Remnant 2: Fruit Of Death [Location & Usage]

Get a detailed description of how to acquire the Fruit of Death in Remnant 2 and how to use it to get the Lifeless Heart Relic.

The Fruit of Death is a mysterious item that you get by sacrificing the Doe in Yaesha. Eating the fruit will kill you instantly, but consuming it multiple times has different effects. So, make sure you know how to find Remnant 2 Fruit of Death and use it to get the Lifeless Heart Relic. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Remnant 2 Fruit of Death grants the Lifeless Heart Relic.
  • Obtain this Fruit in Yaesha, one of the main locations.
  • Head to the Garden of Wolf and kill the sacred Doe to get the Ravager’s Amulet in Remnant 2.
  • Take the Amulet to the Ravager’s Doe statue for a secret passage to the Fruit of Death.
  • Eat the fruit in three bites, each instantly killing you and respawning at the last checkpoint.
  • After three bites, the Fruit transforms into the Lifeless Heart Relic for use.

What Is The Fruit Of Death In Remnant 2?

Fruit of Death in inventory
Fruit of death [Image by eXputer]
The Fruit of Death is a consumable item that has unique effects.

It is a peculiar fruit with a purplish appearance, having a design similar to a pumpkin thorns-like peel at the bottom. Although it looks like a pumpkin, its effects are quite different from any regular fruit. It is known as the forbidden fruit of the Wolf Garden in Yaesha. If you eat the fruit, you’ll die instantly, but if you eat it three times, it will transform into the Lifeless Heart relic.

Steps To Get The Fruit Of Death

Remnant 2 fruit of death
Kill the Doe [Image by eXputer]
Getting the fruit of death is quite straightforward, only if you follow the right strategies.

Here is how I obtained the fruit of death in Yaesha:

  1. Look out for the Forbidden Grove checkpoint; you can find the checkpoint close to the entrance of Garden of Wolf.
  2. In the Garden, kill the Doe.
  3. Killing the Doe is quite easy as it is a peaceful creature.
  4. As you eliminate the Doe, the guardian starts to curse you for sacrificing the holy creature.
  5. You will also get the Ravager’s Amulet upon killing it. 
  6. Return back to the Forbidden Grove checkpoint statue.
  7. This time, you can find a secret passageway there that leads to an underground compartment.
  8. Head inside the opening and march forward until you get to a tomb.
  9. There, you can spot an altar where the Fruit of Death is Placed. 


Lifeless Heart
Lifeless Heart Relic [Image by eXputer]
In order to get the Lifeless Heart Relic, you have to pick up the fruit and eat it. As the name suggests, the fruit will kill you instantly as you consume it, but it will give you a special reward in the end, too. Now, you have to eat the fruit two more times, and it will convert into the Lifeless Heart Relic

The Lifeless Heart relic heals your health by 30 over 0.5 seconds and also doubles your Relic capacity. The relic is a great means to enhance your damage resistance and increase your health when you need it. 

That sums up my guide on the use and location of Fruit of Death. Now that you know how to get the fruit, make sure to check out how to unlock the Invader class. To further make your build better, learn more about Dual Archetypes and how they work in Remnant 2. Lastly, don’t forget to check out the best in-game amulets to pair up with your Engineer class.


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