[SOLVED] Remnant 2 Unable To Join Friends

For Remnant 2's "Unable to Join Friends," Try Re-Adding Friends, Ensuring the Same Game Version, Using Epic Overlay for Crossplay, and Restarting.

Dealing with a game feature that doesn’t function as expected is always frustrating for both developers and players. Despite providing entertainment since its launch, Remnant 2 has encountered persistent issues with its co-op feature. There are multiple reasons why you can’t co-op with your friends, such as Friend List problems, outdated game versions, or mod packs. I found numerous solutions that solved the problem for me and other players.

When trying to join friends, players will either not see their friend’s name in their friend list or face the “Connection Lost” error message.

remnant 2 unable to join friends
Connection Lost While Joining Friends – [Image captured by eXputer]
Key Highlights

Here are the fixes I found to counter the “Unable To Join Friends” Issue:

  • Remove and add your friends back on Steam.
  • Verify that both players have the same game version and make sure both have unlocked multiplayer by completing the prologue.
  • Avoid running the game in admin mode, as it can affect the save file locations.
  • When cross-playing, use the Epic overlay instead of the Steam overlay.
  • Remove all mods and additional packs.
  • Meet up in a public game, then switch to “friends only” once in the lobby.

Tip: Before trying the more in-depth fixes, you should consider restarting your PC, resetting your IP, changing your DNS server, and updating your network drivers.

Re-Adding Your Friend

steam adding friends on remnant 2
Remnant 2 Adding Your Friend Again – [Image captured by eXputer]
Apparently, sometimes your friend list in Steam or Epic Store can bug out. This can cause Remnant 2 to unrecognize your friends and prevent them from joining your game. 

The best fix for this issue is removing and adding your friends back to join them or let them join you.

Here’s the step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Remove your friend from Steam while you’re still in the game.
  2. Restart the game.
  3. Once the game is up and running again, re-add your friend on Steam.
  4. Here’s the crucial part – instead of using the Steam friend list, go ahead and add/join them directly from the in-game friends list.

This workaround will almost instantly work for you as you’ll be able to play confidently without the lost connection error while joining the friend’s game.

Ensuring All Parties Have The Same Game Version

remnant 2 game version
Same Game Version – [Image captured by eXputer]
If you cannot join your friend’s lobby or they can’t join you, it’s possible that the game versions aren’t the same.

There is a possibility that an update dropped while you were in a game session. Other players might have gotten a chance to update their game, but your game stayed outdated.

So, the best way to get back to playing coop with your friends is to restart the game and install the latest update simply. Once you’re done, this issue will be quickly resolved. Other players on the Steam Forum have found success with this method as well.

Crossplay Issues

remnant 2 epic games overlay
Remnant 2 Overlay For Epic Games – [Image captured by eXputer]
If you want to join or invite friends from different platforms, you’ve got to use the Epic Overlay or the in-game friends list. You cannot use Steam overlay as it doesn’t work well with Remnant 2.

So, if you’re having trouble connecting with friends across platforms, give the Epic overlay a shot—it might just be the missing link for you, too. Maybe you’ll succeed with this method just like others did by attempting the same workaround.

Removing Mods

Another fix I found to fix the issue of not being able to join your friends was to remove all mods and any extra installed packs. The cause for this might be that your friends might not have the same mods as you, hence causing a compatibility problem in the same world

Once you’ve gotten rid of them, you’ll finally be able to join your friends. In case you don’t want to uninstall mods, then your friends need to install the same mods or any extra content packs if you hope to join them or vice versa.

Joining The Same Public Lobby

remnant 2 public session
Remnant 2 Public Lobby – [Image captured by eXputer]
Another effective workaround to this problem is meeting your friends up in a public game. Kind of a bummer, but it worked.

Once you’ve linked up, simply switch the mode to “friends only.” While this method addresses the issue to some extent, a more streamlined and permanent resolution from the developers would be greatly appreciated.

My Thoughts

Addressing multiplayer challenges in Remnant 2, I found practical solutions. Re-adding friends in-game on Steam, aligning game versions, and using the Epic overlay for crossplay will resolve any connection issues for you.

While awaiting a permanent fix from developers, a quick reset of IP and DNS server change may also prove to be useful in your situation.

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