that have many weak spots.
  2. Since the ring disables all weak spots, you will lose some massive damage-dealing opportunities.
  3. While you can inflict good critical damage, replacing the ring with an alternative to inflicting more overall damage through the weak spots is better. 
  4. Remnant 2 makes the utility of Burden of the Gambler depend on the player’s luck; while the critical chances are significantly increased, it is still risky to use it in bosses where a lot is at stake. However, the risk factor and uncertainty might make the combat more thrilling for some players. 
  5. The Burden of the Gambler will help you tackle minor enemies easily. So, if you are killing enemies to grind XP to increase your power levels, the Ring will be a helpful accessory. 
  6. The Ring will be more suitable for your DPS builds capable of inflicting massive damage. Since you are not required to hit weak spots of enemies, you can inflict significant damage if you manage to hit a critical attack simply with your DPS potential alone. 

Burden Of The Gambler Location

burden of the gambler location renmant 2
Ward 13 (Image credits: eXputer)

The Burden of the Gambler is found in Ward 13; players can find Cass within the ward to buy the Ring. However, the ring will not always be available for purchase, and you might have to check a couple of times to buy the Burden of the Gambler in Remnant 2. 

Finding Cass

Spotting Cass
Cass Location (Image credits: eXputer)

Cass sells random items in Ward 13 that include armor, weapons, rings, amulets, and upgrade materials. Her shop gets refreshed after players spend some time outside Ward 13, and the available items are randomly changed. You can purchase Burden of the Gambler for 500 scraps at her shop. Unlimited scraps can be obtained using the scrap exploit.

  1. To find her teleport to the main hub area in Ward 13, you can spot her standing nearby, as shown in the image above. 
  2. Head towards Cass and interact to purchase items from her.
  3. The Burden of the Gambler will be available after a few refreshes. 

Burden of the gambler renmant 2 cass shop

In summary, the Burden of the Gambler can be a deadly force at your side to inflict massive damage to the enemies, especially if you get lucky in inflicting critical attacks. It can be interesting to utilize it in various builds and test its capabilities.

It might be helpful in higher difficulty levels if you are having a tough time hitting the enemy’s weak spots. The Ring is worth getting if you are a player that loves a good challenge and wants to experience the thrill of combat by taking a gamble. 


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