Remnant 2: What Is Oracle’s Refuge?

Oracle's Refuge is a location within Remnant 2 where the NPC known as the Oracle of the Dran can be found.

Remnant 2’s Oracle’s Refuge is a location within Remnant 2 where the NPC known as the Oracle of the Dran can be found. The Oracle of the Dran is a significant non-player character in the immersive world of Remnant 2. It is located in various biomes, such as the Brocwithe Quarter, Morrow Parish, or Forsaken Quarter.

Key Takeaways
  • The Oracle of Dran is an essential NPC found in Remnant 2’s Brocwithe Quarter, Morrow Parish, or Forsaken Quarter.
  • The Oracle remains silent until players complete a quest to find and return two lost Dran children.
  • Upon completing the quest, the Oracle rewards players with the “Recovery” trait or “Quilted Heart” relic based on their storyline.
  • The Oracle’s Refuge in Remnant 2, her dwelling place, can be identified by a large wooden ladder leading to the entrance.

Who Is The Oracle Of The Dran?

Oracle remnant 2
Oracle of the Dran (Image by eXputer)

The Oracle of the Dran resides in her dwelling, the “Oracle’s Refuge,” accessible via a large wooden ladder. Inside, she knits surrounded by blind children but initially remains unresponsive. To activate her dialogue, players must complete a specific quest she provided.

This quest entails finding and rescuing two lost Dran children outside the Oracle’s Refuge.

After safely returning the children, the Oracle expresses gratitude and rewards the player based on their storyline choice. In “The One True King” storyline, completing the quest grants the “Recovery” trait, enhancing Stamina regeneration as it levels up.

In “The Asylum” storyline, players receive the “Quilted Heart” relic upon conversing with her after returning the children.


Oracle’s refuge can be found in one of three possible locations: the Brocwithe Quarter, Morrow Parish, or the Forsaken Quarter location. Each of these biomes has its unique traits and challenges, adding to the mystique and allure of your quest to find the Oracle.

  • After exploring these dungeons for hours, I found out her exact location in each biome is not entirely predictable, but there’s one place you should definitely look for: a large building named Oracle’s Refuge.
  • This building stands out due to its size and a peculiar wooden ladder leading up to its main entrance.
  • Upon climbing the ladder, you will find yourself in a spacious room where the Oracle of Dran dwells.

In this room, the Oracle is engrossed in her knitting amidst a group of Dran children. She is typically at her knitting machine, crafting a detailed tapestry telling of your adventures in the world of Losomn.

How To Make Her Interactive

lost child
The Lost Child (Screenshot taken by me)

This quest revolves around finding two lost Dran children in the area outside of the Oracle’s Refuge. These lost children can be challenging to find as they are scattered within the biome. Look for any signs of the children or any areas where they might have taken refuge. Remember, the quest isn’t just about finding them but also ensuring their safe return to the Oracle’s Refuge.

Here’s what I recommend you should do:

  • When you spot a lost child, approach and interact with them, on interaction, the children will follow you.
  • Guide them carefully back to the Oracle’s Refuge, ensuring they are safe from any danger that might be lurking in the biome.

After successfully guiding both lost children back to the Oracle’s Refuge, the previously silent Oracle of Dran will acknowledge your presence. She will speak to you, expressing her gratitude for your assistance in returning the children to the refuge.

Oracle Of Dran Quest Rewards 

In the complex and dynamic world of Remnant 2, the Oracle of the Dran plays a vital role, and her quests differ depending on the story you are following. Here are the details for the “The One True King” and “The Asylum” storylines.

The One True King Storyline

Recovery Trait (Picture taken by me)

Upon initially encountering the Oracle of Dran, you’ll notice her steadfast silence. Once you have successfully led both children back to the refuge, the Oracle will finally interact with you.

  • As a token of her gratitude, she rewards you with the “Recovery” trait.
  • This beneficial trait enhances your Stamina regeneration per second when you level it up. It requires a Trait Point to level up; its maximum level is Level 10.

Furthermore, the Oracle cryptically hints at the presence of a character named Clementine. She suggests that Clementine is not in her world but in a world between worlds, referring to The Labyrinth.

The Asylum Storyline

Similar to the “The One True King” storyline, you need to find and return the two lost children to the Oracle in this storyline. After you’ve completed this task, the Oracle provides insight into the mystical events occurring in the world.

  1. She reveals the Fae and Dran merging, hinting at a deeper narrative concerning the origins of the Nightweaver, a creature that emerged from this merging of worlds.
  2. After discussing the Nightweaver, her quilt, and the current state of affairs, she rewards you with a unique relic called the “Quilted Heart.”

The Quilted Heart relic operates differently than traditional healing relics. On use, it doesn’t heal you outright, but it negates Stamina Drain and causes evasion to heal for 15 health for 0.25 seconds. This reward, from my experience, can influence how you strategize in combat, adding a layer of complexity to the gameplay.

Oracle Of The Dran’s Tapestry/Quilt

Dran’s Quilt (Image by me)

The Oracle of the Dran’s tapestry or quilt is an intriguing aspect of her character in Remnant 2. This quilt, meticulously crafted on her knitting machine, tells a story of your progress in the world of Losomn. It is a visual representation of your journey, filled with symbolism and indications of your accomplishments in Remnant 2.

The requirements to fill in each square vary greatly, ranging from defeating specific bosses such as the Nightweaver and Magister Dullain to discovering hidden treasures like Dria’s Anklet in Harvester’s Reach and even participating in unique events like the Feast Event or the Burning Man Event. Each completed encounter or achievement contributes to your unique tapestry.

The quilt contains 12 spaces, each corresponding to a specific requirement you must complete in your own world, in either Adventure or Campaign mode.

Here are the requirements from top-left to bottom-right:

  1. Postulant Chess Board
  2. Nightweaver
  3. Dria’s Anklet in Harvester’s Reach
  4. Blob Ball boss
  5. Magister Dullain
  6. Council Event
  7. Tiller’s Rest Man in the Sewers Event
  8. Gwendil the Unburnt
  9. Faelin/Faerin
  10. Feast Event
  11. Red Prince
  12. Burning Man Event

Upon fulfilling all 12 requirements, each square on the quilt transforms into an image representing the accomplished task. When the entire quilt is filled, you can talk to the Oracle of Dran, and she will reward you with the All-Seeing Eye.

  • As far as I’ve tested, the All-Seeing Eye is a powerful consumable that can dramatically affect your gameplay.
  • When used, it provides a random buff or debuff.
  • The element of randomness adds an interesting layer of unpredictability to your game, forcing you to adapt your strategies and gameplay according to the effects of the All-Seeing Eye.

This is it from my side! I hope now you know everything about Remnant 2 Oracle’s Refuge. Feel free to check out our take on Remnant 2: Shining Essence Echo and Remnant 2 Best Starting Class. Know more about the Remnant 2 Best Medic Build guide. It will tell you how to build the best medic build for Remnant 2! Also, the Remnant 2 Release Platforms guide will tell you details about the platforms it released!


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