Remnant 2 Has “Secrets Within Secrets Within Secrets,” Says Dev

"For those that love secrets and exploring."

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  • Remnant 2 by Gunfire Games is one of the most anticipated releases of the year, following its proper showcase by the developers that have unveiled the scale of the third-person shooter. The title is scheduled to release on 25 July for the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. 
  • As per Ben Cureton, the Principal Designer on Remnant 2, Remnant 2 will have a ton of content beyond its 100% completion, which comprises unlockable achievements or trophies. 
  • Ben has remarked that the game has “secrets within secrets within secrets.”

According to what the community says, Remnant 2 has delivered on the hype, garnering terrific reviews from major gaming publications across the globe while getting off to a solid early access start. Making things even more enticing, though, a Gunfire Games dev has revealed how Remnant 2 has a wealth of content, and not a single player so far has obtained 100% of what the Souls-like shooter has to offer.

Ben while acknowledging even the efforts of dedicated players with over 400 hours on the game says,  

Remnant 2 has secrets within secrets within secrets. We made sure obtaining 100% Achievements is very player-friendly and then went far beyond that to keep the game rewarding long after you’ve hit that goal. Lots more in store!”

For an action RPG, an abundance of content is usually expected, given the scale of the genre itself and the games typically associated with it. That being said, Remnant 2 appears to be going all in on that front with no holds barred, especially considering how the original title—Remnant: From the Ashes—didn’t have content on the same level to boast about. 

Remnant 2 In-Game Screenshot
Remnant 2 In-Game Screenshot

Furthermore, the Gunfire Games developer is of the opinion that those who like to take their time in-game and love exploring and seeking out rewards will have one whale of a time with Remnant 2. The fact that the studio’s own internal developers haven’t seen all of the game’s diverse offerings is certainly something to go by.  

No one has seen or obtained 100% of everything Remnant 2 has to offer. I’m talking about hardcore players with over 400+ hours, reviewers that had early access, even our own internal developers. No one.”

Adding more to this is a similar story by the same developer. Ben, otherwise known as u/verytragic on Reddit, is well-regarded in the Remnant 2 community for being an active responder to fans. Back when the game’s trophy list was revealed ahead of time, some of the descriptions of the entries revealed the number of guns and traits that players could expect from the title. 

Ben said that there’s more than what the achievements have hinted at and the number involved is “nowhere near max.” This pretty much aligns with what the developer has to say right now, creating an array of excitement for hyped-up fans who had a blast with the first Remnant and can’t wait for the sequel to drop anymore. 

by u/verytragic from discussion Remnant 2 Achievements Revealed
in remnantgame


In other news, the title’s graphics modes have been finally unveiled for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. There are Quality, Balanced, and Performace modes that have their way on the consoles at hand, save for the Series S. That one will have to make to do with a Standard mode at the moment, which locks the frame rate to 30 FPS and offers a 1080p resolution at best. 

For those unaware, Remnant 2 drops for the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC on July 25. People who have dived in early with the Ultimate Edition get to enjoy an early access period for the third-person shooter built on the Souls-like formula of one of FromSoftware’s most popular IPs. As of yet, Remnant 2 has already marked itself as a best-seller on Steam, all thanks to pre-order sales alone.

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