Remnant 2: Sparkfire Shotgun Location [Derelict Lighthouse]

Here is how you find and enter the Derelict Lighthouse to get the Sparkfire Shotgun in Remnant 2: The Awakened King DLC.

The Derelict Lighthouse is a newly added dungeon in Remnant 2: The Awakened King DLC that is hard to open. You can find two items in the Lighthouse, the Sparkfire Shotgun and the Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring in Remnant 2. There was a glitch before that made you get both the two items, but now you will have to choose between the Sparksfire Shotgun and Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring! 

Key Takeaways
  • The Derelict Lighthouse is a newly added dungeon in The Awakened King DLC. 
  • You can find the Sparkfire Shotgun and Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring in the lighthouse.
  • Players can only choose between the shotgun or the ring, as they can’t have both. 
  • You must explore the Losomn World and navigate the Forlorn Coast to find the entry to the lighthouse.
  • The Sparkfire Shotgun is a medium to long-ranged weapon with really high damage and an additional burning effect. 

For a hands-on guide, check out eXputer’s video tutorial on getting the Sparkfire Shotgun:

YouTube video

How To Find The Derelict Lighthouse Remnant 2?

The Derelict Lighthouse In Remnant 2
The Derelict Lighthouse – [Image By Me]
  1. In adventure mode, you will have to find every dungeon and other locations manually.
  2. Initially, head to the Losomn World and then move along the Forlorn Coast. 
  3. You will find the entrance to the lighthouse by following the path to the first dungeon of the Forlorn Coast.
  4. From there, you will transported to the Drowned Wen area, where you will find the dungeon through the sewers. 
  5. Instead of the first sewer, head to the second one because it mostly spawns there.

Important: You may sometimes not find the Derelict Lighthouse but a different dungeon in the area, as I had to reroll my journey so that I could come back and find it again.

How To Get The Derelict Lighthouse Key 

The Derelict Lighthouse Key In Game
The Derelict Lighthouse Key – [Image By Me]
  1. Upon getting to the lighthouse dungeon, you will encounter the two mini-bosses, Gorcarver and Thunderpiercer.
  2. Both the bosses are pretty hefty to deal with, especially Thunderpiercer.
  3. Gorcarver can surprise you with the Chainsaw melee weapon attacks.
  4. It also has the ability to create orbs of fire wandering in each direction. 
  5. Your safest bet against Gorcarver is to keep him at a distance and wait for him to redo his Chainsaw.
  6. The Chainsaw revving up will be an opening for you to take down the Gorcarver. 
  7. Your next opponent will be the Thunderpiercer, who has a long-ranged mini-boss.
  8. His best power against you will be the fiends, so kill them off and aim for Thunderpiercer’s head.
  9. You will get the Derelict Lighthouse Key once you defeat both the mini-bosses. 

How To Get The Sparkfire Shotgun

How To Get The Sparkfire Shotgun
The Left Way To The Sparkfire Gun – [Image By Me]
  1. There will be two ways leading you to two different items in the game.
  2. The right stone-bricked stairs path will lead you to the Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring.
  3. The left tunnel path will lead you to the Sparkfire Shotgun path.
  4. You will need the Derelict Lighthouse Remnant 2 Key to open up the door to find the Sparkfire Shotgun.
  5. Once the key is used to open the door for the Shotgun, you won’t be able to use it again to get the ring. 

Is Sparkfire Shotgun Worth It? 

Sparkfire Shotgun In R2
Sparkfire Shotgun-[Screenshot By Me]
In my personal experience, the Shotgun is by far one of the best weapons introduced in the DLC.

The Sparkfire Shotgun is basically a long gun with a burning effect. You can use it in any situation and have that slight edge in combat against most enemies with fire-burning damage. 


  • High damage.
  • The incendiary shells of the shotgun do an additional burn damage of 30 for three seconds.
  • Versatile in combat due to medium to long-range fire capability. 
  • Provides a +100% bonus damage to the enemy’s weak spots and vulnerability. 
  • The Shotgun has a weapon stagger of 10%.


  • A limited magazine size of 7 causes constant reloads.
  • 5% chance of critical hits resulting in fewer critical hits.
  • The stagger is comparatively lesser than other weapons.

Overall a pretty hefty gun for many players with different playstyles. It is up to your personal preference to modify the shotgun with weapon mods

So this is how you find the Derelict Lighthouse and get the Sparkfire Shotgun. Players on the Steam Community have shared their various powerful builds comprising the Sparkfire Shotgun. If you are looking for another long gun, then check out our recently published guide on unlocking the Monarch Long gun written by our guide writer, Daniyal Sutan Malik


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