Remnant 2 BEST Apocalypse Build [Ultimate Guide]

Make the Apocalypse Build in Remnant 2 & enhance damage, boost survivability, and conquer the game's most challenging difficulty seamlessly.

In the intense world of Remnant 2, facing the formidable Apocalypse difficulty demands unparalleled strategy and foresight. Enter the Apocalypse Build: a meticulously crafted gear setup designed to maximize damage output in Remnant 2, enhance survivability, and empower players to stand tall against the game’s most daunting adversaries.

Key Takeaways
  • Apocalypse Build in Remnant 2 is a strategic gear setup tailored for the toughest difficulty level.
  • This build incorporates the Hunter archetype and the Gunslinger class combo in Remnant 2.
  • Apocalypse build in Remnant 2 features weapons like the Sagittarius long gun for unparalleled damage.
  • One of the best builds in Remnant 2, like the Apocalypse one, prioritizes the Untouchable trait for enhanced survivability.

Best Apocalypse Build In Remnant 2

Here is an overview of the best Apocalypse build in Remnant 2 entailing the best classes, best weapons, armor, rings, amulets, relics, and best traits in the game

ElementApocalypse Build Component
ArchetypeHunter & Gunslinger
WeaponsSagittarius long gun, Smolder, Silverback
TraitsUntouchable, Spirit, Expertise, Endurance
ArmorLeto Mark II set, Labyrinth Gloves
RelicsDragon Heart, Crystal Heart (optional)
RingsVengeance Idle, Ring of Flawed Beauty
AccessoriesAmber Moonstone, Braided Thorns

What Is Apocalypse Build in Remnant 2?

The Remnant 2 Apocalypse Build focuses on maximizing damage output and survivability. Use the Hunter archetype with the Hunter Shroud ability for increased range damage. Equip the Sagittarius long gun with mutator Battery, and Smolder as a melee weapon.

Prioritize the Untouchable trait and Leto Mark II armor with Labyrinth Gloves. Include Dragon Heart relic, Vengeance Idle, Ring of Flawed Beauty, Amber Moonstone, and Braided Thorns accessories. This build aids players in confronting Apocalypse difficulty, where foes are notably more potent.

Best Archetypes For Apocalypse Build

Since players can dual archetype in Remnant 2, I have listed here the best 2 classes in the game that are the perfect match for the Apocalypse build. 

1. Hunter

Hunter (Image by eXputer)

The archetypes we’ll be using are fairly straightforward. For our Prime perk slot, the Hunter archetype is a solid choice. It offers a base ranged weak spot damage increase of 55, along with extending the duration of active Hunter skills by an additional 3.5 seconds. This extension is particularly valuable as it allows you to stretch the timer beyond its initial duration. This becomes even more potent when combined with the Hunter Shroud ability.

Once you activate the Hunter Shroud, your next step is to apply a mark when you exit the shroud. This mark is applied to all enemies within a 10-meter range and provides the Ambush effect, which results in a 50% increase in range damage. This combination is pivotal in achieving high damage output. Importantly, this setup can be maintained thanks to its integration with the prime perk.

When considering the options for Hunter’s skills, both Hunter’s Focus and Hunter’s Mark are available, however, you strongly recommend trying out the Hunter shroud due to its effectiveness and versatile utility. The synergy among these perks is seamless and contributes to the effectiveness of the two archetypes.

2. Gunslinger

Gunslinger (Image by eXputer)

Moving on to the Gunslinger archetype, it’s a highly favorable choice for several reasons. One of the key benefits is the Bullet Storm ability. It’s exceptionally potent and offers a significant power boost. Keep in mind that bows have slightly different attributes, granting an increase in critical hit chance and enhanced projectile speed while using them. This makes the Gunslinger archetype an excellent fit for your playstyle.

Best Weapon For Apocalypse Build In Remnant 2

Weapons are the meat in Remnant 2 builds and equipping the best weapons for the Apocalypse build is the only way to survive the hard-hitting enemies, who have the potential to one-shot you. 


Sagittarius (Image by eXputer)
Weapon StatsValue
RPS (Rounds Per Second)4.5
Ideal Range25m
Falloff Range65m
Max Ammo32
Critical Hit Chance10%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus115%
Stagger Modifier5%

The Sagittarius is a long gun category weapon that is truly impressive, and I highly suggest considering the mutator Battery. This ability enhances your damage by adding 10 points to your next weak spot hit for each stack, with a maximum of 5 stacks. If you manage to accumulate these stacks, your damage output will significantly increase. This long gun has the potential for immense power and can be an excellent choice.

I strongly recommend giving the Sagittarius a shot. Moreover, Players will find great success with Smolder as a melee weapon as well as the Silverback with Harmonizer and Hot Shot mods. This combination will prove most effective for apocalypse difficulty.

Best Apocalypse Build Trait

Traits are the building blocks of any build in Remnant 2 and the Apocalypse build in the game needs to have the best of these traits so that your character can land offensive properly and defend against the incoming attack as well, without dying too much. 


Untouchable (Image by eXputer)
Trait LevelBonus
Level 1Increases Evade Window by 3%
Level 2Increases Evade Window by 6%
Level 3Increases Evade Window by 9%
Level 4Increases Evade Window by 12%
Level 5Increases Evade Window by 15%
Level 6Increases Evade Window by 18%
Level 7Increases Evade Window by 21%
Level 8Increases Evade Window by 24%
Level 9Increases Evade Window by 27%
Level 10Increases Evade Window by 30%

The best suggestion is to equip Untouchable, which boosts the evade window by around 20 to 21. This increase in the evade window holds significant importance, particularly considering that a single hit can lead to defeat. This trait is incredibly useful and best suited for Apocalypse mode.

When distributing your trait points, prioritize maxing out your health for durability. Investing in “Spirits” and “Expertise” is also a good move, as it allows us to swiftly regain our valuable skills. Following that, turn your attention to “Endurance” for maximum stamina, which aids in your overall performance. Lastly, put points into “Recovery” to further enhance your survivability.

Best Armor

Leto Mark II
Leto Mark II (Image by eXputer)
Leto MArk ii armor statsValue
Bleed Resistance10
Fire Resistance10
Shock Resistance10
Blight Resistance10
Toxin Resistance10

You can choose armor that matches your weight limit or how you like to play since relying only on defense won’t work well in Apocalypse difficulty. The main idea of the Remnant 2 Apocalypse Build is to be bold and prevent enemies from even getting close to you.

In Remnant 2’s Apocalypse difficulty, the Leto Mark II armor set paired with the Labyrinth Gloves stands out. This combination is a prime choice, offering excellent defense against the challenges you’ll face.

Best Relic For Apocalypse Build

Hitting enemies is not the only priority in the best Apocalypse build in Remnant 2 but survival and health recovery are also the key concerns. That is why having the right relic for this build is of utmost importance. 

Dragon Heart

Dragon Heart (Image by eXputer)

We strongly suggest possessing Dragon Heart but you’re free to choose any Relic that suits your preference. The Crystal Heart is an excellent choice, but other options are viable too. 

When customizing your setup, be sure to allocate points to enhance ranged critical chance, ranged critical damage, and range damage. These three attributes work harmoniously and are ideal for optimizing your performance.

Best Rings And Accessories

Rings, and Amulets are the reason any build in Remnant 2 shines and you can not have the best Apocalypse build in the game without wearing the best equipment besides the armor & the weapons. 

1. Vengence Idle

Vengeance Idol
Vengeance Idol (Image by eXputer)

Vengeance Idle is a strong tool that deals much damage, but it works best when our health is below 50. Sometimes, like when you die or respawn, you must take off and re-equip the ring to get your health back to 50. This doesn’t happen on its own when you respawn or fast-travel to another place.

To help keep your health below 50, you should use the Restriction Cord. It helps make sure your health stays where it needs to be.

2. Ring of Flawed Beauty

Ring of Flawed Beauty (Image by eXputer)

The Ring of Flawed Beauty offers a substantial benefit—a remarkable 25% increase in weak spot damage. It is important to note, however, that there is a trade-off: a 15% reduction in range damage is incurred if you fail to hit a weak spot. This trade-off introduces a tactical element to its usage, requiring precision for optimal effectiveness.

3. Amber Moonstone

Amber Moonstone
Amber Moonstone (Image by eXputer)

For another accessory, the Amber Moonstone is a good choice. It boasts the ability that, when your health drops below 30 points, all incoming damage is increased by 25%. Additionally, immunity to temporary status effects is granted, saving a lot of time in challenging encounters.

Amber Moonstone is helpful, especially if you’re playing Remnant 2 in the hardest mode, which is made to be super tough. If you’re having a hard time staying alive or getting defeated in one hit, the Amber Moonstone can save you.

4. Braided Thorns

To round off your arsenal of the best Apocalypse build in Remnant 2, the Braided Thorns offer a significant advantage. Defeating an enemy triggers a 15% boost in critical hit chance, enhancing your potential for inflicting devastating blows. Given the importance of critical hits in maximizing damage, this accessory aligns well with your overall build.

It’s important to note that while these recommendations are provided, you are free to experiment with alternative accessories based on your personal preferences and playstyle.

What Changes Apocalypse Difficulty Bring In Remnant 2?

Apocalypse presents the most challenging level of difficulty in Remnant 2, where enemies possess 175% more health and deal 450% increased damage. Meanwhile, bosses exhibit 412.5% more health and a significant 405% damage boost.

While you’ll gain a 150% experience bonus, it doesn’t provide as much assistance as one might hope. Hence, adopting the Remnant 2 Apocalypse Build becomes indispensable, allowing you to eliminate adversaries before they encroach upon you. 

You may notice parallels to a standard Remnant 2 Bleed build but with an added element of area-of-effect (AoE) damage. This guide aims to aid you in conquering this near-impossible endeavor by outlining the optimal Apocalypse build in Remnant 2. It will cover the finest armor set, weaponry, abilities, character classes, and rings.

This is it for Best Apocalypse Build, if you are interested consider reading BEST Remnant 2 Weapon Mods, BEST Traits To Level Up, and Remnant 2 Best DPS Classes


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