Remnant 2: New & Upcoming Features

Take a look at all the new features and gameplay mechanisms introduced so far in the upcoming Remnant 2 as well as expected changes.

Remnant 2 has many new features in store for its fans, from gameplay to atmosphere. Releasing in 2023, Remnant 2 will be using many features from its ancestor but has also introduced a lot of new combat mechanics and revamping in major areas. Players can enjoy many new mechanics featuring both ranged and melee combat while they complete daunting challenges against major bosses and enemies. 

Key Takeaways
  • Many new features are introduced in Remnant 2, ranging from archetypical progressions to complete revamping of gameplay mechanics. 
  • The combat experience is much more improved with features like Mutator Slot and enhancement mechanisms for weapons
  • The healing system is also tweaked, and many new locations have been introduced. 
  • Furthermore, there are new classes introduced as well, including Gunslinger, The Handler, The Medic, and The Challenger. 
  • A new system called the archetype system has also been introduced, which has a set of perks, traits, and abilities. 
  • There are a lot of expected features to be introduced in the near future as well including a better and improved crafting system as well as a bigger map. 
  • Fans also expect to see bigger and improved hubs and versatile quest choices. 
  • There might be an addition of a replayability feature for Dungeons in Remnant 2.

What Are Remnant 2 Features?

Ever since Remnant 2 was announced, there have been a lot of features introduced as well, ranging from new locations to new archetypical progressions. The whole combat experience is also revamped, and new classes have been introduced, including the handler and the medic. Below is an overview of all the new features introduced.

Combat Experience ImprovedThe gameplay will be more Melee focused with the introduction of new mechanics including the mutator slot as well as new attack animations.
New LocationsThree different locations are introduced including Losom, Dran and the N’Erud. Each of these locations offer different features and experience to players.
New Archetype ClassesFour classes including the Gunslinger, the Medic, the Challenger and the Handler have been introduced. Each of these classes have their own traits and skills and are unique Archetype. These classes can be customized according to Personal preferences by choosing the suitable archetype.
Archetype SystemsA new mechanic called the archetype system has been introduced which includes different skills and perks. This will also allow the players to select a specific loadout depending upon the archetype they choose at the start of Remnant 2.
Perks and SkillsPerks including damage, team, utility, relic and prime have been introduced. Archetype traits and skills will allow players to improve their playstyle and upgrade their traits with progression.

1. Combat Experience

In Remnant 2, you will see the gameplay more focused on melee weapons and play style.

Gameplay and Combat experience
Gameplay and Combat experience

Therefore, you won’t be able to enjoy ranged gameplay as much. Furthermore, there will be a new enhancement mechanism for your weapons and a Mutator Slot mechanic. 

  • It has also been confirmed that modification slots will allow you to add parts to your weapons and make them more powerful. 
  • In addition to that, there will be a lot of new melee attack animations as well as new and improved melee types. 
  • There will be a wide range of melee weapons to select from, each with versatile melee traits and wielding archetypes that the players can use according to their personal play style. 
  • There will also be a huge change in boss fights, where the players can test their abilities. 
  • Furthermore, there will be fewer enemy mobs so players can focus on improving their skills with perfect counters instead of spamming attacks to survive. 
  • Additionally, the weapons are completely revamped, and you can choose them as soon as you start. 
  • During exploration, you will be able to collect many of these weapons and then choose the ones that you find most suitable for your playstyle. 

2. New Locations

So far, three new locations have been introduced, each with different features.

Remnant 2 Features locations
New locations and maps

The first new location is Losom which is a merge of both the Fae and Dran worlds

  • The second new Remnant 2 feature is the Dran location, where you will find human-like Drans, which now share a hive mind causing chaos in the Dran society.
  • All of this happened after the merger, but there are the awoken Dran who remained the same when it happened. 
  • Next is the N’Erud, which is a black hole and a very interesting location in Remnant 2. 

3. Archetype Classes

So far, in Remnant 2, four new archetype classes have been introduced, which can drastically have interchanging playstyles depending on the gear.


The first new class introduced is the gunslinger.

Remnant 2 Features The Gunslinger Class
The Gunslinger Class

This class has many important Remnant 2 features and mechanics, including a higher rate of fire and superb ammo efficiency. 

  • Furthermore, with the gunslinger class, you will get a higher damage output, experienced weapon handling, and amazing DPS. 
  • Players will be able to use weapon swaps, different perks, and quick reloads by tweaking their classes a bit. 
  • In addition, players will be able to use the loaded perk, which will allow them to reload their weapons during battle automatically. 
  • Another great feature of the gunslinger class is the ammo boost ability that will increase the capacity of your weapon ammunition. 

The Medic

Remnant 2 introduces the medic archetype class, perfect for players who prefer non-combat roles.

In Co-op and group play, medics excel by providing potent healing to allies through strong relics. They wield melee weapons like the steel flail, Bonsaw LMG, and service pistol.

Additionally, medics enjoy powerful perks, increasing both damage and overall health. Their relics offer enhanced relic use and superior healing abilities, invaluable in group battles.

Medics prioritize healing allies and providing effective AOE support to keep the team in the fight. If you relish the role of a savior, the medic class in Remnant 2 will be your favorite feature.

The Challenger

The next new class introduced in the Remnant 2 features and mechanics is Challenger, which is great for players who prefer more of a versatile and heavy-on-weapons play style.

Remnant 2 Features Challenger
Challenger gameplay

If you are looking to choose a class that offers high aggression and great damage in the mid-range, then Challenger is the best class for you to choose. 

  • The challenger class focuses mostly on melee damage, increased movement, and a higher fire rate. 
  • Players will be relying a lot on armor usage as well. 

The Handler

Another new archetype introduced is the handler class for players looking to play solo in Remnant 2. The best part about this class is that you will be able to have a trained canine along with you, which will help you out a lot against enemy mobs.

Handler Class perk

You will use three different modes with the trained canine: guard, attack, and support. 

  • In guard mode, the canine friend will distract your enemies, while in support mode, it will work as healing you and your teammates. 
  • The final mode is the attack mode, which will unlock the offensive capabilities of the train canine dog and will damage your enemies. 
  • To know which mode your canine friend is currently in, you need to see his bandana, as it will change colors according to the game mode. 
  • Furthermore, you will also be able to access the canine’s location through a specified ping system. 
  • This is definitely one of the best new features and mechanics introduced in Remnant 2. 

4. Archetype Systems

One of the most notable new Remnant 2 features is the Archetype System.

Remnant 2 Features traits and skills
The new Archetype System

In Remnant: From The Ashes, players had to choose their gear and weapons by choosing a certain class. 

  • In Remnant 2, you can get a specific loadout depending on your chosen archetype. 
  • This loadout will have specific weapons and armor sets as well as traits. 
  • Furthermore, you will also be able to use archetype skills and perks, which will help you increase your experience in Remnant 2 with progression. 
  • In addition to that, players will also have the dual archetype system, which will grant them active abilities. 
  • Therefore, you can use two different archetypes and create a class suitable for your personal playstyle. 


The archetype works that you can use in Remnant 2 are prime, relic, utility, team, and damage.

Archetype system
Archetype system perks

Progression in the game unlocks different functions:

  1. Damage Perk: Initially, you unlock the damage perk, boosting both melee and ranged attack damage. It also enhances your skill damage.
  2. Team Perk: The second perk, Team Perk, increases team-shared buffs.
  3. Utility Perks: These perks improve environmental elements and abilities like movement speed.
  4. Relic Perks: Later, you can unlock relic perks, enhancing relic use and effects. You can also extend relic durations in Remnant 2.
  5. Prime Perks: Finally, unlock Prime perks to incorporate talents into your builds, exclusive to a specific archetype in Remnant 2.

Skills And Traits

Another important feature is the archetype skills, which is also one of the newer mechanics of Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Features Archetype
Archetype-specific traits and skills

Therefore, every archetype you select will have its own specific skills, which you can unlock by progressing in Remnant 2. 

  • It is important to know that the skills of other archetypes cannot replace these skills. 
  • These skills include mod power or weapon mods and can greatly help you improve your gameplay. 
  • With each archetype, you will get three skills to select, and you will unlock them with progression. 
  • Next are the archetype traits, which will allow you to level up and use trait points to increase and upgrade a trait. 
  • There will be a lot of traits to choose from, and they can definitely help improve your overall playstyle. 

Expected Features

While plenty of new Remnant 2 features have been introduced so far, there are still many features that fans expect to see. Below is a list of all the new features fans expect to see in Remnant 2. 

Better Crafting System 

Remnant is all about crafting and accumulating weapon hybrids that suit your individual play style. 

We can expect Remnant 2 to use this feature, allowing players to combine different components using item drops and create powerful weapons. 

Since there is already a lot of revamping in the archetype section, many players hope to see a better crafting system that will allow them to use both melee and ranged gear to their personal preferences by tweaking and modifying them. 

Massive Hubs 

While many new locations are introduced, Remnant 2 fans want more world-building experiences that will have a lot of interconnected maps.

Remnant 2 Features worldbuilding
Remnant 2 could use better worldbuilding.

Players also wish that Remnant 2 would use the maps to build lower as well with a lot of safe zones to allow players to get an immersive experience while interacting with characters and the environment. 

Quest Choices 

Another feature that fans expect to see is a better range of quest choices.

Remnant 2 Features quest choices
Better quest choices

It might not be surprising if Remnant 2 decides to add replayability to their dungeons. 

  • There might be a lot of different quest lines to follow, which will allow the players to enjoy a better experience. 
  • While there is little known about quest choices, the replayability suggests adding several questlines, which will encourage the players to invest more hours into the story

With this, I conclude my detailed guide on all new Remnant 2 features and mechanics introduced so far.

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