Remnant 2: How To Solve Forgotten Field Puzzle

Solve the hidden dial puzzle to uncover the secrets of Forgotten Field in Yaesha, once a grand Pan city in Remnant 2.

Forgotten Field, found in Yaesha, used to be one of the Pan’s largest cities and fell prey to the Root invasion. Forgotten Field is in Yaesha that can be explored, featuring a dial puzzle hidden behind the wall near a temple resembling a ziggurat, where an elevator rests between two-star cases.

Key Takeaways
  • Forgotten Field in Yaesha, one of Pan’s largest cities, succumbed to Root invasion in Remnant 2.
  • Remnant 2 Forgotten field puzzle is a Hidden dial puzzle behind a wall near a ziggurat-like temple with an elevator between two staircases.
  • To reveal symbols, stand on the elevator button and roll back just before it goes up, causing symbols to display.
  • Memorize symbols and interact with the dial puzzle behind the fake wall.
  • Rotate the dial, selecting all four symbols from the outermost to the innermost dial.
  • If symbols don’t work, try the opposite order.

Finding The Puzzle Symbols

Puzzle Symbols Forgotten Field
Symbols to solve Puzzle in Forgotten Field – [Image by eXputer]
The symbol for Forgotten Field Puzzle is hidden underneath the elevator of the temple.

An explanation of how I revealed the symbols is given below:

  • Head to the elevator and stand on the button.
  • Just as the elevator is about to go up, you must roll back to the ground.
  • You will see the symbols go up one by one as the elevator goes up.

Solving The Remnant 2 Forgotten Field Puzzle

Forgotten Field Puzzle Solving Remnant 2
Solving Forgotten Field Puzzle – [Image by eXputer]
The symbol was definitely in a place that most people wouldn’t have thought of. However, rotating them on a dial is pretty easy.

  • Head back down and retake a look over the symbols and remember it.
  • Go inside the fake wall and interact with the dial puzzle. 
  • Now, all you need to do is simply rotate the dial and select all four symbols.
  • Place the first symbol on the outermost dial.
  • The last symbol would be on the innermost dial.

All you need to do is memorize the symbols and put them on the dials. If the symbols do not work for you, try to do it in the opposite order.

That’s it on how I solved the Dial Puzzle in Forgotten Field. Read the guide on Classes and know more about the Gunslinger, Medic, Handler, and Challenger. The Medic is initially considered to be one of the Best Starting Classes, but the decision is up to you! There are also other classes, like Alchemist and Invader, which require a bit of grinding to acquire.


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Thanks for this Mina.. i\'d never solve this puzzle if i didnt read this -Don <3

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