Remnant 2: Void Vessel Facility Locked Door [Walkthrough]

Learn how to unlock the mysterious Void Vessel Facility locked doors in Remnant 2. Discover valuable rewards and conquer thrilling challenges as you navigate through this captivating dungeon.

The Void Vessel Facility locked door in Remnant 2 is a puzzle that entices players with the promise of valuable rewards. Tucked deep within the N’Erud region’s lab, this enigma stands as a testament to the challenge and mystery of this captivating dungeon, demanding both exploration and strategic combat prowess to unravel. Remember, the key lies within the facility itself, so be ready for an exhilarating hunt.

Key Takeaways
  • The Void Vessel Facility’s locked door in Remnant 2 holds valuable rewards hidden within the eerie N’Erud region’s lab.
  • Doors 1 and 2 offer unique challenges and rewards – the Space Worker Armor Set and a valuable shortcut.
  • Master the key areas, like the Enemy Tube and X-Marked Area, to successfully navigate the Void Vessel Facility dungeon.
  • Defeating the Fetid Corpse unlocks the key to the second locked door, leading to deeper exploration.
  • Location X, a hidden area beyond locked doors, offers challenges, treasures, and one of the best weapons in Remnant 2.
  • Explore the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility with determination to uncover its secrets and treasures.

What Is Void Vessel Facility Locked Door In Remnant 2?

The Void Vessel Facility locked doors are more than just an obstruction in Remnant 2. It’s a gateway to hidden treasures, standing amidst the eerie ambiance of the N’Erud region’s laboratory. Unlocking this door becomes an exciting part of your journey, offering players a unique challenge that extends beyond standard combat and exploration.

One must understand the dungeon map and its legend to navigate the Void Vessel Facility successfully. This step is crucial for managing your route, especially around the locked door of the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility.

Stasis Pod (Door 1)

This first door, marked with a unique red and yellow symbol, leads to an armor set known as the Space Worker Armor. However, you’ll need a special key to unlock this door.

Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility Locked Door Key
Locked Door Key

Shortcut Door (Door 2)

A second door marked with a bright red symbol is present. Initially, this remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility locked door can’t be opened, but it serves as a valuable shortcut from the end of the dungeon once accessed from the other side.

Other Key Areas Include

  • Enemy Tube: The tube is necessary to enter the boss fight and unlock Door 2.
  • The X-Marked Area: The area can be perilous and is best avoided until the rest of the dungeon is complete.
  • The Key Location: This marks the location of the key necessary to unlock the Stasis Pod or the first Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility locked door.

Understanding these key areas and their relevance on the map will guide your journey through the dungeon and lead to successful navigation around the locked doors.

Steps To Navigate The Void Vessel Facility Dungeon

Begin your journey by stepping onto the elevator that transports you into the depths of the facility. Upon reaching the bottom, your first enemy encounter awaits. Clear them out, particularly those emerging from the tubes. Wreckage initially blocks your progression, encouraging you to move upward.

Progressing Through The Dungeon

On this platform, you’ll encounter the first remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility locked door (Door 1). This door, marked by a unique symbol, leads to the Stasis Pod containing the Space Worker Armor Set.

Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility Locked Door
Locked Door

However, it remains inaccessible, requiring a special key to open. Your journey continues across a platform gap to a resource crate and then back to deal with another group of enemies standing near the second locked door (Door 2), which serves as a potential shortcut from the end of the dungeon.

Avoid The Red-Lit Area & Move Through The Large Rooms

Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility Locked Doors Red-Alert Area
Red-Alert Area
  1. As you progress, avoid entering the brightly red-lit area filled with robot enemies.
  2. A lurking alien entity here can make navigation difficult.
  3. Instead, opt for the small door at the room’s end on the left.
  4. It will guide you through a corridor to a chamber featuring a central beam of white energy.
  5. As you proceed through these spacious rooms, be prepared to encounter formidable adversaries, including mini Abominations.
  6. Once you’ve cleared the enemies, proceed to the next room, keeping an eye out for random purple loot spawns.
  7. Continue moving forward through the final large room, leading you to the doors that mark the entrance to the grand finale of the dungeon.

Reaching The Final Room

The final room of the Void Vessel Facility is filled with enemies. However, a locked console near the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility door (Door 2) will provide you with a shortcut, saving you from dangerous encounters. Run through this room, interacting with the console to unlock Door 2.

Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility Locked Doors Console

After this major achievement, you should clear out the remaining enemies in the room and start your exploration of the small chambers, collecting valuable items and the key to the first locked door. Following this comprehensive walkthrough, players can successfully navigate the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility, facing battles, collecting loot, and unlocking the initially inaccessible doors.

Unlocking The First Locked Door

Your first encounter with a Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility locked door will be significant as it conceals the Space Worker Armor Set, an invaluable asset in your journey. This locked door (Door 1) is identified by the soft green light it emits. Here’s how you can unlock it:

Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility Locked Door Space Armor
Space Armor
  1. Explore the facility until you see a control console in the final room. The large green light marks the console’s location, making it unmissable amid enemy chaos.
  2. This console is the key to unlocking Door 1. However, accessing it requires battling a horde of enemies in the final room. Hence, approach with strategy, utilizing cover and flanking routes.
  3. Activating the console opens a side chamber, revealing a collectible item – a key. This key is designed to unlock the first Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility locked door you encountered near the beginning of the dungeon.
  4. Now, armed with the key, backtrack to Door 1. Unlock it using the key to find the Space Worker Armor Set, an ensemble that enhances your battle capabilities significantly.
Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility Locked Door Space Worker Armor Set
Space Worker Armor Set

Discovering the Space Worker Armor Set via the first Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility locked door is more than just a side quest – it rewards perseverance and strategic gameplay. Not only does the Armor Set boost your defense, but its intrinsic buffs also turn the tide of battles in your favor.

The Key To The Second Locked Door

The second Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility locked door is not just an obstacle but a gateway to an exhilarating boss battle. The Fetid Corpse, a ghastly alien entity, is the key to this door.

Here’s your strategy to vanquish it and progress:

Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility Locked Door Fetid Corpse
Fetid Corpse
  1. Navigate to the tube system marked on the map.
  2. This network will transport you directly to the Fetid Corpse’s lair. Prepare for an intense fight as soon as you arrive.
  3. The Fetid Corpse, while daunting, follows predictable patterns.
  4. Keep your distance and focus on dodging its projectiles and melee attacks.
  5. This fight is about endurance and patience, not sheer power.
  6. In addition to the Fetid Corpse, be aware of smaller enemies that will spawn during the fight.
  7. They are particularly damaging if not dealt with promptly.
  8. Remember to target these foes as they appear, prioritizing them over the boss.
  9. Upon the defeat of the Fetid Corpse, you will be rewarded with the key to the second Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility locked door.
  10. This key will further pave your way into the facility, bringing you closer to its heart and secrets.

The second Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility locked door is your stepping stone to unraveling more of the mysterious facility’s narrative. Overcoming the Fetid Corpse boss fight is a test of your combat skills and determination, allowing you to progress deeper into the depths of this alien world.

Exploring The X-Marked Location

Venturing beyond the boundaries of the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility’s locked doors, there’s an unmarked area on the facility map, known cryptically as Location X. Reserved only for the most daring players, Location X promises both peril and reward. Here’s a guide to conquering this extra challenge:

Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility Locked Doors X-Marked Location
X-Marked Location
  1. Accessing Location X requires navigating tunnels and hidden pathways beyond the second Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility locked door.
  2. Search for a hidden lever in the Fetid Corpse’s chamber that reveals the entrance.
  3. Be prepared for an onslaught of new enemies.
  4. This area houses some of the toughest opponents, so stocking up on healing items and enhancing your equipment before making this journey is essential.
  5. Location X is a maze filled with treasures and traps, so navigate carefully, taking note of peculiar markings on the walls.
  6. These subtle signs hint towards the safe path through the labyrinth.
  7. Surviving Location X rewards players with a unique weapon, the Void Marauder Blade, and a trophy for their bravery.
  8. Make sure to explore every nook and cranny, as additional lore snippets and rare resources also lurk in this area.

Navigating beyond the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility’s locked doors to Location X is a thrilling endeavor, guaranteed to test even the most seasoned players’ mettle. Embark on this bonus challenge to push your skills to the limit and discover a part of the facility that few players have ventured into.

And that’s it for unlocking the secrets of the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility’s locked doors. Follow this comprehensive guide to collect powerful loot and explore the mysterious ruins fully. Explore the best traits in Remnant 2. Furthermore, discover the solution to the Morrow Parish Safe puzzle.

Additionally, players can enhance their builds by learning how to respec in Remnant 2. Lastly, get acquainted with the optimal starting class in Remnant 2.


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