Remnant 2: Void Heart [Location & Usage]

This guide includes all details required to find and acquire the Remnant 2 Void Heart! Follow all steps, and you will get it in no time.

The newly released Remnant 2 is full of collectibles and trinkets that can be collected at different locations around the map. A specific item that is extremely difficult to get your hands on is the Remnant 2 Void Heart. This item has the ability to protect from damage and actively restore your health, so a must-have in your inventory! This guide aims to help you out with how to get Void Heart in Remnant 2!

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2 has a plethora of relics for players to collect; one of them is the Void Heart which is one of the rare and valuable relics to acquire.
  • To acquire the relic, players must complete the N’erud Storyline by defeating the Sha’Hala.
  • Once they have defeated the boss, they will proceed to reach the Alepsis-Taura Location and acquire the Void Heart.
  • The in-game map will take 24 hours to update the location of Alepsis-Taura. 
  • Void Heart is used to fend off incoming damage by 50% and recoup player health by 100% as quickly as possible.

Where To Find Void Heart In Remnant 2?

Acquiring an item such as the Void Heart can always prove to be tricky. However, below, all details on where to find it and what steps to follow have been listed.

Players must complete the N’erud Storyline, defeat the Sha’Hala, and reach the Alepsis-Taura location to get the Void Heart. The exact path to get there includes a few more steps, though.

Start by playing in adventure mode and begin at a place called Seekere’s Rest. From here, players must continue on with their gameplay as normal until they reach Sentinel’s Keep. At the top of this location, fight the Sha’Hala, also known as the Spectral Guardian of N’Erud.

After defeating the boss, the Alepsis-Taura location will appear on the map. However, this will not happen instantaneously, so there is no need to worry. It will take 24 hours in real-time for the map to update, so patience is advised; hence why you should not reset the world state.

Alepsis-Taura on the in-game map
The location of Alepsis-Taura.

Once the map has finally been updated, you will only be able to go to Alepsis-Taura, and nowhere else. Look around the location, and make your way to the purple glow. Here you can finally pick up the Remnant 2 Void Heart.

What Is The Void Heart Used For?

Void Heart in Remnant 2.
The Void Heart in Remnant 2.
  • The Void Heart Relic is an item that is extremely useful in battle, especially against big bosses.
  • The biggest help that this relic can provide is reducing incoming damage by 50%.
  • As well as that, it will help recoup player health by 100% in less than a single second.
  • The use of this relic proves to be extremely useful in many situations, and it is a great relic to have in your inventory. 

That is all there is to know about Remnant 2 Void Heart and how to get your hands on it! Make sure to follow all the steps before proceeding on your long journey. Whilst playing Remnant 2, check out other guides such as the Remnant 2 Spectral Blade or the Best Weapons in Remnant 2. Make sure to leave a comment down below for any queries there may be!

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