Remnant 2: Nebula Handgun [How To Get & Perks]

Here is how you can find the materials to craft The Nebula Handgun in Remnant 2 with the perfect guide and techniques.

You can find multiple weapons in Remnant 2, which you will like, But Nebula is a type of weapon that every player in Remnant 2 loves to use. It is a handgun. It attacks by firing acidic gas, and due to this, an acidic corrosion effect gets started, which slowly kills the enemy by giving them damage every second. Nebula Remnant 2 is known as the best Handgun due to its damage, and its attack power is extremely high.

Key Takeaways
  • Nebula is a Handgun In Remnant 2 used for short-range combats.
  • You can craft Nebula from Ward 13 in Remnant 2.
  • To craft Nebula, you will also need three items.
  • For one of the items, you would also have to fight a boss in Remnant 2.
  • The effects of the Nebula Handgun are the best effects you could find in a short-range combat weapon.
  • Nebula also gives the maximum stat levels you could get from any short-range weapon.

How Do You Get The Nebula Handgun In Remnant?

Crafting Nebula
Crafting Nebula – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer
  1. You will need one Spiced Bile.
  2. Next, You will need seven of the Lumenite Crystals.
  3. And finally, you will need 650 Scraps.

Getting The Lumenite Crystal And Spiced Bile

Spiced Bile In R2
Spiced Bile – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer
  1. If you are trying to get the Lumienite Crystal, you would have to simply go to Ward 13 and buy it from there.
  2. You will only have to kill some enemies before buying it so that you can gather up some Scraps.
  3. To get the Spiced Bile, you would have to put in some effort. If you’ve reached the N’erud region, you will know that there is a boss named Tal Ratha.
  4. He is located exactly in The Forgotten Prison in N’Erud.
  5. You would have to kill the boss because after defeating the Tal Ratha, you would be acquired with the Spiced Bile.
  6. When the mission will begin, you will have to talk to Tal Ratha. He will ask you to find and get the Sparked Cylinder for him.
  7. The Sparked Cylinder inside The Eon vault’s underground facility. You can only do this part if you have completed the hatchery mission.
  8. Once you get the Sparkled Cylinder, You would have to return to The Forgotten Prison where Tal Ratha is.
  9. When you reach there, hand him the Sparkled Cylinder.
  10. There, you will get two choices, which are to let yourself be eaten by that monster or to disagree with him and fight him.
  11. The option you would be choosing is to fight him to get the Spiced Bile.
  12. To defeat Tal Ratha is not so hard. Notice his moves and avoid his attacks. Try to land your attacks at suitable places.
  13. Finally, after you defeat Tal Ratha, he will drop some loot and the main item, Spiced Bile.

Perks And Effects

Nebula Effects In R2
Nebula Effects – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Fires a stream of super hot Acid gas, which applies the Corroded effect, dealing 405 Corrosive damage over 15 seconds.” Killing targets with Corroded with Nebula causes a gas cloud to appear, which has an on-hit effect. “Gas clouds last two seconds and can be refreshed.” It has the same effective range as a shotgun.

It also has the Nano Swarm upgrade, which allows it to “release a swarm of Nanomachines that seek out enemies within 20m and attack repeatedly, dealing 8.1 Acid damage per hit.” That lasts 15 seconds.” Its mod power need is relatively low at 750 compared to Overflow, although it is more than Sorrow’s mod power requirement.

Nebula Handgun Stats

Nebula Stats In R2
Nebula Stats – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer
Rounds Per Second8
Ideal Range8m
Maximum Ammunition220
Stagger Modifier-15%

The Nebula Handgun is really great weapon for short-range combat. Once you get it will be the best secondary weapon in your loadout to fight off the monsters. Check out our newly published guide over the Vault Of the Formless and how to get there.


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