Remnant 2: Rusted Heirloom [Location & Benefits]

Learn the two locations of Remnant 2 Rusted Heirloom and how to find the code which will unlock the iron safe.

Remnant 2 has many accessories available all over places and some of these look attractive like the rusted heirloom. The ring is a bit rusty by the looks of it and it does not get weak with time. Rings will provide some advantages during your battles and will give you some edge over enemies.

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2’s Rusted Heirloom is a ring that gives protection from 2 bulwark stacks which will give 10% protection from incoming damage.
  • There are two locations where you can find the Rusted Heirloom ring: the great sewers and the harvester’s reach.
  • You must locate and open the iron safe to get your hands on the rusted heirloom ring
  • Players need to make a 4-digit code by using a flashlight and opening the safe.

Rusted Heirloom Locations In Remnant 2

From the rerolls I’ve gone through, the Rusted Heirloom can be found in the following two locations:

  • The Great Sewers
  • Harvester’s Reach
Remnant 2: Rusted Heirloom
Finding the location of a rusted heirloom [Image Credits: eXputer]
Both these locations are found in Losomn World where you need to enter the area through an opening. Players will experience both the locations through missions so you can collect anytime when you visit these areas. You must do the following to reach the exact location:

  1. The opening will be under the gate where you must crawl to get to the other side.
  2. You must locate the iron safe which will be on the other side when you crawl out.
  3. The safe demands a 4-digit code and the code will be located in the exact room

How To Find The Iron Safe

Now, the room will be full of codes in Remnant 2, which will be on the walls. The only way to find the code is by using a flashlight. The flashlight can be turned on by pressing the ‘L’ button and pressing the same button will cause the flashlight to turn down.

The flashlight should be shown all around the room which will brighten 4 numbers. These numbers are 1, 3, 5, and 8 which will light up. All you must do is make a combination out of these four numbers and the correct one will open the safe.

Remnant 2: Rusted Heirloom
Finding the code of iron safe by using a flashlight [Image Credits: eXputer]
The correct combinations to open the safe are as follows:

  • 3581
  • 5813
  • 8531

Right when you unlock the safe, you will find a rusted heirloom inside it. Just grab it and it will directly go to your inventory.

Advantages of Rusted Heirloom Ring 

When you get the ring, it will directly be allotted in one of the many slots available for the rings. From my testing, it can be used effectively when you are in a battle with other enemies.

When your health becomes less than 50 percent, use the ring which will give the following benefits:

  • You will get protection from 2 Bulwark stacks.
  • 1 stack of the bulwarks will decrease the damage of enemies by around 5 percent.
  • This will give you a 10% chance to reduce the incoming stacks due to 2 stacks.

The rusted heirloom is a ring which is an accessory in Remnant 2. You can find the ring in Losomn World at 2 locations: the Great Sewers and Harvester’s Reach. Crawl through the opening at any of the two locations and reach the iron safe.

Make a combination out of 4 numbers but open the safe by making the correct combination. You will get the protection of 2 Bulwark stacks and each of them will grant 5% damage protection from enemies. The Rusted Heirloom Ring will give you protection in battles.


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