Remnant 2: How To Get Zania Malice Ring

Explore Remnant 2's Zania Malice Ring, offering up to 30% stacked weak spot damage and popular among world boss-targeting builds.

The Zania Malice is one of the best rings in Remnant 2 having an amber glow encapsulated with a metal horn. Getting your hands over the ring does not involve the completion of any dungeon or quest rather it can be found in the open world. With the spawning location in the ending world map, Zania Malice cannot be acquired early in Remnant 2.

Key Takeaways
  • Zania Malice Ring is a Ring found in Remnant 2.
  • In order to get this Ring, players do not need to complete any dungeon or quest to obtain it.
  • Zania Malice ring offers a boost in weak spot damage for an extended period, and it provides weak spot damage of 10% for 7 seconds.
  • The ring can stack its effect up to three times, totaling a 30% damage boost.
  • Zania Malice in Remnant 2 is best suited for builds targeting world bosses, and is compatible with melee and ranged combat builds.

What Is Zania Malice Ring?

Zania Malice’s ring found in Remnant 2 [Image Credits: eXputer]
In Remnant 2, the Zania Malice Ring is a luminous amber item encased in a metal horn. It’s found in the open world, specifically in the ending world map, not through a dungeon or quest. The ring enhances weak spot damage by 10% for 7 seconds, and this effect can stack up to three times, providing a potential 30% damage boost.

Zania Malice Ring’s significant damage buff potential has made it popular among players, especially for builds targeting world bosses.

How To Get To Zania Malice Ring Location

Finding Zania Malice Ring [Image Credits: eXputer]
Zania Malice ring can provide a descent weak spot damage percentage that can stack up for an extended period of time as well. This befitting damage is the reason behind the ring getting famous among the players. The exact location to reach out to the ring is a bit tricky but no worries because I have got your back.

Go to Ashen Wasteland [Image Credits: eXputer]
To start off the hunt for the Zania Malice ring in Remnant 2, first, you have to spawn at the Ashen Wasteland. This particular area is located in the Root Earth which is the final part of your world. Once you are spawned at the crystal there, just get out of the building through the opening in front.

Climb and go ahead to find Zania Malice [Image Credits: eXputer]
  1. Outside the building, you will find a downslope comprising an old tree.
  2. Stick to it and it eventually leads you to a bridge.
  3. Continue moving and after a few steps, you will see an opening with a red tint inside.
  4. Just get in there, take the left, and follow the downslope.
  5. Once you are at the bottom you will encounter a bunch of enemies.
  6. Just take them down and take the right from here and move along the wall ahead.
  7. At the end of the building, you will find a giant gap in the wall.
  8. Once you get inside you will encounter some further enemies including a mini-boss.
  9. Slay them all and climb up the rock ledge at the back.
  10. Take the ramp up and from the upper deck move outside the building using the broken wall gap opposite to the crystal. 
  11. Use the root bridge to enter the building in front.

Be careful it has a giant hole in the center so make sure not to drop down in the hole. Crouch and move to the back and you will be able to see a small opening here. It can be missed easily due to the dim lighting here. 

location of Zania Malice [Image Credits: eXputer]
Just enter the hole and you will find the Zania Malice Ring in Remnant 2 resting on the ground just a few steps ahead. If the ring is not for you for the first time, just re-roll your world in adventure mode and you will be able to find it at the exact spot.

Zania Malice Ring Stats

Zania Malice Stats in Remnant 2 [Image Credits: eXputer]
Well, coming up to the stats of Zania Malice, it deals with the Weak spot damage in Remnant 2. Zania Malice can provide the weak spot damage of 10% for a whooping time of 7 seconds. This last longing pinpoint damage eats out the opponent’s health in a matter of seconds. 

Weak spots are the primary attacking points for any foe and stacking ability for such damages is a cherry on top. With the 3x stacks, this ring can help knock them down rapidly by yielding damage of up to 30% using an automated weapon. The Zania Malice ring is a must choice for any builds in Remnant 2 specifically the ones targeting the world bosses. 

Zania Malice Ring Builds 

The Zania Malice ring can be utilized with any build that focuses first on melee and then ranged combat. The reason for this build to be among the top ones is the adaptability for both the melee and ranged combat. It includes the Engineer archetype fused with the Challenger build archetype to strengthen the protagonist for the aforementioned combat.

The former archetype allows the player to deploy some of the best weapons in Remnant 2 which further optimizes to increased fire rate and unlimited ammo using this particular build. 

Including the Challenger as the other class of the build not only helps with the damage reduction but also aids in close-range combat. The engineer archetype will make the protagonist slow because of the weapons and the challenger archetype can help a lot in negating the damage gained due to lack of movement. Coming up to the gear for the build, it is recommended to stick to the ones mentioned ahead. 

  • Long Gun: Plasma Cutter (+10) with the Heat Sink mod and Momentum (+10) mutator
  • Hand Gun: Engima (+10) with Chaos Driver mod and Harmonizer (+10) mutator
  • Melee Weapon: Atom Splitter (+10) with Fission Strike mod and Weaponlord (+10) mutator
  • Amulet: Rangefinder is the best amulet here and can add up to three stacks. The requirement for the buff is easy to maintain so players can get almost an infinite uptime
  • Rings: Probability Cord (30% Crit damage increase), Zania Malice (10% increased weak spot damage), Grounding Stone (improve shock damage), Mechanics Cog (enhances movement speed and reduces damage while carrying heavy weapons)
  • Relic: Dragon Heart (improves healing)
  • Traits: Vigor (lvl 10), Expertise (lvl 10), Swiftness (lvl 10), Barskin (lvl 10), Glutton (lvl 9), Footwork (lvl 10)

In the vast world of Remnant 2, the Zania Malice Ring stands out as a unique treasure. With its distinctive amber glow enveloped by a metal horn, this ring is more than just an aesthetic delight. Its capacity to amplify weak spot damage, stacking up to a formidable 30%, makes it an invaluable asset for players. For those strategizing around world boss battles, equipping the Zania Malice Ring is akin to having an ace up their sleeve.

With this, I conclude my guide Remnant 2 Zania Malice. Before you jump onto the next best thing, I suggest you don’t skip reading Remnant 2 Corrosive Rounds, Rusted Heirloom, What Is Oracles Refuge, and Remnant 2 Hidden Achievements guides.


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