Remnant 2: The Forgotten Commune [Location + Key Items]

Learn about the location and potential rewards you can loot at the Forgotten Commune, a key location in the Awakened King DLC of Remnant 2

The Forgotten Commune is a sewer-like dungeon in the latest DLC of Remnant 2, The Awakened King. You can reach this place relatively early in the Forlorn Coast area of Losomn, but I’d advise being cautious as, from my experience, the Commune can be highly frustrating.

Key Takeaways
  • The Forgotten Commune is an area in the Forlorn Coast accessible in Remnant 2’s Awakened King DLC.
  • Players can reach this area by exploring the sewers near the initial checkpoint of the Coast.
  • Inside the Forgotten Commune, players can grab the Ring of the Castaway near the Fae-infested area on the topmost floor.
  • There’s also the Ritualist Scythe, which can be crafted from the items obtained after killing the Befouled Altar bosses as part of Elowen’s questline.

How To Reach The Forgotten Commune Remnant 2

Players can reach the Forgotten Commune by entering the sewers found early in the Forlorn Coast, then proceeding deeper inside until they eventually find a shining wall leading them to the Commune.

Forgotten Commune remnant 2
The Forgotten Commune (Image taken by me)

First, you’ll need to enter the Awakened King DLC from the World Stone at Ward 13. From here, you’ll begin at your first primary location, the Forlorn Coast, in Losomn.

  1. Following the docks upon entering the Coast, take the first left into the sewers.
  2. Turn and head right, and a shining entrance on your left should take you to the Forgotten Commune.
Entrance to the Forgotten Commune (Image Grabbed by me)

Key Items At The Forgotten Commune

The Forgotten Commune is an extremely tight area where enemies can ambush you, thanks to the area’s dark atmosphere. My tip for quickly going through this area would be to use weapons with high staggering ability and check every room you enter cautiously to scan any nearby enemies.

Ring Of The Castaway

The Ring of the Castaway is one of the earliest items you can pick up in Remnant 2’s Forgotten Commune. This is one of the best rings in Remnant 2, which increases your base Consumable-item Duration by 50%, making it an addition against bosses.

Ring of the Castaway remnant 2
The Ring of the Castaway (Screenshot by me)

You can get the Ring of the Castaway using the following procedure:

  1. From the Commune’s starting checkpoint, turn left and go straight until you spot a long ladder.
  2. Climb the ladder and the following staircases to reach a wooden shed.
  3. Ascend the ladder behind the shed and jump onto the tunnel before you.
  4. From here, you’ll encounter some Fae enemies atop a bridge and a platform connected to a ladder on your left.
  5. Jump to the platform, climb the ladder, then climb the subsequent ledges to reach a corpse with the Ring of the Castaway.
  • ladder remnant 2
    Ladder leading to ring (Picture Captured by me)
  • shed forgotten commune
    Wooden shed (Image Grabbed by me)
  • area
    Platform next to the bridge (Picture Captured by me)
  • ring
    Ring of the Castaway atop a corpse (Screenshot by me)

Elowen, The Dran NPC

You can meet a maddened Dran NPC in Remnant 2’s Forgotten Commune after you reach the second checkpoint. Simply head forward from the checkpoint and drop down to the lowest floor via the ladders, then follow the voice into an abandoned house, and you’ll find the NPC sitting and rattling.

Elowen NPC (Picture Captured by me)
  • Most of Elowen’s dialogue options lead to the same conversation where she talks about the Awakened King and what he did to the Commune.
  • You can also find a letter beside her where you can learn more about her backstory.

Ritualist Scythe

The Ritualist Scythe is a melee weapon primarily suited to the Ritualist Archetype you unlock in the Awakened King DLC. Its Mod ability, Reaver, grants +10% melee damage when the target is suffering from a Negative Status Effect. However, to get the Scythe, you must complete Elowen’s questline, which begins after first meeting her.

The Ritualist Scythe (Screenshot by me)

Here’s how you can obtain the Ritualist Scythe in Remnant 2:

  1. Talk to the NPC and head outside, go through the tunnel, and open the first shortcut.
  2. Follow the walkway, reach the Befouled Altar, and obtain the Scythe Blade.
  3. Go back up the boss arena, take the right-hand tunnel to the second checkpoint shortcut.
  4. Follow the shortcut route, drop down the pit, pull the lever to open the sewer gate.
  5. Go through the tunnel to another Befouled Altar, obtaining the Scythe Hilt.
  6. Inspect the Hilt in your inventory, rotate the narrow half towards you, and use the Interact option.
  7. Combine the Scythe Blade with the Hilt to craft the Ritualist Scythe
  • shortcut
    Accessing the first shortcut (Screenshot by me)
  • blade
    The Scythe Blade (Screenshot by me)
  • tunnel
    Tunnel leading to 2nd shortcut (Screenshot by me)
  • lever forgotten commune
    Lever that opens sewer bridge (Picture Captured by me)
  • Hilt
    The Scythe Hilt (Image Grabbed by me)
  • interacting
    Interacting with the Hilt (Image taken by me)
  • ritual scythe crafting
    Combining with Scythe Blade (Image taken by me)

Befouled Altar Boss Fights

The Befouled Altar is the main boss of the Forgotten Commune, whom you encounter twice in the area. This is a gimmick boss fight, in which the Altar itself is passive and doesn’t attack you, and instead spawns enemy waves after it drops to certain HP levels.

Altar remnant 2
The Befouled Altar boss (Image taken by me)

Here are some noteworthy tips for beating the Befouled Altars:

  • Only use your melee weapon to damage the boss itself.
  • When the boss screaches, activate your abilities and weapon’s mod and eliminate the enemy wave.
  • After clearing each wave, wait for your abilities to recharge, and then shoot the Befouled Altar with your Long Gun until its Mod Power recharges.
  • Once your mod’s fully recharged, you can continue hitting the boss with your melee weapon and repeat the cycle for the following enemy waves until you’ve killed the Befouled Altar.
Important: You can explore additional strategies for beating the Befouled Altar via the following YouTube video.

That wraps up my brief guide on the Forgotten Commune Remnant 2, detailing its location, boss encounters, and notable vital items. In my experience, beating the boss was ten times easier than reaching it, so if you’re still struggling to make your way through this area, you can switch up your gear and see what best weapons make the area easier.

Don’t forget to check out Usama’s review of The Awakened King DLC to see where the developers did and didn’t succeed with the expansion. If you want to dive into more DLC content, check out my guide on escaping the Ethereal Manor in Remnant 2.


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