Remnant 2: Council Tribunal & The Guilty Member

Uncover who is the guilty council member by completing the Council Tribunal Puzzle in Remnant 2!

There are many different secrets hidden in the plot of Remnant 2. Among those is the Remnant 2 Council Tribunal puzzle, which is part of a questline that sees you uncovering the guilty member of a council who might be behind the death of the One True King.

 Important: The Guilty Council Member in Remnant 2 is different in each playthrough, so ensure you inspect the dagger correctly.

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2 Council Tribunal questline involves revealing a traitor among the One True King’s council.
  • Locate the Council Chamber in Losomn for the quest.
  • Obtain the Magic Quill from the Jester in the Beatific Palace to unlock the council’s location in Remnant 2.
  • Mirror the Council Tribunal in the Fae Palace to reveal a rearranged seating arrangement.
  • Match real and mirrored objects to unlock the throne room door.
  • Find an assassin’s dagger with a unique symbol behind the throne.
  • Examine the dagger in the inventory to identify the traitor’s symbol.
  • Return to the Council Chamber, accuse the guilty, and execute them upon confession.
  • Quest completion rewards players with the Ornate Sword, symbolizing courage and determination.

Locating The One True King’s Council in Remnant 2

The Council Member [captured by us]

Discovering the location of the One True King’s Council offers a compelling adventure. The Jester resides on the lower floors of the Beatific Palace, within a small chamber adorned with an array of bones.

I recommend following the below-listed steps to easily locate the One True King’s Council:

  1. With the Magic Quill in your possession, leave the Jester’s bone-filled chamber and take a left. 
  2. An intriguing sight meets your eyes here – a worn chalk door pattern graces the wall. 
  3. As you approach this design, apply the Magic Quill, and behold as the mystical doorway springs to life.
  4. Step into the portal with a sense of anticipation. 
  5. As you emerge on the other side, you find yourself in the Council Chamber
  6. The Council of the One True King is but a few steps away. 
  7. Ascend the small staircase before you, and there awaits the council, ready to engage in their age-old dialogue.

Finding The Traitor To The One True King

The One True King on the Throne

After conversing with the council, comprised of Savan, Oniril, and Nyele, you uncover a bitter truth: one among them has betrayed the One True King, resulting in an eternal slumber akin to death. Their trust in you prompts them to task you with identifying a guilty council member. 

Finding The Council Tribunal

As per my experience, to unveil the traitor, your first destination is the Council Tribunal, accessible through the dark reflection of the Fae palace.

  1. Exit the council chamber and turn left, where a series of stairways await. 
  2. Navigating these stairways leads you to a room with a gleaming mirror that is a portal to the Council Tribunal
  3. The Tribunal mimics the layout of the Council Chamber, providing a sense of familiarity.
  4. Upon arrival, you must clear the area of adversaries
  5. Once the chamber is secure, an observation reveals the council’s absence. 
  6. However, their seats remain, surrounded by a pool with water-like qualities
  7. A closer inspection of the pool’s surface shows a reflection of the light realm featuring the council members seated in their designated places.

Solving The Council Tribunal Puzzle

Solving the Remnant 2 Council Tribunal puzzle

Upon reaching the Council Tribunal, the seats at the council’s base contain distinct objects, each marked with unique symbols. Peering into the water-like surface reveals their counterparts in the light realm, albeit in different positions.

  • Your task is to match the locations of these objects with their counterparts in the reflected realm. 
  • Reposition the blue diamond-shaped item to the left, the pink eye-shaped item in the center, and the purple mirror-like item to the right. 
  • Successfully replicating the setup triggers the grand door opening behind the council seats, leading you into the throne room.

Discovering The Evidence

remnant 2 council tribunal and the guilty council member
The Dagger with the Symbol [screenshot by eXputer]
  1. Navigate around the throne, ascend the stone steps to their highest point, and leap across to the ledge in front. 
  2. Proceeding along this ledge brings you to the area behind the throne. 
  3. Another leap positions you right behind the king’s head.

An unexpected discovery awaits here – an assassin’s dagger embedded in the king’s neck. 

  1. Interact with it to collect this vital evidence and prepare for a skirmish as adversaries assail you on your exit from the throne room.
  2. Rotate the weapon to observe the bottom of its hilt, where a symbol resembles one of the symbols of the Council members.
  3. The Symbol is different for every player, so I recommend investigating the dagger thoroughly before accusing one of the members.

Accusing The Traitor

remnant 2 council tribunal and the guilty member in losomn
The Options for Choosing the Guilty Member [image by eXputer]

Having successfully returned to the light realm and entered the Council Chamber, it’s time to reveal your findings. 

  1. Engage the council in conversation, declaring your possession of crucial evidence
  2. Be sure to select the dialogue option that offers to reveal the dagger to the council, and importantly, ensure you’ve inspected the dagger to uncover the damning symbol on its hilt beforehand.
  3. Without hesitation, the guilty will confess to their treachery. 
  4. Their execution swiftly follows the admission, carried out right then and there. 

The dramatic unfolding of events concludes with words of gratitude from the remaining council members, marking the successful completion of the quest and for your courage and tenacity, you are gifted the Ornate Sword

With that, my guide on the Remnant 2 Tribunal Council Puzzle ends. Now, You know everything about the Tribunal Council puzzle and how to find the guilty member in the Council. Considering the questline does not exactly tell you what to do or where to go while solving the mystery, completing it can be quite challenging. But, following the instructions, extracted from my Remnant 2 experience, you’ll complete the quest in no time.

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