Remnant 2 Was Designed With Upscaling In Mind, Devs Admit

The upscaling technology is slowly becoming a must for AAA games to achieve the best performance.

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  • Remnant 2 devs have affirmed in a new Reddit post that the game was designed with upscaling in mind. In other words, achieving the best performance is impossible without using DLSS, FSR, or XeSS.
  • The players have criticized the game for having optimization issues despite the users matching the suggested specs. Even using balanced DLSS is not helping some users to have smooth frame rates.
  • The title features various graphics modes to provide a flexible experience for gamers with different specs. Moreover, Remnant 2 will feature a bundle of secrets and heavily emphasizes exploration.
  • The Souls-like third-person shooter is slated for release on July 25 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. It is skipping the entirety of last-gen consoles to take full advantage of current-gen.

Remnant 2 has recently drawn a surge of backlash from fans for the prevalent performance issues loitering in the game. Devs have recently addressed the criticism in a Reddit post with a detailed response, stating how the title was designed with upscaling technology in mind. In other words, it can’t achieve the best performance threshold even with an RTX 3070 graphics card if upscaling tech like DLSS, FSR, or XeSS is not used alongside it.

We’ve heard from a few folks about the game’s overall performance. We’re definitely going to roll out performance updates after the game’s launch. But for the sake of transparency, we designed the game with upscaling in mind (DLSS/FSR/XeSS),” said devs in the Reddit post.

The devs continue in elaborating that tweaking other settings may result in better performance. Evidently, changes to shadow settings will bring the most disparity besides turning the upscaling on and off. Unfortunately, many Remnant 2 players in comments chimed in to respond that even using balanced DLSS is not enough to provide stable frame rates.

I’ve got a 3070ti, 9600k, and 16gb ram. 1440p using balanced dlss gives me very unstable framerates varying from low 30s at the worst, to 50-65fps during calmer moments. Very unstable framerates, though gsync helps. Still, would very much like to be able to not drop below 60 considering the specs of my PC,” mentioned one user.

Many other users have agreed with the aforesaid player. Apparently, even upscaling technology is failing to provide the seamless monster-slaying gameplay that devs have promised. However, one Redditor was able to raise his frame rates by a wide margin by just updating everything, including BIOS, disabling and reenabling the XMP, dismounting the PC, and thoroughly cleaning their PC before playing Remnant 2 again.

Various graphics modes have been affirmed for the game to let every gamer bask in a relatively smooth experience besides differences in specifications. The Xbox Series S only features a standard mode, however. The third-person shooter venture has proven to be a highly favored title amidst the gaming community, climbing Steam and Epic Games Store’s best-sellers list against many other prominent games in a short stretch of time.

Furthermore, the Remnant: From the Ashes sequel seemingly features “secrets within secrets within secrets,” as clarified by developers in the past. The vast amount of hidden and exposed content will keep players engaged for a long amount of time. While performance updates are planned for the future to smoothen out optimization issues, using upscaling tech alongside currently appears to be the best bet for a smooth-sailing venture.

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If you are unfamiliar, the anticipated hardcore RPG is slated for release on July 25 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. The title effectively omits the last-gen to ensure it is not held back by underpowered hardware. Coming out on only current-gen also guarantees Remnant 2 will take advantage to feature the best possible performance, enthralling visuals, and extremely fast loading times.

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