Remnant 2: Severed Hand [Location & Rewards]

Discover the secrets behind the Severed Hand in Remnant 2

A peculiar item you may stumble upon in your journey through Remnant 2 is the Severed Hand. Its macabre nature belies its true value as a Quest Item. You may find these items vital for progression in certain quests or the main plot. They may also unlock undiscovered territories or advance your character through specific areas.

Key Takeaways

The Severed Hand is a valuable Quest Item playing a significant role in advancing certain quests, unlocking new areas, or progressing through the main storyline.

  • To obtain the Severed Hand, players must navigate The Great Sewers, a maze-like, water-logged area within Remnant 2.
  • Once acquired, the Severed Hand can be used in a quest involving a body trapped in a cage. Shooting the body causes the Severed Hand to fall, which can then be inspected to reveal one of two potential items – the Strong Arm Band or the Ring of the Damned.

The Severed Hand In Remnant 2

remnant 2 severed hand
Severed Hand overview

The Severed Hand has specific uses; in one particular quest, you may spot a body trapped in a cage suspended from the ceiling. An item glowing with a distinct purple hue will catch your attention. Your task is to shoot the body, which causes the Severed Hand to drop.

  • Examining the Severed Hand will grant you one of two significant items: Strong Arm Band or the Ring of the Damned.

Where To Find The Severed Hand

remnant 2 severed hand
The Sewers In Remnant 2

Your journey to acquiring the Severed Hand will lead you to The Great Sewers. As one of the many explorable worlds within Remnant 2, The Great Sewers is a labyrinthine, flooded area that may test your navigational skills.

The Ring Of The Damned

Ring of Damned showcase remnant 2

The Ring of the Damned, a potential reward for obtaining the Severed Hand, is a powerful accessory that somewhat surprised me during my testing.

  • It enhances the wearer’s power when Grey Health is present, augmenting all damage dealt by 10%.
  • This lends a significant boost to the wearer’s attacking prowess.
  • The lore behind the Ring of the Damned is steeped in mystery.
  • Rumour has it that the Royal Hunters, even in death, are condemned to an endless hunt as punishment for sin so unspeakable its nature remains unknown.
  • You can find the Ring of the Damned in Losomn, The Great Sewers, similar to the Severed Hand.

The Strong Arm Band

The Strong Arm Band, another possible reward for obtaining the Severed Hand, is an accessory that provides a boost to your overall combat performance.

  • It enhances Throw Distance by 30 and boosts the effectiveness of Combat Consumables by 0.5%.
  • The Strong Arm Band is tied to the lore of the Royal Hunters, who were allegedly able to throw an object from one horizon to another.
  • Accuracy in hitting their targets was of less concern when the hurled projectile was explosive.
  • Just like the Ring of the Damned, you can find the Strong Arm Band in Losomn, The Great Sewers.

In summary, Remnant 2’s Severed Hand holds the key to powerful rewards in the shape of two rings. Through careful exploration and strategy, it can offer you a significant advantage in your journey through the complex world of Remnant 2.

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