Remnant 2: How To Get Savior Weapon

Learn everything about the Remnant 2 on Hardcore Veteran difficulty to buy Savior from Brabus!

There are some of the best Weapons unlocked if you complete the Apocalypse difficulty of the game, and Savior is one of the Apocalypse Weapons. It is a long gun that can help you deal some great damage to a single opponent. In this guide, I will tell in detail about Remnant 2 Savior Weapon.

Key Takeaways
  • Savior is one of the Apocalypse weapons in Remnant 2, which is a long gun.
  • You can buy Savior from Brabus the Arms Dealer after completing Remnant 2 on Hardcore Veteran difficulty.
  • Savior is one of the best weapons in Remnant 2, as it deals serious damage to individual enemies.
  • The mod of this weapon can apply the burning effect to the enemies, which deals 100 fire damage. 
  • Savior’s weapon mod cannot be removed as it is exclusive to this weapon.
  • Savior doesn’t come with any Mutators, so players can feel free to add any of their preferences.
  • This weapon is arguably one of the best to play with, as it is fun, so make sure to give it a try.

How To Get Savior Weapon In Remnant 2?

Savior In Remnant 2 [Image Credit: eXputer]
Savior Weapon is arguably one of the strongest weapons in Remnant 2 as it is a long gun, and it excels at dealing great damage to individual enemies. It can be purchased from Brabus’ shop after you have cleared Remnant 2 on Hardcore Veteran difficulty.

Savior Weapon Mods

Burning [Image Credit: eXputer]
Savior comes with a weapon mod known as Shatterstar. It imbues the shots with white-hot fire, and a hit from this will apply burning, which will deal 100 fire damage. The required power for this mod is 1.250, and players should keep in mind that the mod of Savior cannot be removed as the weapon has its exclusive mod. However, Savior doesn’t have any built-in Mutators, so players can equip one themselves.

Savior Weapon Upgrades

Savior Level 1Iron x5
Lumenite Crystal x2
Scrap x300
Savior Level 2Iron x10
Lumenite Crystal x2
Scrap x400
Savior Level 3Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x2
Scrap x500
Savior Level 4Forged Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x2
Scrap x600
Savior Level 5Forged Iron x20
Lumenite Crystal x3
Scrap x700
Savior Level 6Galvanized Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x3
Scrap x800
Savior Level 7Galvanized Iron x20
Lumenite Crystal x3
Scrap x900
Savior Level 8Hardened Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x4
Scrap x1000
Savior Level 9Hardened Iron x20
Lumenite Crystal x4
Scrap x1100
Savior Level 10Simulacrum x1
Lumenite Crystal x5
Scrap x1200

Is Savior A Must To Get Weapon In Remnant 2?

Savior is a great weapon as it can help you quite a bit in Remnant 2, but it being a must-to-get weapon totally depends on your preference. You can get this weapon if you prefer a weapon that excels at dealing great damage to individual enemies.

Savior Showcase [Image Credit: eXputer]
If you think long guns are easier to use, then you can go for it. There might be some drawbacks to the gun, although I find all the Apocalypse weapons pretty appealing as they have pretty great damage and are fun to play with. So, it all comes down to personal preference.

That’s almost everything you would want to know about Remnant 2 Savior Weapon. The weapon is great, and it is so fun to play with, so make sure to give it a go. While you are at it, you should take a look at the Navigator Helm guide to uncover its exact location and learn how to use it to acquire the most powerful long gun in Remnant 2. After that, check out All Outcomes of Ravager Choice to learn about the different rewards and choices to make.

When you are done with that, you should read the Thaen Seed guide to uncover its location, as it helps to revive a player. Don’t forget to visit the page of the Imperial Gardens Puzzle guide, as the puzzle is quite tricky to solve. Lastly, check out the complete walkthrough of the Dormant & Erudian Facility.

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