Remnant 2: Best Medic Build [Perks, Skills, & Weapons]

Uncover the best skills, perks, and equipment for a powerful Medic Build in Remnant 2!

The Medic is one of the best support Archetypes in Remnant 2, but knowing how to create the best build for a Medic can be quite tricky. Due to their lack of damage output, there can be certain cases where it’s hard to survive as a Medic without the proper equipment. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Medic archetype in Remnant 2 excels in supportive roles, with the Wellspring skill being the most impactful due to its healing AOE.
  • Gunslinger, as a secondary class, enhances the Medic’s offensive capacity, providing much-needed firepower.
  • The right combination of a secondary archetype and equipment allows the Medic to function not only as a support but also as a well-rounded class that can operate efficiently even solo.

Best Medic Build In Remnant 2 Summary

The Best Medic Class For Solo Play In Remnant 2.

Here is an overview of the best healer build in Remnant 2 containing the following important elements:  

Medic SkillsWellspring, Healing Shield, Redemption
Medic PerksRegenerator (Prime), Invigorated, Benevolence, Backbone, Benefactor
Gunslinger Skills (Secondary Archetype)Quick Draw, Sidewinder, Bullet Storm
Gunslinger Perks (Secondary Archetype)Quick Hands, Sleight of Hand, Swift Shot, Loaded, Posse Up
Gunslinger Trait (Secondary Archetype)Ammo Reserves
EquipmentLong Gun: Merciless, Handgun: Hellfire, Melee Weapon: Spectral Blade
Best ForThe Best Medic Class For Solo Play In Remnant 2
  • Excels in supportive roles.
  • Great healing capabilities.
  • Can also operate solo.
  • Lacks the damage output for a good solo experience. 
  • Why I Chose This: The following medic build can provide a great amount of healing, and it can also be played solo, meaning it is a well-rounded class.

Medic Best Skills

remnant 2 medic build best
Overview of the best medic build

In Remnant 2, the Medic archetype excels in support, prioritizing survival and team well-being over combat damage.

Here are the skills I recommend:

  1. Wellspring (Unlocked from the start):
    1. Create a 3-meter Healing Spring AOE, restoring 10.5 Health per second and accelerating Blight status decay for 15 seconds.
  2. Healing Shield (Unlocked at level 5):
    1. Quickly generate a protective shield for allies within 25 meters, equal to 100% of their max health, lasting 10 seconds.
    2. Provides a 30% max health regeneration effect.
  3. Redemption (Unlocked at level 10):
    1. Unleash a 30-meter shockwave.
    2. Revives allies, restoring up to 75% max health over 10 seconds. Healing increases up to 300% with a longer button press.
    3. Revived allies get 25% of the healing with a 150-second cooldown.

Medic Best Perks

Remnant 2 medic best build perks

In Remnant 2, the Medic archetype is the go-to choice for those who appreciate a supportive role. 

Prime Perk

The unique ability of the Medic termed the Regenerator, focuses on health restoration.

  • Every time you and your teammates regain a total of 250 health points, you earn back a spent Relic charge. 
  • The healing requirement increases by 50% with each added member to your team. 

General Perks

remnant 2 best medic build
Medic Using his healing skills

The Medic archetype possesses several perks that get upgraded automatically as you level up in the game, regardless of whether you have assigned it as your main or dual archetype.

  1. Damage Perk: Invigorated
    • Starting off, the Invigorated perk boosts your damage by 10%. 
  2. Team Perk: Benevolence
    • The Benevolence perk, in its default state, enhances the efficacy of your Relics by 15%, healing allies within proximity for 30% of the total value. 
  3. Utility Perk: Backbone
    • The Backbone perk increases the number of hits you can sustain before your Grey Health gets depleted. 
  4. Relic Perk: Benefactor
    • Finally, the Benefactor perk speeds up your Relic usage by 20%. 

The best Perk you can rely on for the Medic Build is the Invigorated perk, as it allows you to deal the most damage. 

Best Second Archetype

Showcase of the Medic
Gunslinger Archetype StatsValues
SkillsQuick Draw, Sidewinder, Bullet Storm
PerksQuick Hands, Sleight of Hand, Swift Shot, Loaded, Posse Up
TraitsAmmo Reserves

As per my experience, pairing the Medic, a support class, with the Gunslinger archetype as a secondary class offers intriguing dynamics. The Gunslinger enhances the Medic’s offensive capabilities with improved mobility and critical damage. 

Gunslinger perks, including Quick Hands, Swift Shot, Loaded, Posse Up, and Sleight of Hand, enhance firearm efficiency and ammo management. The exclusive trait, Ammo Reserves, bolsters ammo capacity, which is vital for extended engagements often faced by medics.

Medic Best Equipment

When playing as the Medic, you want to ideally choose the best weapons that can deal quite a lot of damage as the Medic doesn’t inherently have skills to help out in that department. 

Long Gun: Merciless

Long Gun for the Best Medic Build
Weapon StatValue
Rounds Per Second (RPS)8.6
Magazine Size50
Ideal Range (meters)20
Falloff Range (meters)45
Max Ammo250
Critical Hit Chance (%)10
Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%
Stagger Modifier0%
Weapon ModBloodline

Pairing the Medic class with the Merciless weapon in Remnant 2 creates a balanced offensive and defensive gameplay experience. The Medic class excels at healing and support but may lack firepower. 

The Merciless is ideal for medium-range combat, with a 20-meter and 45-meter fall-off range, aligning with the Medic’s supportive role. Notably, the Merciless’s Bloodline weapon mod delivers a devastating blast that pierces the enemies.

Handgun: Hellfire

Remnant 2 best medic build gun
Medic with Handgun
Weapon StatValue
Rounds Per Second (RPS)6
Magazine Size60
Ideal Range8m
Falloff Range8m
Maximum Ammo180
Critical Hit ChanceN/A
Weak Spot Damage BonusN/A
Stagger Modifier-15%
Weapon ModExplosive Shot

According to my experience, The “Hellfire” handgun is a weapon that perfectly complements the medic’s support-oriented style.

  • The Hellfire, although small in size, packs a significant punch with its base damage of 13.
  • With a generous magazine size of 60, the Hellfire ensures Medics don’t frequently find themselves out of ammunition at critical moments.
  • Designed for close combat, the Hellfire has an optimal range of 8 meters
  • This proximity allows for prompt healing interventions, maintaining the team’s vitality and momentum.
  • Though it does not have a critical hit chance or weak spot damage bonus, the Hellfire excels with its weapon mod, the Explosive Shot

Melee: Spectral Blade

Medic in combat
Weapon StatValue
Critical Hit Chance8%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+105%
Stagger Modifier-25%
Weapon ModWhirlwind

For the melee, I would recommend The Spectral Blade, as it certainly warrants attention for its unique blend of properties. Particularly, this melee weapon shows great potential for the Medic class, known for its healing-centric abilities. The Medic class tends to operate near its team, aiding and providing relief. 

  • The Spectral Blade, with its high damage value of 53, can assist the Medic in keeping the enemies at bay, thus maintaining a safe space for allies’ recovery. 
  • The weapon also features a powerful Weapon Mod – ‘Whirlwind,’ which can create a whirlwind of slashes, dealing 75 damage to all enemies within an 8-meter radius. 

With that, I wrap up my guide on Remnant 2’s best medic build! The medic is quite focused on healing himself and their teammates. But with the right equipment and the second Archetype, you can make the Medic quite a well-rounder build that can function as a great solo class.

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