Remnant 2 Player Discovers Trick To Respec Infinite Times

Quite the evasion of the respec point cost.

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  • Remnant 2 is one of the biggest releases of 2023, considering the game’s overall quality and the acclaim it has gone on to enjoy from fans and critics alike. The title is the much-anticipated sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes, which made landfall in 2019. 
  • The community has shown passion for the game in terms of sheer exploration, with players digging hidden points of interest and even secret Archetypes. 
  • A new exploit discovered by a Remnant 2 player makes it possible to reset the used-up skill points without having to pay the hefty fee that comes in the wake of it. 
  • The trick is employed by repeatedly pressing the dodge button as soon as the character starts using the Orb of Undoing, which is the only item buyable that can let you undo your skill points and create a different build. 
  • Otherwise, the Orb of Undoing is an expensive in-game item that you can’t really purchase until you’re halfway through the game or even beyond. 

Remnant 2 is measuring up to be nothing short of a blast so far, as it’s come across as a massive improvement over its predecessor. Being a Souls-like, the third-person shooter by Gunfire Games does have a habit of putting players through their paces, whether through difficult foes or the hefty cost of purchasing super helpful items upfront.

Lucky for one player, there’s now an exploit that can allow you to respec your character as many times as you want without having to go through the usual, cost-intensive process. For those not in the know, “respeccing” in RPGs refers to the re-allocation of skill points, so in case you’ve been building up your character’s strengths in a certain way, and now you’d like to take a different route, that’d be made possible. 

Redditor u/NonHeroJC recently made a post in the Remnant 2 community subreddit, showcasing what they’ve stumbled upon as of late. Before we get into the thick of it, here’s the gist of the premise. To redistribute your character’s skill points, you need a certain in-game item called Orb of Undoing. This material is obtained through crafting at Ward 13 through Wallace—an NPC.

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The items you need to generate the Orb are 3 Lumenite Crystals and 2,500 Scrap, which is quite a lot. Therefore, a fair bit of work goes into creating a single Orb of Undoing to reset your character’s skill point allocation, and it’s probably not going to be until mid-game when you’re finally able to afford one. The Redditor in question, though, has found a way to make the best of the Orb without having to get more.

The trick here isn’t complex, although exceptionally fortuitous. As soon as you hit that “Use” button, pound away on that dodge button. Somehow, doing that cancels out the animation that removes the Orb of Undoing from your inventory, but does go on to apply its effects. You now have at your disposal a character fresh full of skill points to distribute, and the same Orb of Undoing that’s sitting in your inventory. 

All you have to do is use the orb and spam dodge immediately after. On controller, I just spam the A Button. The Orb’s effects go through, but the animation that removes it from your inventory is cancelled,” says the hero who’s saved many from a whole ton of trouble. That said, it is likely that Gunfire Games will take notice of this exploit and make efforts to rid it from the game down the road. 

That’s because some members of the developing team seem to be pretty active in the r/remnantgame subreddit, such as u/verytragic, who, at one point, clarified to the community about the scale of acquirable weapons in Remnant 2 prior to the game’s release. Anyhow, enjoy the hack while you can, until it gets the boot. 

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