Remnant 2: How To Unlock And Upgrade Ford’s Scattergun?

Learn all about the location, base stats, and upgrade path of the Ford's Scattergun, one of the primary shotgun weapons in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2’s Ford’s Scattergun is one of the best Long Gun weapons in the early-game phase, given its stats and versatility. This 12-gauge powerhouse is arguably the ideal primary shotgun thanks to its handling, damage, and ammo management. However, like most unlockable in-game weapons, getting the Scattergun in Yaesha is a lengthy and somewhat challenging process, but the reward at the end is worth the effort.

Key Takeaways

How To Get Ford’s Scattergun 

Ford’s Scattergun is part of the Main Story questline in Yaesha, starting from the Red Throne dungeon. You can complete this quest in either Campaign or Adventure Mode, but in case you get the alternative storyline with the Forbidden Grove, you need to reroll the location until you see the Red Throne on the Region Map.

red throne yaesha
The Red Throne location on the Region Map (Image Source: eXputer)
  1. Upon arriving at the Red Throne, head straight through the courtyard and open the main gate to meet the Eternal Empress in the Throne Room.
red throne
Entering the Throne Room (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  1. Exhaust the Pan’s dialogue while acting respectfully and passively, after which you must proceed through the corrupted path just outside the room that’ll lead you to the Withering Weald overworld.
  2. Here, you’ll find the Flautist, a non-hostile NPC playing music towards the latter half of the area, who’ll tell you about the “God of Many Faces” and instruct you to kill it.
flautist withering weald overworld
Meeting the Flautist at Withering Weald (Image by eXputer)
  1. After the interaction, head through the glowing door beside the NPC and complete the following dungeons, including the Far Woods and the Widow’s Court, to reach the Great Bole.
The Great Bole remnant 2
The Great Bole Overworld (Image Credits: eXputer)
  1. The objective here is to kill the main boss of the area, The Corruptor, after which you must return to the Red Throne to inform the Empress about your success.
  2. Again, don’t choose the aggressive dialogue options during the interaction, and you’ll receive the Seal of the Empress, a ring that increases Max Health by 20. but also reduces your Max Stamina by 10.
Seal of the Empress remnant 2
The Seal of the Empress Ring (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
  1. Equip the ring from your inventory and head back out to the courtyard, then take a right to enter the library and stand on the seal on the ground to reveal a hidden passage beneath the tiles.
hidden area red throne remnant 2
Hidden passageway in the library (Screenshot by eXputer)
  1. Finally, drop down to the passage, and you’ll find Ford’s Scattergun on the wooden rack behind you.
Important: You can also get the Scattergun as a starting weapon by unlocking the Explorer Archetype. To unlock this class, you need to craft its Engram, the Golden Compass, with the Broken Compass obtained after killing Annihilation, the final boss of Remnant 2.

How To Beat The Corruptor

I personally think the most challenging part of getting Ford’s Scattergun in Remnant 2 is killing the Corruptor, the final storyline boss of the Yaesha location. The boss starts at roughly 60% HP and primarily uses its minions to attack while remaining vulnerable throughout the fight.

However, the sheer multitasking you need to manage the dozens of respawning enemies is something I found hugely frustrating and could force you to attempt several retries.

Corruptor yaesha remnant 2
The Corruptor Boss Fight (Image taken by eXputer)

In the first phase of the fight, you must take down a corrupted Stone Guardian, which can detach its arms for autonomous attacks.

Once the Guardian is defeated, the Corruptor hovers over the arena to revive it while surrounding Root Moths attack you until the revival is complete.

The primary threat, from my experience, in this battle is the Guardian, with a weak redhead opening. Prioritize targeting this area while also destroying the detached arms.

The Corruptor’s main vulnerability is its chest core, which is exposed during the boss’s beam attack or when it’s reviving the Guardian. You can only damage the Corruptor by hitting it directly, so I suggest conserving your ammo and attacking it after incapacitating the Guardian.

For dealing with the Root Moths, use a long-range weapon with ample ammunition, as they can be killed with a single shot.

To counter the boss’s attacks, here’s the strategy I would recommend:

  1. Detached Arms’ Sword Swing: Wait for the attack charge-up, then dodge in the opposite direction of the swing.
  2. Spinning Sword Flurry: After two swings, there’s a delay; roll to the opposite side during this window.
  3. Jumping AoE Slam: Dodge outward when the Guardian jumps.
  4. Beam Attack: When the platform turns red, jump onto one of the nearby platforms to avoid the attack.

Defeating the Corruptor yields rewards such as Scraps, Lumenite Crystals, and a Tome of Knowledge. If you toppled the Guardian during the fight, you’ll also receive the Twisted Lazurite for crafting the Stonebreaker melee weapon; otherwise, you’ll get the Hollow Heart for the Twisted Arbalest Long Gun.

Twisted Arbalest remnant 2
The Twisted Arbalest Long Gun (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Stats And Upgrades For Ford’s Scattergun 

As mentioned, the Remnant 2 Ford’s Scattergun is one of the three primary shotgun weapons in Remnant 2, making it ideal for close-range engagements and one-shot kills from my experience. It also comes with 1 Weapon Modification Slot and 1 Mutator Slot, further improving the weapon’s efficiency via attachments.

Ford Scattergun remnant 2
Ford’s Scattergun base stats (Image by eXputer)

You can drastically boost the Scattergun damage output by upgrading it to its max level, which you can do at Rigs’ Workshop at Ward 13. Also, unlike the Coach Gun or the AS-10 Bulldog, this gun acts as a pump-action weapon, which means a lower Fire Rate but far better accuracy. This can be seen by its base stats, which include:

  • Damage: 130
  • RPS: 1.1
  • Magazine: 7
  • Max Reserved Ammo: 28

For a more precise coverage of requirements and improvements, you can view the complete upgrade path for Ford’s Scattergun from the list below:

+1 Scrap: 200 | Iron: 4 Damage: 130 to 143
+2 Scrap: 220 | Iron: 6 Damage: 143 to 156
+3 Scrap: 240 | Iron: 8 Damage: 156 to 169
+4 Scrap: 260 | Iron: 10 Damage: 169 to 182
+5 Scrap: 280 | Iron: 12 Damage: 182 to 195
+6 Scrap: 300 | Forged Iron: 4 Damage: 195 to 208
+7 Scrap: 320 | Forged Iron: 6 Damage: 208 to 221
+8 Scrap: 340 | Forged Iron: 8 Damage: 221 to 234
+9 Scrap: 360 | Forged Iron: 10 Damage: 234 to 247
+10 Scrap: 380 | Forged Iron: 12 Damage: 247 to 260
+11 Scrap: 400 | Galvanized Iron: 4 Damage: 260 to 273
+12 Scrap: 420 | Galvanized Iron: 6 Damage: 273 to 286
+13 Scrap: 440 | Galvanized Iron: 8 Damage: 286 to 299
+14 Scrap: 460 | Galvanized Iron: 10 Damage: 299 to 312
+15 Scrap: 480 | Galvanized Iron: 12 Damage: 312 to 325
+16 Scrap: 500 | Hardened Iron: 4 Damage: 325 to 338
+17 Scrap: 520 | Hardened Iron: 6 Damage: 338 to 351
+18 Scrap: 540 | Hardened Iron: 8 Damage: 351 to 364
+19 Scrap: 560 | Hardened Iron: 10 Damage: 364 to 377
+20 Scrap: 580 | Simulacrum: 1 Damage: 377 to 390

Best Weapon Mod: Defrag Or Corrosive Rounds

For Weapon Mod selections, my pick for the Scattergun is the Defrag mod, which highlights and encourages a shotgun’s strong suits. Activating the mod imbues your rounds with Malware for 30 seconds, causing each shot to apply the Fragmented debuff for 5 seconds.

  1. Once the Fragmented enemy dies, they drop a floating red orb called a Glitch that lasts 15 seconds on the ground.
  2. This Glitch is the spotlight of this modification, as picking it up increases your damage by 20% for 15 seconds.
  3. However, destroying the Glitch causes it to destabilize, making a 5-meter AoE Virus Pool that deals DoT to enemies inside.
  4. This pool lasts 15 seconds, and the hostiles inside also get the Fragmented debuff.
  5. As seen, the Defrag mod causes a chain reaction that consistently increases your damage output actively or passively.
  6. And since the main benefit of the shotgun is its quick time-to-kill, you’ll often find yourself utilizing the offered help.
defrag mod
The Defrag Weapon Mod (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Alternatively, the Corrosive Rounds is another excellent option to increase damage and compensate for the Scattergun’s weak ammo capacity, in my opinion. As the name suggests, your ammunition gets imbued with Acid while increasing Ranged Critical Chance by 15% for 20 seconds.

  1. Furthermore, each shot applies the Corroded effect, dealing damage over time for 10 seconds.
  2. Aside from the damage overhauls, this weapon mod refills your magazine without reloading, removing that crucial vulnerability window.
  3. So, given these abilities, I suggest you ideally activate the Corrosive Rounds modification when the Scattergun has a few bullets left in the magazine to keep constant pressure and stagger on the enemies.
Corrosive Rounds mod
The Corrosive Rounds Weapon Mod (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Best Mutator: Harmonizer

Whether you choose the Corrosive Rounds or Defrag, I believe the Harmonizer is the best Mutator to go with either of them. This is purely an offense-based attachment, increasing your Mod Damage by 10% and up to 20% at Level 10.

Harmonizer remnant 2
The Harmonizer Mutator (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  1. Once it reaches Level 10, it generates an additional 25% Mod Power for your stowed weapon.
  2. Therefore, when the Mutator is active, your primary Long Gun and secondary weapon get an equal and considerably high buff.
  3. You can buy the Harmonizer Mutator for 75 Relic Dusts and 500 Scraps from Dwell, a merchant at Ward 13.

That wraps up my guide on the Ford’s Scattergun, covering its location, base stats, upgrade path, and some recommended add-ons. In addition to making your inventory deadlier, this weapon also plays a significant part in unlocking the Archon Archetype, one of the best Prime Archetypes in-game. But before continuing your playthrough, remember to check out this Subreddit Post to find some extra free upgrades for the Scattergun.

If you’re looking to pair your guns with a trustworthy melee weapon, consider reading about the location and stats of the Spectral Blade. To test yourself against other infected bosses like the Corruptor, here’s a guide on how to find and defeat Abomination in N’Erud. And don’t forget to learn about the best amulets to enhance your build in Remnant 2 even further.


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