Remnant 2: The BEST Long Guns [Top 8]

Explore the strategic prowess of Remnant 2 long guns and uncover the best long guns, perfect for creating distance and securing victory.

Remnant 2 Long Guns are a great weapon choice in the game, with various weapons. These guns offer players a way to engage enemies from a distance, creating space between them and danger. These long guns become the backbone of a player’s arsenal, their go-to weapon for most encounters. With an impressive variety of long guns to choose from, players face the challenge of selecting the best options to triumph against the odds.

Key Takeaways
  • The Remnant 2 Long Guns are really important weapons since they help players stay safe by letting them fight enemies from far away.
  • These long guns become the main weapons for players, the ones they use the most in battles.
  • With many long guns to choose from, players must pick the best ones to win tough fights, as each gun has different features like damage and special abilities.
  • Options like Nightfall, Chicago Typewriter, Widowmaker, Merciless, Aphelion, Alpha-Omega, XMG57 Bonesaw, and Deceit are considered some of the best Long Guns in Remnant 2.

Best Remnant 2 Long Guns

Here is a table that provides a brief summary of the best Remnant 2 Long Guns:

Gun NameDamageMax AmmoIdeal RangeCritical HitWeak Spot DamageWeapon Mod
Chicago Typewriter1032017m10%105%None
Alpha-Omega1527524m10%100%Beta Ray
XMG57 Bonesaw1230019m10%100%No Default Mod

1. Nightfall

Long Guns In Remnant 2
Nightfall [image captured by eXputer]
Base Damage31
Max Ammo90
Ideal Range18m 
Critical Hit5%
Weak Spot Damage105%
Weapon ModDreadwalker

The Nightfall in Remnant 2 stands out with its high damage output, and it’s considered among the best due to its unique Weapon Mod, Dreadwalker. Despite its initial appearance as a weak weapon, the Nightfall becomes exceptionally powerful when its Weak Spot Damage Bonus, Max Ammo, and Stagger Modifier are considered.

  • The Dreadwalker Mod grants a remarkable 35% boost in Firing Rate, 10% Lifesteal, and infinite Ammo to the Nightfall.
  • Activating Dreadwalker turns the weapon fully automatic, enhances player evasion, and lasts for 10 seconds.
  • However, no other weapons or Skills can be used during this time, and the Mod requires a staggering 1,250 Mod Power for activation.

How To Get

To get the Nightfall, defeat the Nightweaver in The Tormented Asylum in Losomn to obtain the Cursed Dream Silks. Craft the Nightfall long gun at McCabe’s workshop using 1 Cursed Dream Silks, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scrap.

2. Chicago Typewriter

Long Guns In Remnant 2
Chicago Typewriter [screenshot taken by eXputer]
Base Damage10
Max Ammo320
Ideal Range17m 
Critical Hit10%
Weak Spot Damage105%
Weapon ModNone

The Chicago Typewriter in Remnant 2 is a makeshift Tommy Gun-style Long Gun that packs a punch with its high rate of fire and substantial magazine capacity. While its initial accuracy might be lacking, the Chicago Typewriter excels in short-range encounters, unleashing a barrage of bullets to suppress enemies effectively.

To obtain the Chicago Typewriter, players need to have the Biome Portal Key and access the portal in The Labyrinth leading to Ward 13. This involves navigating through portals and uncovering Leto’s stash.

How To Get

To acquire the Chicago Typewriter, follow these steps:

  1. With the Biome Portal Key, open the portal in The Labyrinth to Ward 13.
  2. The portal is near The Engulfed Gauntlet world stone. Proceed through the portal, turn around, and drop into the portal below over the ledge.
  3. Navigate through portals and climb walls to reach another portal door unlocked with the Biome Portal Key.
  4. Access Leto’s Stash in Ward 13 through The Labyrinth to find the Chicago Typewriter.

3. Widowmaker

Long Guns In Remnant 2
Widowmaker [image credits eXputer]
Base Damage125
Max Ammo27
Ideal Range35m
Critical Hit10%
Weak Spot Damage120%
Weapon ModNone

The Widowmaker long gun in Remnant 2 is a powerful single-shot sniper rifle with exceptional range and accuracy. It lacks an in-built Weapon Mod but comes with a 3x scope, making it perfect for precise long-range shots.

  • With its high raw damage and the highest Weak Spot Damage Bonus among all weapons, the Widowmaker excels at dealing with single targets.
  • Its extended range suits long-range combat and attacking from cover.
  • While reloading is necessary after each shot, the elevated Stagger Modifier and Critical Hit Chance add to its effectiveness.
  • Furthermore, the Widowmaker also comes equipped with a 3x scope for improved aiming.

How To Get

To obtain the Widowmaker, you can purchase it from Brabus in Ward 13 for 1000 Scrap. This accessible option makes acquiring the Widowmaker a valuable addition to your arsenal.

brabus remnant 2
Brabus’s Shop at Ward 13 (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

4. Merciless

Long Guns In Remnant 2
Merciless [screenshot credits eXputer]
Base Damage13
Max Ammo250
Ideal Range 20m 
Critical Hit10%
Weak Spot Damage100%
Weapon ModBloodline

The Merciless is a great Remnant 2 long gun that inflicts continuous bleeding on enemies. Despite its lower damage, it compensates with a high rate of fire, a substantial magazine, and ample ammo reserves. The weapon’s specialty is dealing 100% extra damage to Weak Spots while lacking additional stagger damage. 

  • Merciless comes with its unique Weapon Mod called Bloodline, which cannot be removed.
  • This mod fires an energy blast penetrating through enemies, dealing 150 damage with a 25% Critical damage bonus and 3x additional stagger.
  • Its damage increases by 50% for each enemy penetrated, and fortunately, the Mod Power Requirement is only 350.

How To Unlock

To obtain the Merciless, you’ll need the Crimson Membrane, a rare item. Start by heading to Yaesha and, before facing the Ravager, choose to kill the Doe. Defeat the Ravager to acquire the Crimson Membrane. Combine it with 7 Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap to craft the Merciless Long Gun.

5. Aphelion

Long Guns In Remnant 2
Base Damage62
Max Ammo49
Ideal Range20m 
Critical Hit15%
Weak Spot Damage100%
Weapon ModSupernova

The Aphelion long gun in Remnant 2 draws its power from a dying star, resulting in high damage output and devastating abilities. This long gun excels at medium-range combat, allowing you to rain destruction on enemies with its hypercharge wide-arcing line. Its weapon mod provides Area of Effect damage, making the weapon more devastating.

  • The Supernova weapon mod fires the compressed remains of a dying star.
  • On contact or hit with the primary fire, it causes an explosion, dealing 150 Fire Damage and 350 Burning Damage over 10s to all targets within 4m.
  • Striking the Supernova with Aphelion’s primary fire increases its explosion radius by 25% and damage by 50% while also spawning a massive shockwave that deals 300 Fire damage and applies Burning.

How To Get

To obtain the Aphelion, craft it at McCabe’s workshop using the Void Cinder dropped by Sha’Hala after defeating him. The Void Cinder can be obtained by inserting the Override Pin into the console beneath the Spectral Guardian’s console in N’erud and defeating Sha’Hala.

6. Alpha/Omega

Long Guns In Remnant 2
Alpha/Omega [image credits eXputer]
Base Damage15
Max Ammo275
Ideal Range 24m 
Critical Hit10%
Weak Spot Damage100%
Weapon ModBeta Ray

The Alpha/Omega long gun in Remnant 2 is a versatile weapon that delivers moderate damage at a higher firing rate. With exceptional accuracy, it’s easy to get accustomed to using this gun effectively. Its unique passive ability enhances charged attacks, firing a high-damage beam when charged.

  • Landing hits with Alpha-Omega decreases the charge time by 0.1 seconds and boosts damage by 10% for 1.5 seconds.
  • This effect can stack up to five times, allowing you to maximize the gun’s potential.
  • The Beta Ray weapon mod brands a target for 30 seconds. Branded enemies that die leave a Brand at their location.
  • The Mod Power Requirement for Beta Ray is 450, and reloading or swapping detonates Brands, dealing 225 damage.
  • Additional Brands (up to 3) on the same target deal 50% damage.
  • Moreover, killing enemies grants you 5-15% of spent Ammo and Mod power back to Alpha-Omega.

How To Get

To craft the Alpha-Omega, you’ll need to acquire the Forgotten Memory dropped by Annihilation, the final boss in the Blackened Citadel in Root Earth. Combine the Forgotten Memory with 7 Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap at McCabe’s Workshop to create the Alpha-Omega long gun.

7. XMG57 Bonesaw

Long Guns In Remnant 2
XMG57 “Bonesaw” [screenshot by eXputer]
Base Damage12
Max Ammo300
Ideal Range19m 
Critical Hit10%
Weak Spot Damage100%
Weapon ModNo Default Mod

The XMG57 Bonesaw in Remnant 2 is an experimental infantry support weapon used for prolonged suppressive fire. While it boasts a high capacity and is effective at various ranges, it becomes increasingly accurate with sustained firing, making it particularly well-suited for medium-range engagements where it can lay down continuous firepower.

How to Get XMG57 Bonesaw 

You can obtain the XMG57 Bonesaw through the following methods:

  • Purchase from Brabus at Ward 13.
  • Starting equipment for the Medic Archetype.

8. Deceit

Long Guns In Remnant 2
Deceit [image taken by eXputer]
Base Damage120
Max Ammo30
Ideal Range28m 
Critical Hit15%
Weak Spot Damage90%
Weapon ModOuroboros

The Deceit in Remnant 2 is one of the most exceptional Remnant 2 Long Guns, boasting remarkable damage output and unparalleled accuracy. This split-barreled rifle fires two charged shots that, when accurately aimed, prove devastating to enemies. The rifle provides an excellent range for the power output. On the other hand, its mod requires higher mod Power.

Deceit comes equipped with the Ouroboros Weapon Mod. This Mod conjures three spinning sword fragments that encircle the wielder for 30 seconds. Upon performing a Melee Attack, a sword fragment is released, tainting the blood of targets. As a result, all attacks from Deceit register as Weakspot hits for a brief period. Charging a Melee Attack releases all remaining fragments simultaneously. This Mod requires 1,440 Mod Power.

How To Unlock

To obtain Deceit, you must follow these steps:

  • Defeat Faelin in the Beatific Gallery to acquire the Imposter’s Heart.
  • Visit McCabe and use the Imposter’s Heart, along with 7 Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap, to craft the Deceit Long Gun.

The Remnant 2 Long Guns are necessary weapons, offering players a strategic edge by engaging enemies from a distance. These versatile firearms become an essential part of a player’s arsenal, providing the means to overcome diverse challenges with their unique abilities and firepower; choosing which one to wield is a key decision in the battle for survival.

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