Remnant 2 Armor Tier List [All Sets Ranked]

Having played over 37 hours, here is my take on the ranking of all Remnant 2 Armor in this Tier List!

Remnant 2 continues the first game’s formula and takes things up a notch. There are more classes now, more guns, armor sets and many bosses to kill. You need all the protection to survive the onslaught and, therefore, wear some of the best armor sets and best weapons. Just as I created the Weapons tier list of Remnant 2, I have curated this armor tier list guide so you know which armor gives you top-notch protection and which one is poor!

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2 features 24 armor sets and a few unique individual armor pieces.
  • S-Tier: Top-notch defense, very high protection, but bulky armor sets.
  • A-Tier: Strong defense without compromising style or being too overweight.
  • B-Tier: Practical and balanced defense armor sets suited for various situations.
  • C-Tier: Underwhelming protection and very low survival chances from these armor sets.
Important: Here are a few useful reads if you are diving into Remnant 2 for the first time or returning to the game after DLC:

All Remnant 2 Armors Ranked

Here is the complete list of all armor sets I ranked based on Armor, Weight, Bleeding Resistance, Fire Resistance, Shock Resistance, Blight Resistance, and Corrosive Resistance stats in the game.

Serial NoArmorTier ArmorWeightBleeding Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.
1Leto Mark IS-Tier180.8951328131513
2Leto Mark IIS-Tier176.8901010101010
3Fae RoyalS-Tier120.452.899070
14High NoonB-Tier93.939.2010906
16Red WindowB-Tier105.444.81200112
20Field MedicC-Tier85.435.2150082
22Space WorkerC-Tier5622.4431007


Remnant 2 S-Tier Armor Sets [Image by Me]
The S-tier armor sets in Remnant 2 are the best ones you can get. They offer the highest defense and resistance, making them super strong in the field. Not only are they great for protection, but they also look amazing. If you want the best of both worlds – top-notch performance and a cool appearance – go for an S-tier set. 


Remnant 2 A-Tier Armor Sets [Image by Me]
A-tier armor sets in Remnant 2 are also really good but not as amazing as the above tier. They provide excellent defense and resistance, making them a solid choice for players who want reliable protection.

While they’re not the absolute best, they still stand out and look cool. A-tier sets are like the dependable sidekicks – not as flashy as the superheroes, but still really strong. An A-tier set is a smart choice if you want a good mix of performance and style.


Remnant 2 B-Tier Armor Sets [Image by Me]
B-tier armor sets in Remnant 2 are decent and balanced in weight-to-protection ratio. They offer good defense and resistance, making them a practical choice for different situations. While they’re not the most exciting to look at or offer the highest protection, they do the job. A B-tier set is a solid option if you want something that works well in various situations without being too bulky.


Remnant 2 C-Tier Armor Sets [Image by Me]
C-tier armor sets in Remnant 2 are the basic ones. They provide okay defense and resistance, suitable for players who want a simple and affordable option or are exploring early areas of the game. While they’re not the strongest, they serve a purpose. C-tier sets are like the starting point – they give you basic protection and are good if you’re just beginning your adventure or have a specific look in mind.

Remnant 2 Tier List Criteria

This tier list is curated after considering the following stats for all the armor sets in the game:

  • Armor
  • Weight
  • Bleeding Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Shock Resistance
  • Blight Resistance
  • Corrosive Resistance

That is all that I had to discuss about the Remnant 2 Armor Tier List and how each of these sets performs in the game. If you think this tier list was helpful to you, then I recommend you also check The Finals: Gadgets Tier ListPixel Piece Fruit Tier ListMW3 Weapons Tier List, and Fortnite Chapter 5 Tier List.


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