Remnant 2 Gets Its First Major Patch On PC, Nerfs Nightfall

Bug fixes, quality-of-life adjustments, and performance improvements.

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  • The first major update for Remnant 2 is live on PC. In addition to nerfing the Nightfall Long Gun, several bug fixes & QOL features have been implemented.
  • Some issues with the Enigma will be addressed in a later update. Devs have mentioned a reevaluation of numbers in the future.

Gunfire Games has released the first major patch for Remnant 2 on PC, nerfing the Nightfall’s fire rate in the process. The patch notes elaborate on this, stating that the Long Gun was dealing far more damage than other weapons in both Standard & Dreadwalker modes. This increase was almost 20% more with the mod active compared to other guns with active perks. The nerf serves to bring Nightfall in line with other weapons to ensure balanced play.

Adjustments have been made to various other weapons in Remnant 2 as well. Aphelion will now scale to Boss/Special damage instead of Standard. Fire damage for Shatterstar and the total reserve capacity of Enigma has been increased. Furthermore, the latter’s AOE burst damage, subsequent tether damage and magazine capacity have been reduced.

Patch notes for the first major update of Remnant 2 on PC
Patch notes for the first major update of Remnant 2 on PC

The reason for this change is the weapon’s performance being above the devs’ goal. Moreover, they explained that the ongoing issue with the Enigma ignoring armor will be addressed in the future. A reevaluation will also take place when that time comes. In line with these weapon balances in Remnant 2, Nightweaver’s grab attacks will now deal reduced damage as well. 

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Several quality-of-life changes have been implemented with the release of this patch. The Trait cap has been increased by five. Furthermore, the Tome of Knowledge now grants Scrap and EXP when the player has reached the cap for Trait points. Additionally, the Trait Requirement for equipping a second Archetype has been removed. Players can now slot a second one as soon as they obtain an Engram at Wally.

Archetypes have also been adjusted with the latest update for Remnant 2. The duration of Explorer’s buffs has been increased. In addition, the healing amount of Gold Digger Healing Fountain was raised from 1.5 to 2.0 HP per second. The base max health of Summoner’s Hollow and Flyer variants was also improved along with Handler, Challenger, and Archon receiving various buffs.

Bug Fixes Implemented In Remnant 2

Alongside the aforementioned adjustments, a wide array of bugs have also been addressed. Issues involving the Hunter’s Focus’ lack of proper buffs, the Invader Perk S.H.A.R.K. not applying its damage bonuses, and Gunslinger’s Bulletstorm audio were resolved. A bug allowing Male Engineers to ignore the falling transition during an Overclock was patched as well.

Remnant 2 First Major Update - Bug Fixes
Remnant 2 First Major Update – Bug Fixes

Moreover, problems such as Primogenitor’s inaccurate health bar tracking, Root Knight’s puddle projectile dealing damage on hit, and Nightweaver’s projectiles incorrectly homing in on the player were ironed out. Sound effect errors with the Block Ruin were patched as well in addition to the issue where killing the Many Faces when it’s jumping between platforms would cause it to fall off the world in The Great Bole. 

Gear & item-related bugs were rectified with the latest patch for Remnant 2 as well. VFX alignment for Nebula and Hellfire’s primary fire was improved. An issue preventing the Plasma Cutter from inflicting its intended damage on certain enemies will no longer impact gameplay. In addition to that, boss and special melee weapons will now scale properly across the board.

Some progress blockers were resolved in the early access hotfix for Remnant 2. Given the scale of the game, however, it’s not quite possible to address every single error in one swoop. The latest update makes an attempt to alleviate this side of the problem as well. One of these blockers involves the Plasma Cutter as it could prevent the Final Boss from transitioning into its second phase.

Gunfire Games has improved upon the formula it introduced in the first Remnant. Considering the nature of this title, more bugs are bound to surface as time goes on. But it appears that the developers will continue to support this sequel and offer players the best experience possible.

Remnant 2 is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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