Remnant 2: BEST Gunslinger Build [Weapons, Skills, & Traits]

Learn how to maximize the Gunslinger Archetype in Remnant 2 by utilizing our in-depth best build associated with the class!

Among the Archetype choices available to you, the Gunslinger stands as a beacon of raw firepower, relying on precision and agility to dispatch foes. If you’re keen to dominate the battlegrounds as this lethal marksman, you need to ensure that you use the best Gunslinger build in Remnant 2 to maximize its potential.

Key Takeaways
  • The Gunslinger Archetype in Remnant 2 is specialized for high damage with fewer bullets and focuses on ranged combat.
  • Unlocking the Gunslinger can be done directly in the Ultimate Edition or through a series of quests involving Mudtooth.
  • Pairing Gunslinger with the Challenger Archetype offers a balanced combat approach, combining offense and defense.
  • Essential gear includes the Nightfall long gun, MP-60R handgun, and the Spectral Blade melee weapon.
  • Skills such as Bulletstorm and perks like Loaded and Swift Shot enhance the Gunslinger’s combat effectiveness.

Remnant 2 Best Gunslinger Build Overview

The Best Gunslinger Build For Long Range Combat In Remnant 2.
Remnant 2 Challenger Class
Challenger Archetype (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Why I Chose This: I chose this Gunslinger build due to its ability to dominate long-range combat with massive damage.

Here is an overview of the best build for the Gunslinger in Remnant 2:

Archetype OverviewGunslingerSpecializes in high damage using fewer bullets. Relies on precision and agility. Doesn't prioritize melee combat.
Unlocking PathUltimate Edition or Mudtooth's TalesChoose directly from Ultimate Edition or navigate through 25-30 Mudtooth's stories for unlocking after completing the Labyrinth world.
Second ArchetypeChallenger ArchetypeEnhances resilience, especially against intense onslaughts. Grants access to Prime Perk, Die Hard, and a chosen ability like Juggernaut.
Long GunNightfallLaser projectile weapon with a 10-bullet magazine. Can be turned into an automatic firing powerhouse with the Dreadwalker Weapon Mod.
HandgunMP-60RFully automatic handgun, especially potent with passive abilities that boost fire rate and reload speed.
Melee WeaponSpectral BladeLightweight katana suitable for rapid strikes. Complements the Gunslinger's agility.
ArmorHigh Noon Set, Nightstalker, TrainerArmor sets that are lightweight to ensure mobility.
AmuletGunslinger’s CharmIncreases damage output and fire rate.
RingsFire Stone, Gunslinger’s Ring, Probability Cord, Wax Sealed RingVarious benefits such as amplified burning damage, enhanced reload speed, increased critical damage, and boost to ranged damage.
TraitAmmo ReservesFocuses on increasing ammo capacity for both long guns and handguns.
SkillsBulletstorm, Quick DrawBulletstorm elevates fire rate and boosts reload speed. Quick Draw is beneficial for dense enemy groups, firing six bullets swiftly.
PerksLoaded, Swift Shot, Posse Up, Quick Hands, Sleight Of HandsRange from refilling weapon ammunition, enhancing long-range combat capabilities, increasing ammo collection, reducing reload time, to reloading with a relic activation.
AwardBest ForThe Best Gunslinger Build For Long Range Combat In Remnant 2
  • Features pretty long-range.
  • Unbeatable in long-range combat.
  • High damage output.
  • Not viable for close-range combats.

Gunslinger Build Second Archetype

The Gunslinger excels in long-range takedowns but lacks durability. To address this, consider the second archetype, Challenger.

Challenger boasts innate resilience against heavy attacks, but when used as a secondary archetype, it grants access to its Prime Perk, Die Hard, and one chosen ability, like Juggernaut, which enhances melee skills and armor strength.

Combining Gunslinger with Challenger offers a balanced combat style, enabling you to deal damage while maintaining durability. To begin with, Challenger, obtain the crafting item from Ward 13 and consult Wallace for crafting.

Pairing Gunslinger with Challenger makes you a formidable force in Remnant 2, excelling in offense and defense. Alternatively, coupling Gunslinger with the Hunter Archetype maximizes damage output, making every bullet count.

Gunslinger Build Gear

While considering the gear for the best Gunslinger builds in Remnant 2, you need to consider three categories of weapons. The long gun, handgun, and melee weapon. Besides that, you need to consider other accessories such as Amulets, Rings, and Traits.

The following are the best choices for each category:

Long Gun: Nightfall

nightfall remnant 2

Nightfall, a standout weapon in Remnant 2, fires laser projectiles and offers a decent fire rate with a 10-bullet magazine. It is especially effective against tough foes and slower-moving bosses.

For increased critical damage, pair Nightfall with the Momentum mod when facing the Mutator. Targeting weak spots will deal amplified critical damage.

Handgun: MP-60R

Among handguns in Remnant 2, the MP60-R proudly holds a position in the top echelon.  Gunslingers will find the MP60-R especially potent when used in tandem with passive abilities that offer boosts in fire rate and reload speed, complementing the handgun’s automatic attributes. 

Melee: Spectral Blade

remnant 2 best gunslinger build
Remnant 2 Best Gunslinger Build – Spectral Blade [image by us]

For those close-quarter confrontations, the Spectral Blade Katana emerges as the top recommendation. Its lightweight design ensures rapid strikes, allowing for multiple hits within short timeframes. Elevate its destructive capabilities by combining it with the Whirlwind mod, subjecting nearby enemies to a devastating tornado effect. 


Set High Noon
The High Noon Set

Surprisingly, the Armor is the least important concern for the Remnant 2 Gunslinger best build. 

  • You can go for many options, so you’re not bound to any. 
  • The only thing you should consider is that the armor you choose should be lightweight so that it does not restrict your mobility. 

Amulet: Gunslinger’s Charm

For those donning the Gunslinger archetype, the Gunslinger’s Charm stands out as an invaluable amulet. 

  • It endows you with an enviable increase in damage output and fire rate. 


Here are a few suggestions for rings for the Gunslinger Archetype build:



Fire Stone

Ideal for those using the MP60-R equipped with the hotshot mod.

Gunslinger’s Ring

Tailored for the aggressive Gunslinger, it enhances both reload speed and the time taken to switch weapons. 

Probability Cord

A ring that capitalizes on critical damage in Remnant 2. 

Wax Sealed Ring

Focused on bolstering the Gunslinger’s ranged prowess. On equipping, players initially receive a 4% boost to ranged damage

Trait: Ammo Reserves 

Every facet of the Gunslinger archetype leans towards perfecting shooting prowess. An abundant supply of ammunition becomes a prerequisite to maintain dominance in confrontations. That is why you need the Ammo Reserves Trait

  • Upon investing your trait points here, both your long gun and handgun experience a boost in ammunition capacity

Gunslinger Build Skills And Perks

Gunslinger Skills
Gunslinger Skills (Image Credits Exputer)

To maximize your Remnant 2 best Gunslinger build, using the skills and perks that complement everything else is important.


Skill utilization plays a pivotal role in mastering any build in Remnant 2, empowering you to stand confidently against a myriad of foes. A particularly impactful skill for the Gunslinger is the Bulletstorm.

  • Elevates your fire rate by 20% and significantly boosts reload speed by 50% for all firearms. 
  • Weapons, especially Nightfall, combined with the Dreadwalker weapon mod, become force multipliers due to the endless magazine.


Perks act as the silent guardians in Remnant 2. They’re ever-present, working tirelessly to elevate your combat prowess. As you journey from level 0 to 10, these passive abilities gradually unveil themselves, becoming stronger with each level progression.




Automatically refills weapon ammunition, granting unlimited ammo for a 5-second duration after skill activation. 

Swift Shot

Enhances long-range combat capabilities. Initial bonus: 1.5% fire rate and 2.5% ranged damage. 

Posse Up

Offers an additional 20% ammunition when collecting from defeated enemies or found ammo. 

Quick Hands

Reduces reload time by providing a 10% increase in reload speed. 

Sleight Of Hands

Relic Perk reloads your current weapon upon activating a designated relic.

Gunslinger Overview

Gunslinger Remnant 2 Archetypes Reddit
The Gunslinger. [Image Credit: eXputer]

The Gunslinger Archetype is a class specializing in inflicting high damage using fewer bullets. 

  • Its strengths become more pronounced when paired with potent armor and accessories. 
  • However, it’s worth noting that unlike certain archetypes, such as the Challenger, Gunslingers don’t prioritize melee combat. 
  • While melee encounters aren’t the Gunslinger’s forte, carrying a lightweight yet decently potent melee weapon can come in handy.

For those who own the Ultimate Edition of Remnant 2, the path is straightforward. You can immediately choose the Gunslinger Archetype as you start the storyline. However, for those who don’t have the Ultimate Edition, unlocking the Gunslinger involves a more complex but rewarding journey.

This summarizes the Remnant 2 Gunslinger Build, which can serve as a blueprint for an ideal build. Feel free to customize elements to match your playstyle or available equipment.

Additionally, explore solutions for the Faelin or Faerin choice, and if you’re seeking more loot, discover the Chest Code and how to acquire the Decorum Cipher!


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