Remnant 2 Reveals The Hunter Archetype In Stunning New Gameplay

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  • Remnant 2 is yet another entry that’s about to grace the colossal action RPG genre of video games, soon to arrive on July 25, 2023. Those who have bought the Ultimate Edition of the title will be able to benefit from a 3-day early access period. 
  • As the action third-person shooter nears its release, the developers have started to come out with more Remnant 2 content for the purpose of showcasing what’s to come soon.
  • In doing so, Gunfire Games has revealed a brand-new Archetype, which refers to an in-game playable character class, called Hunter, who it defines as an expert in long-range, precision-based combat.  

Remnant 2 is looking incredibly enticing these days, and fans of the franchise can’t wait for the next iteration in the series to finally arrive. Rightfully so, the gameplay reveals that Gunfire Games has been constantly putting out are showcasing the quality of the forthcoming RPG, exhibiting how big of an improvement the sequel is as compared to Remnant: From the Ashes

In a new video uploaded on YouTube, a new Archetype has been revealed for Remnant 2, specializing in long-range combat with the usage of sniper rifles and other pertinent gear. A total of five classes have been unearthed for the title so far, namely Challenger, Gunslinger, Medic, Handler, and the freshly unveiled Hunter. It goes without saying that each of these Archetypes comes with its own unique set of weapons, abilities, and gadgets. 

YouTube video

The reveal footage casts a lens on some of the primary abilities players can expect the Hunter to have. Interestingly enough, these look great for cooperative play-throughs, where you can be a viable member of the team and assist other Archetypes in eradicating incoming threats. The Hunter can trigger a skill that marks all nearby enemies, thereby improvising visibility and gaining an advantage on the battlefield.  

Not just that, but the rest of the members of your team are more likely to land critical hits when the Mark ability is activated. Next up, the second skill called Hunter’s Focus is even more calculated, allowing the Archetype to identify foes in the vicinity while aiming down sights. Last but not least, the Hunter’s Shroud ability is cool as heck. This one actually makes the player invisible while cloaking the character, so the enemies can’t really see them. 

The Hunter's Shroud Skill in Remnant 2
The Hunter’s Shroud Skill in Remnant 2

In other news, though, Remnant 2’s pre-orders are looking solid. The title is enjoying its spot in the top 10s of Steam’s best-sellers, along with being in the fourth spot currently on the Top Selling PC Titles category on the Epic Games Store. It’s interesting to note here that the action RPG is currently competing with a majority of games on these storefronts that are already out, save for Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Moreover, the unlockable achievements for the third-person Souls-like shooter have been unveiled as well in recent times. A total of 50 unlockables are present in Gunfire Games’ latest venture, thereby granting the player 1,000 points of gamerscore in total if one were to play on the Xbox Series X|S. Surprisingly, one developer working on the game has come forward to iterate that fans can expect a lot more weapons than what has been portrayed in some of the achievements descriptions. 

Oh, and in case you missed it, the developer is currently hosting a dashing “Swag Kit” giveaway on its official website. All you have to do is sign up for the newsletter and participate in the event right away. Some of the goodies include a specialized full-size backpack, a metal print, the hat of the Gunslinger Archetype, and plenty of other collection-worthy stuff. 

Remnant 2 will make landfall on July 25, 2023, for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, while effectively skipping next-gen consoles. Those who’ve bought the Ultimate Edition will be able to start playing three days earlier than the official release. Better get that pre-order sorted if you haven’t already. 

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