Remnant 2: Trait Point Cap [Max Traits Limit]

Learn the current cap on traits and how to get the rest of the traits in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 has a system for developing characters which includes traits that are being offered. The traits increase the power of the characters and you will receive these traits through various missions, quests, and tasks throughout the gameplay.

Key Takeaways
  • The Remnant 2 trait point cap is set at 60 points at the moment
  • You will be given a total of 4 basic but best traits for the early game before you start your first mission
  • The rest of the traits, you will have to achieve from defeating various bosses or completing puzzles.
  • Some of the traits in Remnant 2 can be achieved from random spots that are colored blue.
  • If you exceed the 60-point cap in traits, the build will be considered invalid.

What Is Trait Point System In Remnant 2 

When you start Remnant 2, you will be given 4 basic traits which include Vigor, Endurance, Spirit, and Expertise. Apart from this, when you fight various bosses, you will get traits after the battle is over. If you win the battle, you will get more unique traits and when you lose the battle, you will still get some of the traits.

Some of the traits are given for specific classes and you will only get those traits when you choose that specific class.

Remnant 2: Trait Point Cap
Fighting bosses and completing missions

What Is Trait Point Cap? 

Remnant 2 has a cap of 60 trait points currently which means that the variety in choosing builds has lessened. To make a good build, you will be required to choose the traits very carefully.

All the traits mentioned in the Remnant 2 will have a maximum level of 10. When you progress more in the missions, the traits level up based on experience. The traits can be obtained by all the following methods:

  • You will be assigned 4 basic traits at the start of Remnant 2
  • The traits can be gained by completing the missions, tasks
  • You can get traits by random drops which are marked by blue color points in the Remnant world

When any of the archetype traits gets to its maximum highest level, it will remain unlocked by any of the archetypes, although this will deplete the 60-point cap. As a result, there is a hard limit to how strong and distinctive your build may be based just on attributes.

How To Change Trait Spread 

At any point during the missions, if you feel like you want to change the trait spread, you can easily do so. You can respec by using Orb of Undoing which can be bought by Wallace. Players must pay 3 Lumenite Crystals and 1,500 worth of scrap to buy this item for themselves.

All this process will cause you to get all your trait points back and you can now select new traits. You must choose wisely now to make a good combination according to your own character.

Remnant 2: Trait Point Cap
Earning the trait points in Remnant 2

Complete List of Traits In Remnant 2 

The basic traits that you get at the start of Remnant 2 are mentioned below.

Spiritgeneration rate for mod power
Expertiseskill cooldown rate

The traits vary on the type of archetype that you choose. These are available apart from the starting 4 traits. These traits are mentioned in the list below.

Medic – Triagethe total healing will increase
Hunter- LongshotThe ideal weapon range will increase
Challenger – Strong BackDecreases the  encumbrance
Handler – KinshipDecreases the damage of friendly fire
Gunslinger – Ammo ReservesWill increase the ammo reserves
Explorer – Swiftnessmovement of the speed will be much high
Summoner – Regrowthhealth regeneration of characters will be more
Engineer – Fortifyarmor effectiveness will increase
Alchemist – Potencyconsumable duration
Invader- Untouchable for Invader ClassThe evade window will expand

Some of the traits can be achieved by defeating any kind of boss, completing missions, and solving puzzles in Remnant 2.

Amplitudeincreases the size of AOE
Arcane StrikeMelee generates the mod power
BarkskinDecreases the overall damage received by players
Blood BondAbsorbs the grants summons damage
BloodstreamRegeneration of gray health
FitnessWill increase evade distance
Footworkincreases speed while aiming
GluttonUsage of speed of relics and consumables
HandlingDecreases the recoil of weapons and spreading
Recoverymakes stamina last long than it usually does
ResonanceThe size of the aura will increase
Revivalistrevive the speed to operate at optimum level
Ruggedsummons the health and increases it
ScholarGains experience in Remnant 2
ShadeskinDecrease the damage from any kind of elemental statuses
SiphonerGives access to lifesteal
Wayfarerincreases all the effects like vaulting, climbing, and wading speed

The current Remnant 2 trait point cap is set at 60 but in the future, it might change or even be increased. With this trait point cap, you must know the best way to choose the right types of traits is by picking them according to your build.

If the build gets more than the 60-point cap, the build will be considered invalid and you will be required to amend or make another build. You will be allotted 4 traits at the start of Remnant 2 and for the rest of the traits, you will have to choose.


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