Remnant 2: Best Consumbles [Top 12 Expert Picks]

Here are my picks for best possible consumable items to help you end monsters quickly and easily.

Consumables are one of the most essential items in Remnant 2. They are used to provide a temporary effect or a buff to your character. They are used during your combats or if you are stuck in a very dangerous challenge, and you cannot get out of it on your own. That is what consumables are for to help you in these situations. Consumables are usually found in chests, Dropped by enemies, or bought from merchants.

Key Takeaways
  • Consumable items In Remnant 2 provide buffs and effects for a temporary period of time to the player to make everything easier.
  • You can buy the consumables from Ward 13. Search various chests and loot of dead enemies or bosses.
  • All the consumables are useful for every play style.             
  • There are only 10 Consumables you need in your inventory before getting ready to fight a major boss.

Best Remnant 2 Consumable Items 

There are various different types of consumable items in the world of Remnant 2, but you can only keep a few of them in your inventory. So, in order to choose wisely, one must know the very best of the best items so that you don’t have to waste space. 

These are a few of the best Consumable items used in Remnant 2:

Consumable ItemEffectCostWhere to FindUseful For
MudTooth's TonicIncrease health, stamina, and damage by 10% for 60 seconds500 ScrapsPurchase from Mudtooth in Ward 13Improving combat capabilities
Liquid EscapeReturn to last checkpoint500 ScrapsStart with it in inventoryGetting unstuck in the game
Gul SerumReduce stamina consumption by 50% for 60 seconds200 ScrapsBuy from Reggie or Bedel Of Vaunt in Ward 13Tough fights or boss battles
Root WaterRestore health by 0.75 per second for 60 minutes250 ScrapsPurchase from MudTooth, find in chests, or drop from enemiesProlonged fights and health recovery
BandageStop bleeding and restore all grey health100 ScrapsBuy from Norah in Ward 13Treating bleeding status
Ammo BoxRefill all ammo250 ScrapsPurchase from Reggie, find in chests, or drop from enemiesReplenishing ammunition during fights
Sanguine VaporsIncrease lifesteal for ranged/melee combat by 3.5% for 60 minutes500 ScrapsPurchase from Mudtooth or craft at Bloodmoon AltarSurviving close-range combat
Ethereal OrbRemove OVERLOADED status and increase shock resistance by 15% for 10 minutes100 ScrapsPurchase from Dr Norah, find in chests, or drop from enemiesDealing with shock attacks
Ambit EmberIncrease evade window and evade speed by 15%, and movement speed by 10% for 60 seconds250 ScrapsPurchase from MudTooth, find in chests, or drop from enemiesImproving mobility and survivability
AntidoteCure any type of poisoning effect100 ScrapsPurchase from Dr Norah, find in chests, or drop from enemiesTreating poisoning status

1. Mudtooth’s Tonic

Best Consumable to Increase Stamina
MudTooth Tonic in R2
MudTooth’s Tonic– Image by eXputer
  • Why I chose it: Gives extra boost to health, and stamina.

Mudtooth’s Tonic, one of the initial consumables, boasts a pungent aroma due to its blend of various components. When utilized, it provides a temporary 10% boost to your health, stamina, and damage dealt to foes for a duration of 60 seconds, costing 500 Scraps. You can acquire it from Mudtooth, located in Ward 13.

This consumable offers versatility, enhancing your performance in various scenarios, especially during combat. Its potent effects help extend your survival and tackle challenging encounters.

Additional Tips

  • Deploy it during tough battles or when facing imminent defeat.
  • Quickly restore your health when it’s critically low.
  • Amplify your damage output when confronting formidable bosses.
  • Utilize it as a last resort in perilous situations with limited alternative options.

2. Liquid Escape

Best Consumable to Get back on Track
Liquid Escape Remnant 2 Best Item
Liquid Escape in Remnant 2– Image Credit Copyright: eXputer
  • Why I chose it: Takes me to the last checkpoint if I get lost on the way.

The Liquid Escape is used a lot as a consumable item. It is used whenever you are stuck somewhere on the map, and you can not move by yourself even after trying everything. That is the point where you can use the Liquid Escape Consumable.

  • Effect: When you consume it, your character will return to the last checkpoint, which was activated by you.
  • Cost: It will cost you five hundred (500) Scraps.
  • Where To Find: You will have the consumable from the start in your inventory.
  • Useful for: It is useful for players who get stuck at any point and cannot get out.

Liquid Escape can be used in multiple situations. If you are stuck at any point on the map where you tried everything, like restarting the game, but nothing happens. That’s when you will Liquid Escape. You will die after consuming it but will be spawned at your last activated checkpoint. The best thing is that it is reusable infinite times.

3. Gul Serum

Best Consumable to Prolong Stamina
Gel Serum Remnant 2 best items
Gel Serum– Image Captured by eXputer
  • Why I chose it: Depletes the Stamina Bar more slowly.

The Gul Serum can be pretty nifty if you manage to find it. It is a thick and oily salve. It has a pungent smell of very old medicine.

  • Effect: Its main effect is that it reduces your stamina consumption by 50% for 60 seconds.
  • Cost: It will cost you 200 scraps.
  • Where To Find: It can be bought from Reggie and Bedel Of Vaunt. Both the merchants will be available at Ward 13 and will sell to you at the same cost.
  • Useful For: When you are in a tough fight or you are fighting a boss, that time is the time it will be the most useful for you.

The Gul Serum is a very unique and outstanding consumable for you. Its main effect is that it will decrease your stamina consumption by 60%. It will be the most effective in your fights, where your stamina will be consumed the most, but due to the consumable item, your 50% consumption rate of stamina will be decreased.

Additional Tips

  • It can be used before starting a tough fight.
  • It will give you a good heads-up in difficult battles.
  • You can also use it when you are really low on health or have suffered serious damage. It will buy you some time to recover your health.
  • Some players like to play at higher difficulty, so it is a very useful thing for players like them.

4. Root Water

Best Consumable for Health Regeneration
Root water Remnant 2 Best Items
Root Water– Screenshot Grab: eXputer
  • Why I chose it: Passively restores Health when low on HP.

The Root Water looks like a semi-transparent fleshy-looking sack with a soft glowing liquid inside it. Root water is a healing consumable that is also known as a good consumable item.

  • Effect: The main effect is that it restores the character’s health by 0.75 per second for almost 60 minutes.
  • Cost: It will cost you only 250 scraps to buy.
  • Where to Find: The Root Water can be bought from MudTooth or can be found in various chests, or any enemy could drop it after you kill them.
  • Useful For: It is the most useful if your fight goes on for a long time and you have started to take damage, as you can use it to recover your health instantly after using it.

The consumable is also counted as the best consumable item. Its main use is whenever you are in between a serious, difficult, and long encounter or fight. It will help the player to keep his health topped up. Using the consumable, you can restore your health even after the most serious injuries. The health generator can be very useful in various situations.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure you use it before a fight that you know will be tough. It will help you get a good start, and you won’t worry about healing again and again.
  • For example, if you are in a difficult fight and have lost a good amount of health, You can use root water to give yourself time to cover up and recover your health.
  • If you like playing in extremely difficult mode, it could become a lifesaver for you in your fights.

5. Bandage

Best Consumable to Heal Wounds
Bandage is Remnant best item
Bandage– [Image credit: eXputer]
  • Why I chose it: Stops the Bleeding and restores the grey health bar.

The consumable item is a must-have item for all players. It is used in the most critical times. The bandage is an old white colored strip. It is a lifesaver if you are critically injured.

  • Effect: It stops your bleeding and restores all your grey health.
  • Cost:  100 scraps is the price of the consumable. 
  • Where to find it: You can easily buy it from Norah from Ward 13.
  • Useful For: It is most useful when you are badly injured, So to restore some of your health, it is the consumable you need.

Bandages are the consumables that are used the most. It is mostly used at the most critical time. Whenever you are bleeding status, your health will start losing from time to time. The Bandage consumable is used to remove that status because the bleeding status could make a big difference while you are in a fight.

Additional tips

  • Use it after you get the bleeding status to stop the bleeding because it will affect your health over time.
  • Use it before you fight the enemies who bleed attack so that you can stay safe from the bleeding effect in the first place.

6. Ammo Box

Best Consumable to Increase Ammunition
Ammo Box in R2
Ammo Box– Image Captured by eXputer
  • Why I chose it: With the help of it, I can store more ammunition.

An ammo box is a straightforward, durable metal container designed to store your ammunition, and it proves highly valuable throughout the campaign.

  • Function: You can fully replenish your ammunition by utilizing the ammo box.
  • Cost: Acquiring an Ammo Box is a modest investment, requiring only 250 scraps.

This consumable finds its primary utility among players who frequently run low on ammunition. It becomes a lifesaver in combat situations, particularly for those who heavily rely on their firearms and face ammo shortages. 

Additional Tips

  • Deploy the Ammo Box whenever your ammunition runs low during a fight to access your reserved ammo.
  • It’s particularly advantageous for weapons with high consumption rates.
  • Consider using it during boss fights, as these encounters tend to be challenging, and having access to reserved ammunition can be a game-changer when facing these formidable foes

7. Sanguine Vapors

Best Consumable for Increasing Life-Steal
Sanguine Vapor in R2
Sanguine Vapor– Image Captured by us
  • Why I chose it: Gives instant boost to Life-Steal for melee and ranged combats.

The Sanguine Vapor contains a thick, red liquid that emits steam when chilled, making it one of the best consumable items. It boosts Life-Steal for range and melee combat by 3.5% for 60 minutes and is cost-effective at just 500 Scraps. You can purchase it from Mudtooth or craft it at the Bloodmoon Altar in Yaesha using Bloodmoon Essence. This consumable shines when using high-ammo consumption weapons in close-quarter combat.

  • Effect: Sanguine Vapors will increase your Life-Steal for ranged or melee combat by 3.5% for 60 minutes.
  • Cost: Sanguine Vapors will only cost you 500 Scraps, which is cheap.
  • Where To Find: You can easily purchase The Sanguine Vapors from Mudtooth. Yaesha can also craft it for you at Bloodmoon Altar, for which Bloodmoon Essence is required.
  • Useful For: It is most useful when you have a high-rate consumption ammo gun, and you are in close-quarter combat.

Additional Tips

  1. Use it before challenging tough bosses or facing multiple enemies.
  2. Employ it when taking damage in the midst of combat to heal and gain an advantage.
  3. Especially effective in close-range engagements. 

8. Ethereal Orb

Best Consumable to Increase Shock Resistance
Ethereal orb in r2
Ethereal Orb– Image Captured by eXputer
  • Why I Chose it: It removes the Overloaded status from you and increases the shock resistance by fifteen percent for ten minutes.

Another great consumable item that could be found in the Ethereal Orb. It is a great and powerful consumable item. It is a small glowing orb.

  • Cost: The consumable will cost you one hundred(100) scraps.
  • Where To Find: The Ethereal Orb can be easily purchased from Dr Norah. Otherwise, you could search inside various chests or check the loot enemies drop after they die.
  • Useful For: The Ethereal Orb is best for players who are affected by the OVERLOADED status.

Ethereal Orb can be extremely useful to you in certain aspects of your playthrough. Its purpose is to remove the OVERLOADED effect status from the players and increase the shock resistance by 15% for 10 minutes.

During a fight, getting the OVERLOADED status effect will cause you to take the increased damage from shock attacks that the enemy gives you. The easiest and quickest way to remove the effect is to use the ethereal orb, which will instantly remove it and give you 15% resistance for 10 minutes.

Additional Tips

  • Use it whenever you are affected by the OVERLOADED status. The ethereal orb will remove it instantly and give you 15% resistance from shock damage for 10 minutes.
  • Use it before encountering enemies who have shock attack weapons.

9. Ambit Ember

Best Consumable to Increase Evade and Movement Speed
Ambit Ember In R2
Ambit Ember – Screenshot Captured by eXputer
  • Why I chose it: After using the consumable, your Evade window and Evade speed will increase by 15%, and your movement speed will increase by 10% for 60 seconds.

Ambit Ember is a bit strange, Useful, and looks like a glowing Ember. Most players don’t know how to utilize the capabilities of Ambit Ember properly. It can be used to improve your chances of survivability and mobility.

  • Cost: To Buy the Ambit Ember, you will need 250 Scraps.
  • Where To Find: It can also be purchased easily from MudTooth. Or else you could search various chests or check the loot the enemies drop after they die.
  • Useful For: The Consumable is the best and most useful for players who are trying to improve their mobility and survivability.

Increasing your evade window and speed by almost 15% means you can perform dodge attacks much quicker and easily. Also, your movement speed will increase by 10%, which will help you reposition yourself or move out of dangerous situations quickly. Every player has their own playing style, but it is best for those with a hit-and-run playstyle.

Additional Tips

  • If your playing style is the hit-and-run playstyle, then the Amit Ember is the best consumable for you.
  • It will keep you out of danger and help you deal damage from a range.
  • Use it before a tough fight or before you fight a boss, as it will help you give a heads-up in your fights.
  • You can use it to avoid fights and dodge attacks to survive longer.

10. Antidote

Best Consumable to Cure Poison Effect
Antidote in R2
Antidote – Screenshot Grab: eXputer
  • Why I chose it: It promptly cures any form of poisoning.

The Antidote, a small syringe filled with clear liquid, is indispensable for all players.

  • Cost: It’s available for a mere 100 Scraps.
  • Where To Find: Procure it from Dr. Norah or discover it in chests and enemy loots.
  • Useful For: Especially valuable for players afflicted with poisoning.

The Antidote serves as a vital lifeline in many situations. Whenever you find yourself poisoned, utilize this item to heal swiftly. Poisoning can be detrimental as it gradually depletes your health, making it perilous during battles. It’s an excellent choice for those facing foes with poisoned attacks.

Additional Tips:

  • If you fall victim to poison and suffer from its effects, use the Antidote promptly to restore your health.
  • If you anticipate battling enemies with poisoned attacks, preemptively use the Antidote to avoid falling victim to poisoning.

Similar Consumables

There are some other alternative consumables that you can also consider using in Remnant 2:

  • Xenoplasm: It reduces skill cooldown which allows the user to use the skill more often and deal more damage.
  • Celestial Thaen Fruit: This consumable allows the hero to be revived after he dies with 50% HP and immunity to status effects for 30 seconds.
  • Rocket Fuel: This consumable gives users a 10% more fire rate allowing them to deal more damage but relying on it is a bad idea.

My Take On Best Consumable

Remnant 2 features many consumables but not all hold great significance as some are just a load to your inventory. After progressing significantly, I find the mentioned consumables most useful, so make sure to keep them with you and use them during your combats or when you find yourself stuck in difficult situations. 

For a comprehensive guide on the Best Archetype Classes and insights on Remnant 2, don’t hesitate to check out the latest content on site!


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