Remnant 2: All Traits & Effects [Explained]

Explore the comprehensive guide to uncovering Remnant 2 all traits including, Core, Archetypes, Additional Traits for optimized progression.

Traits boost archetype’s build in Remnant 2 by introducing it with powerful effects. In Remnant 2, players can choose between 11 archetypes. These all have their unique characteristics and stats, and equipping the best Traits can boost the overall stats. There are a total of 32 Traits, among which you already have four as you start Remnant 2. To unlock the remaining ones, you need to complete different quests and fight with enemies. However, your archetype can only equip one of these Traits at once.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 32 traits available in Remnant 2.
  • Traits are abilities that provide special effects and bonuses to your archetypes in Remnant 2.
  • There are a total of 11 archetypes, each with unique characteristics, traits, and stats.
  • Equipping traits can boost the stats of the primary and second archetypes.
  • To unlock additional traits beyond the initial four, players must complete quests and defeat enemies.
  • Each archetype can equip only one trait at a time.
  • Traits in Remnant 2 are categorized into three types: Core Traits, Archetypes Traits, and Additional Traits.

Complete List of All Traits In Remnant 2

Here is an overview of Remnant 2 all traits, showcased along with what each one does and the best usage of each trait in the game:

Serial NumberTrait NameTrait FunctionBest Usage
1VigorIncreases player's max health.Boost health by 30%.
2EnduranceEnhances character stamina.Increase stamina by 30%.
3SpiritBoosts Mod Power Generation.Use abilities more often.
4ExpertiseReduces Skill Cooldown.Max 20% skill cooldown.
5KinshipManages Friendly Fire damage.Reduce friendly damage 80%.
6SwiftnessIncreases movement speed.Enhance speed by 15%.
7LongshotExtends weapon attack range.Increase range by 600cm.
8PotencyExtends consumable duration.Double consumable duration.
9Strong BackReduces encumbrance.Reduce encumbrance by 10%.
10RegrowthAccelerates health regeneration.Regenerate health in 1.5 seconds.
11FortifyBoosts weapon defensive ability.Increase armor effectiveness 50%.
12Ammo ReservesIncreases ammunition reserves.50% ammo increase.
13TriageEnhances all healing.Boost healing by 50%.
14UntouchableIncreases evasion invulnerability.Extend evade window 30%.
15Flash CasterImproves Mod/Skill casting speed.Boost casting speed 50%.
16AmplitudeEnlarges Area of Effect (AOE).Hit enemies harder.
17BloodBondAbsorbs damage.Absorb 1% damage per point.
18BloodStreamIncreases Grey Health Regen.Regenerate health faster.
19FitnessEnhances evade distance.Increase evade by 30%.
20Arcane StrikeBoosts Mod Power from Melee.Special attacks more often.
21BarkskinReduces all damage sources.10% damage reduction.
22FootworkImproves aiming movement speed.Increase speed +50%.
23GluttonQuickens consumable use speed.30% faster item use.
24HandlingReduces Weapon Spread/Recoil.40% tighter shots.
25RecoverySpeeds up Stamina Regeneration.Regen 30/s stamina.
26ResonanceExpands beneficial aura size.+50% aura size.
27RevivalistAccelerates player revival.+50% revival speed.
28RuggedBoosts Archetype Summons health.Double summons' health.
29ScholarAmplifies experience gain.15% boost in experience.
30ShadeskinResistance against Elemental Damage.20% elemental resistance.
31SiphonerSiphons life from attacks.+3.0% life per attack.
32WayfarerEnhances terrain navigation.50% speed in terrains.

I have categorized the traits into the following categories:

  1. Core Traits
  2. Archetypes Traits
  3. Additional Traits

Core Traits

Regardless of the fact which archetypes you’ve chosen to play with, you will always have these four Core Traits at the beginning of the game. The number of Trait Points allocated for each of these traits varies with each Archetype. Depending on these Core Trait stats, you can decide on which other traits you want to prioritize.

I have mentioned each Core Trait below in detail:

1. Vigor


Vigor Trait is best for enhancing the maximum health of a player. On reaching the maximum level, this trait can give you a health increase of 30%.

2. Endurance


The endurance Trait is well known to boost the stamina of your character for having more power in combats. The maximum stamina of the character is raised by 30%.

3. Spirit


Spirit Trait is one of the core traits that will enhance Mod Power Generation and lead you to use your abilities easily. Mod Power Generation using this trait can be increased by 20%.

4. Expertise


Expertise Trait will allow you to use your skills with a strong impact by reducing Skill Cooldown. Starting from a 2% reduction at level 1, you can get a maximum of 20% Skill Cooldown at level 10.

Archetype Traits

In Remnant 2, each Archetype has a trait associated with it, known as Archetype Traits. These Traits, fortunately, don’t require you to spend any Trait Points to level up; they will level up automatically with your Archetype’s level.

I have provided an explanation of all Archetype Traints below:

1. Kinship


Kindship is the Handler Archetype Trait that can manage both Friendly Fire damage and receive. Using this, you can decrease Friendly damage by 80%.

2. Swiftness


Swiftness in Remnant 2 is the Explorer’s trait that can enhance 15% of movement speed at maximum level by utilizing Swiftness Trait.

3. Longshot


Longshot is Hunter’s Trait that has the capability of enhancing the range of attack by all of the best weapons in Remnant 2 on the enemy as the name shows. Using this weapon’s Idol Range will be enhanced by 600cm at maximum level.

4. Potency


Potency is the Alchemist class trait that allows the enhanced duration of all consumables in Remnant 2. Duration of Consumables can be increased by 100% at a maximum level using the Potency Trait.

5. Strong Back

Strong Back
Strong Back

The Strong Back is a Challenger Archetype trait, having the ability to decrease 10% of encumbrance at a maximum level.

6. Regrowth


This is Summoner’s Archetype that will lead you to have more increase in the rate of health regeneration occurrence in Remnant 2. Using this, you can regenerate health after 1.5 seconds.

7. Fortify


You can improve the defensive ability of the weapon by adding Fortify Trait in Remnant 2. It is the Engineer Archetype Trait that will increase 50% armor effectiveness at the maximum level.

8. Ammo Reserves

Ammo Reserves

In Remnant 2, the Ammo Reserves Trait, exclusive to the Gunslinger archetype, boosts ammunition reserves. As players level up this trait or invest more Trait Points, the effect escalates, reaching a 50% ammo increase at Level 10. Impressively, maxing it out makes the trait accessible to all archetypes.

9. Triage


The Triage Trait is the hallmark of Medic Build in Remnant 2. Tailored to enhance all healing, Triage boosts recovery from various sources like Relics, skills, and weapon mods. As players ascend their levels, the trait culminates in a potent 50% healing augmentation at Level 10.

10. Untouchable


The Untouchable Trait, exclusive to the Invader class in Remnant 2, fine-tunes the evasive capabilities of the player. Specifically, it lengthens the invulnerability window during evasions, making dodges more forgiving.

As players progress through its ten levels, the trait steadily augments this Evade Window, peaking with a significant 30% extension at Level 10, which can be a game-changer in heated battles.

11. Flash Caster

Flash Caster

The Flash Caster Trait stands out as the unique asset of the Archon archetype in Remnant 2. Tailored for those prioritizing rapid ability deployment, this trait augments Mod and Skill Casting Speed. As players navigate its ten-tier progression, the enhancement becomes palpable.

By Level 10, Flash Caster supercharges the casting speed by a whopping 50%, granting the Archon unparalleled swiftness in unleashing their powers on adversaries.

Additional Traits

These are the traits you can unlock by completing different quests and defeating Remnant 2’s bosses. Performances of these Traits can be increased by spending Trait Points, as they don’t level up with your character’s level.

I have also mentioned a list of the Additional Traits below:

1. Amplitude


Amplitude Trait in Remnant 2 can be unlocked by killing the boss in the Labyrinth. This trait can enhance Area of Effect (AOE) size by 50% making you hit your enemies with strong attacks.

2. BloodBond


BloodBond Trait in Remnant 2, can be unlocked by beating the random Root Nexus boss located in Far Woods-Yaesha. This Trait can absorb damage by 1% with each Trait Point you spend over it.

3. BloodStream


This trait can be unlocked in Yaesha. Being in Yaesha, find Meidra and interact with her. From the options you are given, choose Ravager’s Eye, and this will unlock BloodStream Trait. BloodStream Using this Trait, you can increase Grey Health Regeneration by 3 seconds.

4. Fitness


This Trait in Remnat 2 can be unlocked at N’Erud inside the Vault of Formless. You can use this trait to increase the evade distance. Once at its maximum level, it can increase the evade distance by 30%.

5. Arcane Strike

Arcane Strike

Arcane Strike is a trait tailored for melee combat enthusiasts. This potent Trait intensifies Mod Power Generation specifically from Melee weapons Damage, meaning players can unleash special attacks more frequently. Progressing through its levels amplifies this power, culminating in a formidable 50% boost at Level 10.

Adventurers can acquire Arcane Strike at LosomnHarvester’s Reach only after eradicating bone piles and summoning a colossal rat. A must-have for close-combat strategists!

6. Barkskin


In “Remnant 2,” Barkskin stands as a defensive player’s boon. This Trait acts as a universal shield, decreasing damage from every source and ensuring a player’s longevity in battle. As one advances through its levels, the protection thickens, culminating in a 10% damage reduction at Level 10.

7. Footwork


In Remnant 2, the Footwork Trait revolutionizes combat mobility. This Trait augments the agility of players, particularly amplifying Movement Speed during aiming—a boon for those engaging from a distance yet needing swift repositioning.

As players enhance this trait, the speed boost can surge to an impressive +50% at Level 10. To acquire Footwork, players must brave the challenges at N’Erud’s Terminus Station Dungeon during The Train Event. A critical trait for sharpshooters valuing mobility!

8. Glutton


In Remnant 2, the Glutton Trait refines a player’s efficiency, specifically enhancing the speed at which Consumables and Relics are used. This advantage becomes pivotal in dire situations, allowing for quicker item deployments. Maxing out the trait offers a formidable +30% increase in Use Speed.

To attain Glutton, players must engage in The Feast Event in multiplayer mode. Resurrecting an ally while under Ravenous status, triggered by feasting, unlocks this invaluable trait for all team members.

9. Handling


The Handling Trait is a sharpshooter’s dream, meticulously honing a player’s precision in the heat of combat by decreasing Weapon Spread and Recoil. This boost ensures tighter shots and improved control, with the capability to achieve a staggering 40% reduction at its zenith.

To obtain Handling, players must prove their mettle against the formidable Cancer boss lurking within the Ashen Wasteland of Root Earth. An essential trait for players prioritizing marksmanship.

10. Recovery


The Recovery Trait in Remnant 2 is a savior for players seeking enhanced stamina sustainability during fierce combats. Focusing on rapid stamina regeneration ensures that players are always on the move, peaking at a remarkable 30/s in its maxed-out state.

The path to acquiring Recovery offers a touch of narrative depth, requiring players to reunite a lone child with a yarn-spinning woman in Losomn’s Ironborough. This a quintessential trait for those valuing agility and endurance.

11. Resonance


The resonance Trait emerges as a boon for players aiming to magnify the reach of positive effects in team play. By focusing on expanding the Aura Size, it accentuates the radius of beneficial auras, reaching a formidable +50% at the maximum level.

Acquiring Resonance, however, demands teamwork and strategy. Within the Dormant N’Erudian Facility, one player must activate the purge protocol in the control room while others make the sacrifice. It’s a testament to team coordination and selflessness in multiplayer scenarios.

12. Revivalist

The Revivalist Trait stands as a pivotal asset for the cooperative gameplay element in Remnant 2. Designed to cater to the inevitable skirmishes where allies fall, it significantly accelerates the revival process, both for the reviver and the downed teammate.

Peaking at a whopping +50% speed increase at max level undeniably impacts the tide of battle. The path to unlock it is a testament to teamwork, requiring players to revive teammates 15 times, reinforcing the game’s emphasis on collaboration and mutual aid.

13. Rugged


Remnant 2 introduces the Rugged Trait, a game-changer for players relying on Archetype Summons. By bolstering the health of these summons, the trait ensures their prolonged presence in battles, maximizing their utility and role.

At its zenith, Rugged astonishingly doubles the summons’ health, reinforcing their role as frontline allies. Unlocking this trait requires triumphing over the daunting Nexus Root/Defiler Mega Boss in Likh, a task befitting the hefty reward. This trait reaffirms the game’s dedication to strategy and adaptability in combat scenarios.

14. Scholar


The Scholar Trait in Remnant 2 is pivotal for players aiming to accelerate their character’s growth. By amplifying experience gain, it facilitates rapid leveling and subsequent skill enhancement, allowing players to tackle challenges more adeptly.

Achieving the zenith of Scholar means a notable 15% boost in experience, which can be game-changing in long-term gameplay. The fact that it’s unlocked post-final boss serves as a reward, paving the way for an enriched post-game experience and preparation for any subsequent content or challenges.

15. Shadeskin


The Shadeskin Trait in Remnant 2 is essential for players often confronting elemental foes, as it fortifies the player’s resistance against Elemental Status Effect Damage. At its zenith, this trait offers a significant 20% resistance, reducing the perilous effects these status ailments impose.

Its acquisition in the Butcher’s Quarter presents a moral quandary, as players must decide between acquiring the trait via a dark act or potentially gaining both the trait and the Dran Memento by showing mercy. This dual outcome deepens gameplay strategy and decision-making.

16. Siphoner


The Siphoner Trait offers a captivating survival mechanism, allowing players to siphon life force from enemies through their attacks, enhancing their combat longevity. As players invest more in this trait, the lifesteal incrementally grows to a formidable +3.0% at level 10, transforming players into veritable combat leeches.

Discovered in the eerie N’Erud – Dormant N’erudian Facility, obtaining this trait can be a game-changer for close-quarter fighters and those who appreciate a self-sustaining playstyle.

17. Wayfarer


The Wayfarer Trait in “Remnant 2” is a mobility enhancer, fine-tuning a player’s ability to navigate diverse terrains. Upping the Environmental Movement Speed it aids in quicker vaulting, ladder climbing, and wading, which can be invaluable during intense exploration or evasive combat.

Maxing out this trait provides a substantial 50% speed boost, ensuring your character’s nimbleness in challenging terrains. Unlocked after defeating the second Root Earth horde boss, Wayfarer is essential for players prioritizing agility and swift map traversal.

With this, I conclude my guide about Remnant 2 All Traits. Before you leave, I highly recommend you check out Remnant 2: The BEST Mutators, Probability Cord, What Is Bulwark, and How To Unlock Starkiller Rifle guides.


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