Remnant 2: Spectral Blade [Location & Stats]

Learn all there is to know about the Spectral Blade, its stats, weapon mod, upgrade path, and how to obtain it in Remnant 2.

Spectral Blade is one of the best Melee weapons in Remnant 2 that can massacre enemies with its sharp edge. It can be crafted at the McCabestore. With the Whirlwind weapon mod, the Spectral Blade is a must-have for all players.

Key Takeaways
  • The Spectral Blade is a Melee weapon that deals good damage with its sharp edge.
  • It can be crafted at Ava McCabe’s store using x1 Eidolon Shard, x650 Scrap, and x7 Lumenite Crystal.
  • Players can obtain the Eidolon Shard by killing Sha’Hala, Spectral Guardian of N’erud.
  • Spectral Blade’s Weapon Mod is called Whirlwind.
  • Whirlwind creates an 8m wide AoE of slashes that hits all enemies for 75 damage per hit.
  • Additionally, Whirlwind is permanently affixed to the Spectral Blade and cannot be changed.

Spectral Blade Remnant 2 Stats & Weapon Mod

Some general stats about the Spectral Blade that you need to know are listed below:

Weapon CategoryMelee Weapon
Critical Hit Chance8%
Stagger Modifier+105%
Weak Spot Damage-25%

In Remnant 2, Whirlwind is the Spectral Blade’s weapon mod that creates an 8m wide AoE (Area of Effect) that hits all enemies for 75 damage.  

Spectral Blade Remnant 2
The Spectral Blade | Image Credit: eXputer

Spectral Blade Location

I needed the following materials to craft the Spectral Blade at Ava McCabe’s store:

  • Eidolon Shard x1
  • Scrap x650
  • Lumenite Crystal x7
Crafting Spectral Blade Remnant 2
Crafting The Spectral Blade | Image By eXputer
Important: Players can obtain the Eidolon Shard by killing Sha’Hala, Spectral Guardian of N’erud in the Sentinel’s Keep.

Spectral Blade Upgrade Path

I would definitely recommend upgrading the Blade, for which I have listed the upgrade path below:

Upgrade LevelNew DamageRequired Items
158.3Scrap x450
Iron x5
Lumenite Crystal x2
263.6Scrap x525
Iron x10
Lumenite Crystal x2
368.9Scrap x600
Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x2
474.2Scrap x675
Forged Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x2
579.5Scrap x750
Forged Iron x20
Lumenite Crystal x3
684.8Scrap x825
Galvanized Iron x10
Lumenite Crystal x3
790.1Scrap x900
Galvanized Iron x20
Lumenite Crystal x3
895.4Scrap x975
Hardened Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x4
9100.7Scrap x1050
Hardened Iron x20
Lumenite Crystal x4
10106Scrap x1125
Simulacrum x1
Lumenite Crystal x5

Remnant 2 incorporated the Souls formula with a third-person shooter game. Taking heavy inspiration from Hidetaka Miyazaki’s legendary games, Remnant 2 boasts challenging enemies and aesthetic environments that players have grown to love. Players can experience all of these things in Remnant 2 on PlayStation 5Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

And there you have it, and with this comprehensive guide, you will be able to unlock this mighty weapon and cut all enemies to shreds with Whirlwind.

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