Remnant 2: Shattered Gallery [Walkthrough]

Learn strategies to defeat this perilous area as I guide you to enemies, bosses, and rewards in Remnant 2 Shattered Gallery.

Shattered Gallery is a perilous yet rewarding area in Remnant 2, home to valuable loot and formidable foes. You will face many enemies, including Armored Fae and Lantern Horror, and should know strategies to defeat them. There also is the climactic boss battle against Magister Dullain, whose defeat grants you rare crafting resources.

Key Takeaways
  1. The Shattered Gallery in Remnant 2 is a diverse and challenging location, filled with powerful enemies and valuable loot.
  2. Key items such as the Fae Hunter Ring, which increases firearm range by 30%, can significantly alter combat dynamics.
  3. Understanding enemy types, like Armored Fae and Lantern Horror, is essential for survival and success.
  4. Boss battles, particularly with Magister Dullain, are challenging but offer rich rewards upon victory.
  5. Participating in unique events like the Chess Piece Torch Puzzle can yield beneficial items like the Pawn Stamp Rings.

What Is Shattered Gallery Remnant 2?

Shattered Gallery is renowned for its distinctive environmental design and atmospheric elements. This locale is steeped in mystery and history, with relics of the past looming over the present, providing an evocative backdrop for your epic adventures. The Shattered Gallery is not merely a picturesque tableau but a dynamic, ever-changing environment that reacts and evolves as you delve deeper into its secrets.

  • Shattered Gallery in Remnant 2 is home to various powerful enemies, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Enemy types range from the fearsome Armored Fae to the enigmatic Lantern Horror.
  • Each battle promises valuable items and resources upon victory.
  • One of the most sought-after items in Shattered Gallery is the Fae Hunter Ring.
  • The Fae Hunter Ring enhances the range of your firearms by 30%, providing a significant advantage in combat.
  • The biggest challenge in Shattered Gallery is its boss, Magister Dullain.
  • Despite posing a serious threat, defeating Magister Dullain offers rich rewards.
  • Shattered Gallery offers endless opportunities for exploration and combat, with unique artifacts and formidable enemies.
  • This guide provides the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate Shattered Gallery’s challenges and unearth its secrets.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Remnant series, the Shattered Gallery promises to be a memorable journey.

Fae Hunter Ring Artifact

The Fae Hunter Ring is a remarkable artifact with a rich history. It was once worn by the king’s hunters and has a calming effect on its wearer, steadying their breath, thus increasing the range of firearms by an impressive 30%. This effect can make a significant difference in combat, particularly during challenging encounters where precision and range are paramount.

All Enemies In Shattered Gallery Of Remnant 2

In the Shattered Gallery of Remnant 2, you’ll encounter a variety of enemies, each presenting unique challenges with their own distinct styles and set of attacks. Understanding these enemies, their strengths, and their weaknesses are essential for survival and success.

1. Armored Fae

Armored Fae is a type of enemy you’ll encounter in the Shattered Gallery. As the name suggests, these enemies are clad in heavy armor, making them resistant to most types of attacks.

2. Lantern Horror

Lantern Horror is another enemy that roams the Shattered Gallery. This monstrous creature wields a lantern in its right hand and has a gaping mouth filled with dangerous fangs. On defeat, Lantern Horror explodes, so it’s vital to move away quickly after killing it to avoid damage.

3. Melee Fae

Melee Fae are close combat specialists that attack with swift melee strikes. These enemies require careful timing and positioning to defeat. Keep an eye on their attack patterns and strike back when you see an opening.

4. Ranged Fae

Ranged Fae, unlike their melee counterparts, engage in battle from a distance. These flying Fae are capable of dealing significant damage from afar. Their weakness lies in their heads, so precision aiming is key when facing them.

These are just a few of the enemies you’ll encounter in the Shattered Gallery. Each of these enemies has a unique style and a different set of attacks that you’ll need to learn and adapt to. But remember, defeating these enemies isn’t just about survival; each kill also gives you the opportunity to obtain different types of items and resources. 

Shattered Gallery Magister Dullain Boss Fight

Shattered Gallery Remnant 2
Magister Dullain [Image Credits: eXputer]
One of the most formidable challenges in the Shattered Gallery of Remnant 2 is the boss battle against Magister Dullain. This encounter presents a test of strategy, skill, and resilience, but overcoming this obstacle yields valuable rewards and a sense of immense satisfaction.

Magister Dullain is a terrifying horror that haunts the Shattered Gallery. As a boss, Dullain presents a more substantial threat compared to the typical enemies you will face. Bosses are known to guard special locations or items and are essential to the lore and main story of Remnant 2.

Boss Location

Magister Dullain resides within the Shattered Gallery in the realm of Losomn. Be prepared for an intense battle when you encounter him.

Boss Weakness And Tactics

Every boss in Remnant 2 has a particular weakness that players can exploit, and in the case of Magister Dullain, that weakness is its tongue. When engaging in combat with Magister Dullain, aim for the tongue whenever possible to inflict maximum damage.

Dullain is an optional boss, meaning players can choose to engage or bypass him. However, the loot that Dullain drops upon defeat makes the fight against him a worthwhile endeavor.

Boss Fight Rewards

Shattered Gallery Remnant 2
Magister Dullain Boss Fight Rewards [Image Credits: eXputer]
Victory against Magister Dullain rewards players with a considerable amount of loot. Upon defeat, Magister Dullain drops Scrap, Lumenite Crystals, a Tome of Knowledge, and Tainted Ichor. These resources are incredibly valuable for character progression and crafting.

Facing Magister Dullain is an integral part of the Shattered Gallery experience. This encounter will test your skill and resolve but remember: every challenge in Remnant 2 is surmountable with the right strategy and perseverance.


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