Remnant 2: How To Get Bolt Driver

Discover the Bolt Driver in Remnant 2, a secret weapon hidden within Yaesha's puzzles, offering devastating close-combat efficiency.

Bolt Driver Remnant 2 is one of the best weapons in the handgun category. The bolt driver is a dependable handgun that excels in close-quarters combat due to its small size, rapid-fire rate, and pinpoint bursts for maneuverability.

Key Takeaways
  • Bolt Driver is a top-tier handgun, and it’s a reliable weapon for close-quarters combat.
  • In Remnant 2, The handgun is located in Yaesha’s Forbidden Groves, and the weapon is concealed behind the Water Harp Puzzle in Remnant 2.
  • The puzzle isn’t immediately accessible when arriving at the location.
  • Upon solving, the Bolt Driver Remnant 2 is revealed on a pedestal.

What Is Bolt Driver In Remnant 2

Bolt Driver
Bolt Driver in Remnan 2 [mage Credits: eXputer]

The Bolt Driver is a distinguished handgun, renowned for its close-quarters combat prowess.

The weapon offers rapid-fire capability and precise bursts, making it a formidable choice in the game’s vast arsenal. Hidden within the enigmas of Yaesha, Bolt Drier awaits the skilled player and the curious ones who love to solve Water Harp puzzles.

Bolt Driver Location

Map [mage Credits: eXputer]

Yaesha’s simple puzzle conceals the Bolt Driver, a covert weapon. I found this particular puzzle in Yaesha’s Forbidden Groves, and is called the Water Harp Puzzle. When arriving at the location in Remnant 2, you won’t have immediate access to this puzzle or the weapon.

How To Get Bolt Driver Secret Gun?

Location [mage Credits: eXputer]

As per my in-game experience, players first need to solve a musical puzzle in The Lost Temple, which is located in Yaesha, in order to acquire the Bolt Driver Handgun.

Based on my experience, I recommend players follow the below-listed steps to find the Hidden Gun easily:

  1. As you descend the stairs, make a sharp left.
  2. You will encounter a secret chamber that was previously locked but is now open.
  3. Keep going until you come to a sanctum-like space with a sizeable piece of equipment that looks like a harp.
  4. To start a musical puzzle, engage the device that resembles a harp. This device plays a melodic tune in opposition to the water’s flow.
  5. You must enter the notes in the right order to continue. Reboot the machine by pushing each peg inward.
  6. Examine the peg arrangements and sections of the harp-like device.
  7. The following numbers will open the door to the next level: 1-4-7-2-5.
  8. This implies that the pegs in the first, fourth, seventh, second, and fifth sections must be pushed.
  9. A chime signifying the completion of your puzzle will play after you successfully input the right sequence.

The Bolt Driver Handgun will be placed on a pedestal in the sanctum after the chime stops. Claim your prize by approaching the pedestal and interacting with it.

With all of the information provided above, my guide on How to get Bolt Driver Remnant 2 comes to an end. In conclusion, the Bolt Driver stands as a testament to Remnant 2’s rich arsenal, melding the vintage with deadly efficiency in close combat. Concealed within Yaesha’s enigmatic puzzles, its high damage output, rapid-fire rate, and significant ammo capacity solidify its reputation.

This is all for The Bolt Driver. Feel free to check out Remnant 2 Ring Of Omens, How To Get Plasma Cutter, and Rusted Heirloom in Remnant 2 guides.


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