Remnant 2: How To Unlock The Monarch Long Gun?

Learn about the stats, skills, and unlocking procedure of the Monarch, a Long Gun that you can obtain in the Awakened King DLC of Remnant 2

The Monarch is an extremely late-game Long Gun in Remnant 2 you can unlock as part of the Awakened King DLC. Although this gun isn’t exactly top-tier, I have to admit, it’s enjoyable to use and has a unique Weapon Mod that you can test out to make strategic plays. However, to unlock the Monarch, you must first complete the entire DLC and make a decision that would bar you from getting an overpowered melee weapon.

Key Takeaways
  • The Monarch is a Long Gun in Remnant 2 that players can obtain after killing the One True King while he has his mace in hand.
  • However, killing him this way will lock players out of getting the Wrathbringer weapon, which will then be available in the next rerun of Remnant 2’s DLC.
  • The Agony Spike obtained from the One True King must be given to Ava at Ward 13 to craft the Monarch.
  • Players can upgrade the Monarch to +10, and its Weapon Mod, Chain of Command, fires a harpoon onto a target and causes all the gun’s bullets to track that target.

How To Unlock The Monarch Long Gun

Players can craft the Monarch Long Gun from Ava using an Agony Spike, which players can obtain after killing the One True King boss when he has his mace in hand.

one true king
One True King boss fight (Image by me)

The One True King is the last boss of the Awakened King DLC, who you meet in the Chamber of the Faithless. To fight him, you need to choose the aggravating dialogue options, or you could choose to go for a different ending and fight Nimue instead.

  • During the fight, you must kill the One True King when he has his hammer in hand to get the Monarch.
  • If you kill the King when he’s staggered or has his mace broken, you’ll receive the Tormentor’s Pommel instead to get the Wrathbringer Melee Weapon.
  • Therefore, you can get either the Wrathbringer or the Monarch in a single playthrough.

Monarch Base Stats And Upgrade Path

dlc weapon
The Monarch Long Gun (Picture Captured by me)

Based on my personal experience, the Monarch is a one-of-a-kind weapon with a quick fire rate and exceptional accuracy but weak damage and ammo capacity. Its Weapon Mod, Chain of Command, fires a harpoon and attracts all your bullets regardless of where you shoot, effectively turning your shots into Homing Rounds.

Firing Homing Rounds builds Influence, and once your Influence fills, you create a shockwave and temporarily gain increased damage output and infinite ammo.

  • The Monarch gains incredible penetrating and AoE firepower with the Harpoon, going through enemies to hit the target.
  • You can ricochet bullets to get excess damage and build Influence faster.

Here’s the upgrade path for the Monarch Long Gun in Remnant 2:

+15x Iron
2x Lumenite Crystal
450x Scrap
+210x Iron
2x Lumenite Crystal
525x Scrap
+315x Iron
2x Lumenite Crystal
600x Scrap
+415x Forged Iron
2x Lumenite Crystal
670x Scrap
+520x Forged Iron
3x Lumenite Crystal
750x Scrap
+615x Galvanized Iron
3x Lumenite Crystal
825x Scrap
+720x Galvanized Iron
3x Lumenite Crystal
900x Scrap
+815x Hardened Iron
4x Lumenite Crystal
975x Scrap
+920x Hardened Iron
4x Lumenite Crystal
1050x Scrap
5x Lumenite Crystal
1125x Scrap
Important: Each upgrade of the Monarch gives a +1.2 Damage Boost to the weapon. I’d personally recommend upgrading it to +10 since it becomes an extremely potent and viable option.

That wraps up my brief guide on how to unlock and upgrade the Monarch Long Gun in Remnant 2’s Awakened King DLC. You can check out this YouTube video if you’re looking to center an optimal build around this weapon. As always, be sure to test the Monarch beforehand to see if it suits your playstyle. For me, I liked it so much that I ranked it the undisputed best weapon in Remnant 2’s DLC.

For more DLC-related content to uncover, here’s my guide on unlocking the Ritualist Archetype in Remnant 2. If you want some ideas on crafting the perfect build, take a look at some of the best secondary weapons. And be sure to visit my Forgotten Commune guide as an arena to test your weapons.


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