Remnant 2: Vault Of The Formless [Walkthrough]

The Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless is a challenging dungeon and home to some valuable loot, including the Rupture Cannon weapon. 

The Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless is a challenging dungeon that tests your abilities to their value. But it is the most enjoyable dungeon, with valuable loot and crazy bosses. You must have some prior knowledge about what to expect there and how to tackle stuff. Otherwise, you will be scratching your head. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Vault Of The Formless dungeon is located in the Rhom region of Remnant 2, specifically within the Wardak Ruins location.
  • The Vault of the Formless has three key areas: the entrance, the Chamber of Stasis, and the Boss Room.
  • The entrance features initial encounters with N’Erud Zombies and holds two chests along with a secret room.

Vault Of The Formless Location 

Going through Vault of the Formless (Image Captured by eXputer)

Vault of the Formless is a dungeon located in the Rhom region of Remnant 2. It is a challenging dungeon and home to some valuable loot, including the Rupture Cannon weapon, which I think makes the Vault a worthwhile trip. 

To reach the Vault of the Formless, you must first complete the Rhom campaign. Once you have completed the campaign, you can find the entrance to the dungeon in the Wardak Ruins.

Secrets Of The Vault

There are three secrets in Vaults of the Formless:

  • Secret Room 1.
  • Secret Corridor.
  • Red door.

Vault Of The Formless Walkthrough

The Vault of the Formless is divided into three main areas:

  • The Entrance.
  • The Chamber of Stasis.
  • The Boss Room.

The Entrance

vault of the Formless Entrance
The Entrance to the Vault of the Formless [Image by eXputer]
The entrance to the Vault of the Formless is located in the Wardak Ruins. It is a relatively straightforward area, and you must follow the path. 

  • The first enemies you will encounter at the entrance are a few N’erud Zombies.
  • These enemies are relatively easy to defeat but can be dangerous if you are not careful.
  • They can inflict a status effect called Suppression, which will slow you down and make it difficult to fight back, so I recommend using ranged weapons as much as you can.

There are two chests at the entrance of the Vault of the Formless. The first chest is in a small room to the right of the entrance. The second chest is at the end of the hallway, just before the door to the Chamber of Stasis.

Secret Room 1

There is a secret room at the entrance of the Vault of the Formless. You must destroy some crates in a small side room to find this room. Once you destroy the crates, you will find a hole in the floor. Drop down through the hole, and you will find the secret room. In the secret room, you will find a ring.

Red Door

The Red Door (Image taken by eXputer)

This door is located in the secret room at the entrance to the dungeon. The door needs to be opened, and it is unknown what is behind it.

The Chamber Of Stasis

The best way to survive the Chamber of Stasis is to use the stasis beds to your advantage. You can use them to freeze enemies or create a safe healing space. If careful, you should be able to make your way through the Chamber of Stasis without too much trouble.

A secret corridor can be found in the Chamber of Stasis. To access this corridor, you must stay inside the structure when the arms are spinning. You will find the House Lythia Glyph and the Metal Driver ring in this corridor.

Boss Room

To complete the Vault of the Formless, you must take on a last fight with the boss known as Zombie Horde. You must head to the boss’s room to find him. The boss room is the final area of the Vault of the Formless. It is a large, open area with a few pillars and a platform in the center. 

  1. There is a Glyph Door in the boss room that will be locked.
  2. You will have to clear the enemies before it is unlocked.
  3. So, focus on killing the enemies, and the waving hands will eventually stop moving. The Glyph Door can then be unlocked with the Glyph Key.
  4. Once unlocked, just head inside, and you will find the Rupture Cannon.
  5. This crocodile-looking shotgun is mighty with minimal recoil, burning enemies to the ashes. 

My Tips For Vault Of The Formless

The Vault of the Formless is a challenging dungeon, so the best strategy I would advise is to be patient. Don’t try to rush through the dungeon, or you will likely get overwhelmed. Moreover, there are several environmental features that you can use to your advantage in the Vault of the Formless. For instance, you can use the stasis beds to freeze enemies or create a safe healing space.

So this is it! This will conclude my guide on Remnant 2’s Vault of the Formless Dungeon. If you found this walkthrough helpful, you can see the guide on dual archetypes and how to unlock the summoner archetype.


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