Remnant 2: Dual Archetypes & How They Work

Diversify your build in Remnant 2 by discovering how to utilize Dual Archetypes!

Remnant 2’s Dual Archetypes is a brand new mechanic in the Remnant series that lets you create a hybrid build between 2 distinct archetypes. Each archetype acts like an in-game class, and similar to the title’s prequel, Remnant: From the Ashes, these classes have their unique traits, perks, skills, and play styles.

Key Takeaways
  • Dual Archetypes in Remnant 2 let you simultaneously choose, equip, and upgrade any two different sub-archetypes or classes for a build.
  • Players can unlock this feature later in their playthrough and can swap classes whenever they like without any cost.
  • Both archetypes in a dual-archetype build will have separate slots and progression, and players can access their individual abilities, like skills, perks, and traits.
  • A Dual Archetype has a Prime Archetype on the first slot and a Secondary Archetype on the second slot.
  • Both classes can be used and developed, but the Prime Archetype will consistently prove stronger.
  • This is due to the fact that it has access to its Prime Perk, which grants additional benefits such as improved cooldowns and charges, unlike the Secondary class.
  • Besides that, the combination chosen will give the build a new name displayed during co-op, letting players know about your build and weapon set.

What Are Dual Archetypes In Remnant 2?

Upon starting your first playthrough, Remnant 2 offers you the choice to choose one of any 4 starting classes – Gunslinger, Handler, Challenger, and Medic. As you progress through, you’ll have the option to swap to a new archetype and later even create a Dual Archetype, which lets you utilize and upgrade 2 different archetypes simultaneously.

Remnant 2 dual archetypes in-game
Early Glimpse into Remnant 2’s Dual Archetypes
    1. Once your build becomes a Dual Archetype, your new (or secondary) archetype will start at Level 1, while your primary archetype will retain its progress.
    2. You’ll have access to both archetypes’ individual abilities, including their skills, traits, and perks, and you can use them interchangeably mid-combat.
    3. Each archetype’s progression will be separate, so you must level up each class individually.
    4. The two archetypes will have their separate slots, but the archetype in the first (or the Prime) slot will have extra bonuses.
    5. Unlike the secondary archetype, the primary archetype will be able to access its Prime Perk along with added qualities to its skills, including better effectiveness, charges, and cooldowns.
    6. There’s also no restriction on the hybrids, meaning you can combine any two archetypes.
    7. During co-op and online play, your dual-archetype build will display a new name to other players, letting them know what skills, perks, and traits you have.

Why Dual Archetypes Will Be Game Changers in Remnant 2?

Dual Archetypes are a great way to boost your build’s versatility, letting you try different play-style combinations and discover new combat techniques. Although the developers haven’t pinpointed when to use this mechanic, the best assumption is that you’ll access it after unlocking all the starting classes.

Important: You’ll only be able to use the prime perk of the primary archetype and not the secondary one. For example, if you have the handler as a secondary archetype and the gunslinger as the primary, you’ll be able to have the dog with you in combat, but it won’t be able to revive you if you go down.
remnant 2 class
Remnant 2 Classes 
Important: Because of the added effects, Remnant 2 Dual Archetypes with the same classes but in alternating positions will not be the same. For instance, a Prime DPS Archetype with a secondary Support Archetype will not be the same as a Prime Support Archetype with a secondary DPS Archetype.

That wraps up this guide on everything there is to know about Remnant 2’s Dual Archetypes. The developers previously mentioned how they wanted to expand this system from the sequel, and so far, the additions look promising. With more classes to choose from and wider upgradability, players will have a lot more freedom and variety to customize and make an ideal build for themselves. Judging by this Subreddit Post, the community is already exploring different options to use the new mechanics.

Besides that, take a look at Remnant’s Release Platforms, Date, and Requirements to get your system and yourself ready for another intense experience by Gunfire Games!


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