Remnant 2: How To Get Stasis Core [Walkthrough & Usage]

Stasis Core can be a bit hard to find on your own due to it's whereabouts in Remnant 2 but with our help it can easily be found.

Remnant 2 contains many crafting materials. The Stasis Core is also a crafting material. The Stasis Core is one of the most outstanding and remarkable crafting products in Remnant 2. It is said to be abandoned in a place for many thousands of years. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Stasis Core Remnant 2 is a thousands of years old item that is powerful and is used for crafting.
  • The Stasis Core is found in the N’Erud region inside a vault.
  • The locations of landmarks can be randomized sometimes.
  • Players can craft a Mod using The Stasis Core, the Stasis Beam mod.
  • The mod can be used in combat to upgrade fighting capability and skills in Remnant 2.

How Do You Get Stasis Core?

Stasis Core in Remnant 2
Stasis Core– Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Stasis Core is a crafting material that you can easily find in N’Erud.

Inside N’Erud, you will have to find the Eon Vault. There is a specific landmark at which you can find The Stasis Core, and all five landmarks can be found at The Stasis Core.

These landmarks are only located inside The Eon Vault. You will face this difficulty only because Remnant 2 is very Random. Even the areas you visit can sometimes randomize. So check all the five(5) landmarks.


An explanation of how I found the Statis Core inside Eon Vault is given below:

  1. Find The Putrid Domain Dungeon in the Abyssal Rift.
  2. The Abyssal Rift is the first area you will explore in the N’Erud region.
  3. After you reach the Eon Vault, you would only have to explore the Eon Vault until you find the correct landmark where The Stasis Core is located.
  4. The correct landmark will look like a very strange pyramid that is abandoned.
  5. There are two mines; one will be yellow while the other mine will be red colored.
  6. You need to go into the red mine to get the Stasis Core. 
  7. After you enter the mine, you will see a door.
  8. Open the door by interacting with the console to the right.
  9. You will see an elevator in front of you; head down using the elevator.
  10. When you get down, there will be a tunnel ahead of you.
  11. Walk through the tunnel.
  12. After killing the enemies, you will see The Stasis Core just before you on the ground.

Land Marks Inside Eon Vault

There are five landmarks inside the Eon Vault at which I was able to find The Stasis Core:

  1. The Putrid Domain 
  2. The Dormain N’Erudian Facility
  3. The Forgotten Prison
  4. The Mine
  5. The Spectrum Nexus Tower

What Can You Do With The Stasis Core?

Stasis Beam Mod In R2
Remnant 2: Stasis Beam Mod – Screenshot Grab: eXputer
  • After you get The Stasis Core, you can take it to Ava McCabe in Ward 13. 

You can also craft a Stasis Beam Mod using the Stasis Core. You need the items required for it, and you can bring them to Ava McCabe in ward 13, and she will craft the Stasis Beam Mod for you. The Stasis Beam Mod is used in combat and is an amazing mod for combat.

The Stasis Beam Mod fires in the form of energy beams, which slowly damage the enemy by 15 damage per second and freeze the enemy for almost ten seconds after applying two seconds of fire.

Stasis Core Remnant 2 is a very remarkable crafting material. You can also craft a mod using it, which could help you in your combats: The Stasis beam Mod from Ward 13. Check out our recent guide over the best builds in Remnant 2 with complete details for getting each of them. 


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