Remnant 2: How To Cure Root Rot [Items Required]

Learn all details on how to cure the Remnant 2 Root Rot, what items will be required and what steps to follow!

In Remnant 2 players can be afflicted with a status effect. In other terms, a status effect is just a negative effect that occurs and can derail the progress of the player. One of these status effects is known as the Remnant 2 Root Rot and this guide will provide all details required to cure it. Including all items that are required and what steps should be taken.

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2 is filled with different status effects that can negatively affect a player’s progress in the game.
  • One of these status effects is the Root Rot.
  • The Root Rot effect causes players to stop and start coughing, preventing them from doing any other tasks. 
  • The cure for Root Rot in Remnant 2 is the cleanser, Oilskin Balm which can be purchased from Doc Norah.
  • The cleanser costs 100 Scraps.
  • Armour that Blight Resistance can prove helpful in preventing the status effect from even taking place.

What Is Root Rot In Remnant 2?

Players will come across the Root Rot status effect when uncovering the world of Yaesha. This effect is quite the killer and knowing more about it is crucial. The Root Rot status effect begins when players stand in a cloud of red smoke for a tad too long. This will not damage players’ health as much, but it will stop the character at different places to start coughing. When this happens, no other actions can be performed which hurdles any further progress.

A quick temporary solution to this would be to roll over. This will break the animation and will help get back to normal quicker. However, the overall solution to this is not that difficult or expensive to complete, so that is much more preferred.

Items Required To Cure Root Rot

oilskin available to purchase
The Oilskin Balm is for sale [Image Credits: eXputer]
Just like all other status effects, the specific cleanser required to cure Remannt 2 Root Rot can be acquired from Doc Norah. The cleanser required for Root Rot is known as the Oilskin Balm. Doctor Norah can be found in Ward 13, and the Oilskin Balm is one of many things she has available.

The Oilskin Balm not only helps cure the Root Rot status effect but also provides a boosted Blight Resistance by 25% for 10 minutes. This can be purchased from Doc Norah for the small price of 100 Scraps, the in-game currency.

If players are running low on Scraps, they can quickly gather them by defeating enemies or even opening chests, and 100 Scraps will be acquired in no time!

Armour pieces that provide resistance against Blight are also a great way to prevent the Root Rot Status effect. Equipping them will prevent the status effect from building up in the first place!

That is all there is to know about how to cure Remnant 2 Root Rot, make sure to follow all the measures listed above and there should be no issues! If the Root Rot Status effect has not been hit yet, try preventive measures to avoid this happening. Whilst playing Remnant 2, check out other guides such as Remnant 2 Scraps Exploit and get an unlimited amount of scraps! Leave a comment down below for any queries there may be.

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