Remnant 2: How To Find & Use Ornate Key

Explore Yaesha in Remnant 2 to find the Ornate Key, open the mysterious box, and decide between powerful rewards or a life-saving ability.

While exploring Remnant 2, you may come across the Ornate Key, an item that seems mysterious at first. The item description provides no hints, but upon discovering a note alongside it, you’ll instinctively understand its purpose as a key to open a lockbox in the Court.

Key Takeaways
  • The Ornate Key in Remnant 2 can be found in The Widow’s Court within the Yaesha region, near a deceased soldier’s body, accompanied by a note.
  • To locate the Ornate Lockbox, head to the ruined buildings near The Widow’s Court and find a downward stairway leading to a corridor.
  • Look for a fake wall at the end of the corridor, leading to an elevator that takes you up to the Ornate Box on a table.
  • Use the Ornate Key to open the box and obtain the Thaen Seed.

Where To Find Ornate Key In Remnant 2?

Ornate Key location
Ornate Key on a Corpse – [Image by eXputer]
In the region known as The Widow’s Court within Yaesha, you’ll come across a deceased soldier’s body located towards the far end of the area. Here, you’ll discover the Ornate Key, accompanied by a note advising the bearer to search for the box within the court but to refrain from opening it. Despite this warning, we will explore both aspects.

Your next task is to locate the Ornate Lockbox within the same area.

Ornate Box Location

location Lockbox Ornate
Ornate Lockbox – [Image by eXputer]
Due to the procedural generation of the world, keep in mind that your Widow’s Court location may vary from the one we encountered.

  1. To start, head to the ruined buildings near The Widow’s Court.
  2. Inside this building, you’ll find a downward stairway that leads to the bottom of a chasm in the area, allowing you to pass over a waterfall and enter a lengthy corridor.
Stairs ornate lockbox
Downward Stairs – [Image by eXputer]
  1. At the end of the corridor, there is a chest containing quick loot, but there’s more to discover.
  2. Look for a fake wall on the left side at the very end of the corridor; this wall conceals an elevator.
  3. Take the elevator up, and you’ll come across an Ornate Box placed on a table.
  4. Inspect the box in your inventory, and utilize the Ornate Key to open it.
  5. Inside the box, you’ll discover the Thaen Seed, which can be used at two locations to claim different rewards.

What To Do With Thaen Seed?

You have two options for using the Thaen Seed: Give it to the Pan Empress in the Red Throne at Yaesha or plant it in the community garden at Ward 13.

  • If you choose to plant it at Ward 13:
    • Interact with the soil and select the Thaen Seed to plant it.
    • The seed will grow into a tree over time, and once mature, you’ll obtain the Mature Thaen Fruit.
    • The Mature Thaen Fruit allows you to revive if you receive a fatal blow during gameplay.
  • If you give the Thaen Seed to the Pan Empress:
    • She will reward you with the Burden of the Rebel Ring.
    • The Burden of the Rebel Ring grants powerful bonuses, which are a 15% reduction in skill cooldowns and a 25% increase in Relic use speed.

That’s it on the guide on How to Use the Ornate Key. To build the best character, you will need the Best Traits as there are more than 30 traits to invest in. Along with the traits, choosing the Best Class is one of the crucial points to building the best character as Remnant 2 has a number of different Classes and Archetypes.


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