Remnant 2: What Is Bulwark [Explained]

In Remnant 2, Bulwark is a stat that boosts Damage Reduction by 5% per stack, increasing survivability in combat, valuable for Tank builds!

The Bulwark stat in Remnant 2 is a powerful attribute that is centered around increasing your Damage Reduction. It functions by offering a percentage increase to your Damage Reduction for each stack of Bulwark that you have.

Key Takeaways
  • The Bulwark stat increases your Damage Reduction by 5% per stack, improving your defense in combat.
  • It can stack thrice, granting up to 16% Damage Reduction, boosting survivability.
  • However, Damage Reduction caps at 80%, limiting Bulwark and other similar effects.
  • Bulwark is vital for tank builds, enabling better absorption of damage.
  • Melee damage dealers can also benefit from Bulwark, allowing them to take more hits and prolong their combat time.

What Does The Bulwark Stat Do In Remnant 2?

The way it works is that each stack of Bulwark increases your current Damage Reduction by 5%, with the first stack offering a slightly higher boost of 6%. This means that if you can manage to get the maximum of three stacks, you’ll receive a substantial increase of 16% to your Damage Reduction.

However, I would recommend that you have the following considerations in mind:

  • It’s important to note that Remnant 2 imposes a cap on the total Damage Reduction that a player can have, which is 80%.
  • Therefore, if you’re already enjoying a Damage Reduction of around 70%, additional stacks of Bulwark won’t push you past that 80% limit.

How Do You Get Bulwark Stacks?

Challenger Archetype remnant 2 bulwark
Challenger archetype. Via: eXputer

Obtaining Bulwark stacks can be done in a couple of different ways. Some methods that I prefer are:

  • Playing the Challenger Archetype: The Challenger Archetype has a specific ability called Juggernaut that automatically provides you with three stacks of Bulwark for 25 seconds.
    • In addition to this, the Juggernaut ability also boosts your movement and melee speed, as well as your melee damage, making it a strong skill for Challengers who often find themselves in the thick of combat.
  • Utilizing Specific Gear: Certain pieces of gear in Remnant 2  can also grant you Bulwark stacks. For instance, the Guardian’s Ring is an item that gives you one Bulwark stack when you are within 7 meters of an enemy.
    • This adds a tactical layer to your gameplay, as you can deliberately position yourself close to enemies to benefit from the Bulwark effect.

Impact Of Bulwark On Different Builds In Remnant 2

The Bulwark stat plays a critical role in shaping the effectiveness of different types of character builds. How much it benefits a particular build will largely depend on the playstyle and role the build is meant to serve.

Based on my gameplay experience following are the impact of Bulwark on different builds: 

Tank Builds

As mentioned earlier, the Bulwark stat is vital for tank builds. This means tanks are often on the frontline, facing direct enemy attacks. With Bulwark’s ability to increase Damage Reduction, tanks can withstand more damage, allowing them to fulfill their role more effectively.

When combined with the Challenger Archetype’s Juggernaut ability and specific gear, tanks can become incredibly sturdy, prolonging their survival on the battlefield.

Damage Dealers

For damage dealers, the utility of the Bulwark stat may vary. If you’re playing a melee damage dealer who is often in the thick of combat, Bulwark can be beneficial by allowing you to take more hits and stay in the fight longer.

However, for ranged damage dealers who aim to avoid damage as much as possible, other stats may be more beneficial. They might prefer to focus on stats that increase their damage output or accuracy, rather than Damage Reduction.

Support Builds

The benefit of Bulwark for support builds largely depends on their specific role and playstyle. If they’re meant to provide healing or buffs while staying away from direct combat, they might prioritize other stats over Bulwark.

However, suppose the support character needs to be in the midst of the action to execute their role effectively (like close-range healers or crowd-control supports). In that case, Bulwark can provide an extra layer of survivability.

Best Gear To Use For Max Bulwark Effect

Selecting the right gear is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of Bulwark in your build.

Here are some of my recommended pieces of gear for builds utilizing the Bulwark stat:

Guardian’s Ring

This ring gives you one stack of Bulwark when you’re within 7 meters of an enemy. This is especially useful for tank builds and melee damage dealers who are often close to their enemies. The Guardian’s Ring can help increase your survivability in the thick of combat.

Insulation Driver Amulet

This amulet, which can be found on N’Erud, is a great piece of gear for Bulwark builds. While it spawns randomly, it’s worth seeking out due to its ability to provide a 15% boost to all damage and haste while Bulwark is active. This not only increases your Damage Reduction but also boosts your attack speed and damage output, making it a potent addition to any Bulwark-centered build.

Fae Bruiser Ring remnant 2 bulwark
Fae Bruiser Ring Via: eXputer

You can obtain the Bulwark buff without relying on the Challenger archetype, as multiple items in the game grant this effect.

I would suggest checking out the following table to get a better idea about the items that grant this effect:

Item Effect Location
Fae Bruiser Ring Inflicts 2 stacks of Bulwark for 7 seconds upon dealing melee damage. The effect does not stack with multiple instances of the same ring. Random Drop
Hardcore Metal Band Adds 1 stack of Bulwark when taking damage, with each stack independently expiring after 10 seconds. A maximum of 5 stacks can be accumulated. Random Drop
Rusted Heirloom Ring Grants 2 stacks of Bulwark when below 50% Health. Safe in Losomn
Soul Guard Ring Gains a stack of Bulwark for each active Summon. Can be Crafted at Bloodmoon Altar (Yaesha)

This is it from my side. I hope you now know what Remnant 2 Bulwark is! Check out the detailed guide on Remnant 2 features. While you are at it, visit the page of Remnant 2 plot and story.

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