Remnant 2: The One True King Boss Fight [How To Defeat]

Learn how to defeat The One True King from the Awakened DLC, with my recommended tips, weapons and mods!

Remnant 2 is renowned for its intense and tough boss battles. They again lived up to their name with their latest DLC, Awakened King. Not knowing how to beat The One True King in Remnant 2 beforehand and attempting the fight will surely give you a hellish experience. 

Key Takeaways
  • The One True King is the final boss in the Awakened King DLC Remnant 2.
  • The optimal classes are Engineer and Medic, which excel in solo battles against the boss.
  • You will get rewards such as the Monarch and Wrathbringer weapons through varied defeat methods.
  • Use precision and ranged firepower to exploit the boss’s weaknesses, like his head, from afar.
  • Unique weapon attributes like the Monarch’s homing rounds and the Wrathbringer’s stacking damage are helpful.
  • Breaking the boss’s weapon or defeating him with it intact yields exclusive rewards.

Who Is The One True King?

Awakened King One True King Remnant 2
The One True King [Image By Me]
The One True King is the final boss encountered in the Awakened King DLC of Remnant 2.

The identity and backstory of the One True King are tied to the lore and narrative of the Remnant 2 expansion. Players face critical decisions in this DLC related to the goddess Nimue and the confrontation with the One True King, which lead to different rewards based on the choices made during the gameplay.

The One True King holds significance in the narrative arc of the Awakened King DLC, where defeating him is a pinnacle in the storyline and gameplay progression, concluding the boss fights featured within this DLC.

Abilities Overview 

Awakened King One True King Remnant 2
The Boss Teleporting [Image By Me]
Boss Ability Description
Teleportation The One True King frequently teleports around the throne room, requiring constant player positioning and aiming adjustments.
Melee Strikes The boss utilizes slow yet powerful club attacks, potentially inflicting significant damage if not evaded through well-timed dodges.
Ground Pound Using a giant mallet, the boss performs ground pounds, creating shockwaves, particularly impactful when the boss’s health is below 50%.
Flame Breath Breathes fire toward the player’s location, continuously tracking their movement for several seconds, necessitating constant movement to evade effectively.
Shatterstorm Surrounds the boss in a golden glow, drawing players toward him and culminating in a substantial explosion, crucial to dodge away to prevent taking damage.
Dran Summon & Healing Temporarily becomes immune to damage, summons Dran villagers, and tries to heal based on surviving Dran mobs’ health; swift elimination of summoned mobs prevents boss healing.

Combat Strategies And Tips

Awakened King One True King Remnant 2
Head as a Weakspot [Image By Me]
  1. Target Weak Spots: The dark void representing the boss’s face is a weak spot. Players should aim at this area to maximize the damage to the boss.
  2. Mob Management: Prioritize eliminating the summoned Dran mobs to prevent the boss from restoring his health. Swiftly dispatching these mobs is crucial to maintaining progress in reducing the boss’s health bar.
  3. Weapon Break Stun: Inflicting sufficient damage to the boss’s mallet can temporarily stun him, providing windows of opportunity to deal additional damage and turn the tide of the battle.

To sum up, the encounter with the One True King demands careful observation of his attack patterns, timely dodging, strategic positioning, effective mob management, and precise targeting of weak spots. 

Recommended Classes 

Awakened King One True King Remnant 2
Medic Class [Image By Me]
In facing the One True King in Remnant 2’s Awakened King DLC, selecting the right classes can significantly impact your success.

Here are the recommended class choices:

  1. Engineer Class: Utilize the Engineer’s turret support to target both the boss and the summoned mobs.
    • The turret’s assistance can help manage multiple threats during the encounter.
  2. Medic Class: Offers unparalleled healing capabilities, crucial for surviving the boss battle when playing solo.
    • The healing abilities can provide sustainability throughout the fight.
  3. Handler Class: Comes with a dog companion that can regenerate your HP and even revive you if you’re downed.
    • The additional support provided by the dog can prove invaluable during solo encounters.

Rewards For Defeating The Boss

Defeating the One True King in Remnant 2’s Awakened King DLC offers different rewards based on the method used to defeat him.

Normal Kill Rewards

Awakened King One True King Remnant 2
Monarch Gun [Image By Me]
  1. Agony Spike Material: To obtain this material, defeat the One True King while ensuring his giant mallet weapon remains intact until the boss’s defeat.
  2. Monarch Weapon: The Agony Spike material can be exchanged in Ward 13 to receive the Monarch, a long gun with unique characteristics:
    • Unique mod: Chain of Command – Allows activation of Harpoon Mode to mark a target, causing primary fire to become homing rounds that reduce damage but increase Influence.
    • Upon reaching full Influence, the Monarch automatically reloads and triggers a shockwave, providing increased damage and infinite ammo reserves for 20 seconds.

Alternate Kill Rewards

Awakened King One True King Remnant 2
Wrathbringer [Image By Me]
  1. Tormentor’s Pommel Material: Obtain the Tormentor’s material by destroying the One True King’s giant mallet weapon before defeating him.
  2. Wrathbringer Weapon: The Tormentor’s Pommel material rewards the player with the Wrathbringer, a melee weapon with unique attributes:
    • Unique mod: Awakening – Grants increased melee damage by stacking 5% per hit of incoming damage for 10 seconds, up to a maximum of 10 stacks.
    • This stacking effect enhances the weapon’s potential based on the damage received.

These rewards offer may also offer the best items that can enhance gameplay and provide distinct playstyle options based on Remnant 2 Awakened King One True King DLC. Players can choose between different rewards by adopting varying strategies during the boss encounter, adding replayability and diversity to the gameplay experience.


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