Remnant 2: Sentinels Keep Boss [Locations, Strategy & Rewards]

Take a look at the strategy of how to defeat the Sentinel keep boss called Sha'Hala in Remnant 2 and the rewards it drops. 

Sentinels Keep is one of the locations in Remnant 2 with a major boss that you can defeat to get plenty of rewards. The boss that you will be facing in the Sentinels keep gallery is called Sha’Hala, the Spectral Guardian of N’Erud. But first, you will have to explore a major part of this area and interact with an NPC here as well before you can access the boss. 

Key Takeaways
  • Sha’Hala is the major boss in the Sentinels Keep location in Remnant 2. 
  • It appears as a phantom and hides its weak spot during the second attack phase.
  • His attacks include Laser Beams, Directional Orbs, Homing Orbs, Hand Beams, and Black Hole Attacks. 
  • The best strategy is to dodge most attacks and strike when the weak spot is visible.
  • Defeating Sha’Hala rewards Eidolon Shard, Tome Of Knowledge, Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, Segment, and Void Cinder used to craft the Aphelion long gun.
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Sentinels Keep Location In Remnant 2

Sentinels Keep Gallery is a location in N’Erud. In order to access the location, you will have to start from the Seekers Rest Area in N’Erud.

Remnant 2 Sentinels Keep Boss location
Sentinels Keep Boss location in Remnant 2 – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
I would suggest reaching the Sha’Hala boss quickly by following the steps mentioned below:

  • However, if you didn’t start from seeker rest, you will have to complete the whole N’Erud to find the Spectral Guardian and defeat him. 
  • You must complete two phases of the boss fight when completing the storyline of the travel to Alepsis Taura.
  • But first, you must find three seekers’ keys to enter the tower in the area. 

Key Locations

In order to get access to the location of boss, you will have to find three keys located in different areas of N’Erud.

boss arena
Accessing the boss arena – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
To get the first key, I recommend you make your way to the Seekers Rest, which is also the starting area in N’Erud. As soon as you reach the Seekers Rest, you will encounter an NPC called the Custodian. 

  • The key will be located inside a room that also has a massive statue in it. 
  • You would have to solve a puzzle to get the key from this statue, and after that, you can head towards the Hatchery for the second key. 
  • To get the second, you will have to go across the Phantom Wasteland and fight the Primogenitor Hatchery Boss to get the second key. 
  • For the last key, you will have to travel to Spectrum Nexus, face the Custodian Eye, and explore the dungeon to get the key. 

How To Defeat The Sentinels Keep Boss 

After you have successfully located the Sentinels keep boss in Remnant 2, the next step is to defeat him. Just like the other enemies and bosses in Remnant 2, Sha’Hala also has a weak spot, which you can use against him to deal greater damage and take him down quickly.

Sentinels Keep Boss Sha’Hala – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
When it comes to Sha’Hala, I would suggest you to follow the mentioned steps:

  • If you want to damage Sha’Hala’s weak spot, you will have to keep an eye on it, and as soon as it is revealed, deal damage to it using your weapon.
  • It is also important to remember that the individual attacks of the boss are not very damaging by themselves.
  • However, very often in the battle, he will use these attacks in a combination move, which can deal great damage and can be very difficult to counter. 
  • Furthermore, during the battles, his attacks can be so fast that you might find it difficult to dodge them. 

First Phase 

During the first phase, Sha’Hala will not be covering his weak spot much, so you can deal significant damage to the enemy.

Remnant 2 Sentinels Keep Boss First Phase
First Phase – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
The Sentinels Keep Boss will constantly be attacking from his orb.

After trying this almost 10 times, I would suggest players keep an eye out for 3 main attacks:

  • One of his most common attacks includes shooting beams of purple lightning using his hands at the players. 
  • The time difference between these beams is approximately one second, so you must dodge a lot when Sha’Hala is performing this attack. 
  • His other attack includes summoning green orbs that will surround you and deal damage by shooting laser beams.
  • You can counter this attack pretty easily by using an automatic weapon at these orbs to destroy them. 
  • He will use lightning for his third attack to deal damage around the arena. This is by far the most damaging attack of the Sentinels keep boss, and you can avoid it by dodging quickly. 

Second Phase 

During the second phase of the fight, the Sentinels’ Keep Boss will be covering his weak spot more often.

Remnant 2 Sentinels Keep Boss Second Phase
Second Phase – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
Here’s my recommended method to deal with the Second phase of the boss fight:

  • You can only deal some counter damage whenever the boss performs its black hole attack. 
  • During the black hole attack, the boss will summon an orb directly at your position.
  • This orb can be quite hard to dodge, and you have to run away from it further and hit the orb as much as you can.
  • After that, you must heal yourself using different consumables before the boss attacks you again. 
  • Make sure to reload your weapon whenever you can and attack the orb as much as possible to take the boss down quickly. 


When facing the Sentinels Keep Boss Sha’Hala, there are a few strategies that you should keep in mind if you want to defeat the boss quickly in battle. 


The most important strategy in the Sha’Hala boss battle is dodging. During both phases of the fight, he will land certain attacks on you that can be difficult to counter.

Remnant 2 Sentinels Keep Boss Strategies
Strategies – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
For instance, in one of its attacks, the boss will aim at the player and then shoot lasers, dealing damage.

To deal with the aforementioned attack, I prefer you take the following measures:

  • During the attack, it is important to dodge.
  • Otherwise, you will lose a major chunk of your health bar.
  • There are also some green lasers that go throughout the arena without damaging the player.
  • However, after that, on the same path, the lasers will appear again, this time damaging the players and their allies greatly. 

Casting Time 

One thing that I highly recommend is using a heavy-ranged weapon instead of a melee weapon in this boss fight.  

  • Every attack used by Sha’Hala has a casting time.
  • As soon as you figure out the casting time of Sha’Hala and its pattern, you will be able to counter these attacks more easily.
  • For instance, the boss will use his hands whenever he is about to shoot lasers. 
  • When it comes to the hands of the boss, they have their own HP bar.
  • After you destroy them, you will significantly decrease the main health bar of the boss as well.
  •  I found that focusing on the orb will help you take down the boss faster. 

Weak Spot 

I was not surprised to know that just like the other bosses in Remnant 2, Sha’Hala has its own weak spot that he will hide in the second phase of the boss battle.

  • You can deal the most damage to the orb during the first phase when he is dealing with minor attacks. 
  • As soon as the second phase starts, the boss will start to fade, and the whole arena will become dark.
  • Whenever the boss uses its main orb to attack you, that is when you can deal the most damage to it.
  • This is where I recommend using melee attacks instead of ranged ones because they will deal more damage. 


The most important reward you will receive is the Void cinder that will allow you to craft one of the most important powerful weapons called Aphelion. 

Make sure to use the override pin when you start a boss fight in the terminal. Remember that if you use the pin again after you destroy the boss, you will not be able to return to N’Erud again.

Below is a list of all the rewards you will get as soon as you defeat Sha’Hala in Remnant 2. 

Drops Uses
Eidolon Shard
It is one of the crafting materials that can be used to make Items like the spectral blade. This is a very powerful weapon that you can craft by visiting McCabe.
Lumenite crystal
It is one of the most important upgrade materials that can be used on special weapons. It can upgrade relic charges as well.
It can be used to buy items like gear, weapons, and even upgrades. Scrap is the main currency used in Remnant 2.
Tome of knowledge
This consumable item will allow you to get an additional Trait point in Remnant 2. If you use it at a trait point limit of 65, then you will get some archetype XP.
This is the most important drop from the Sentinels keep boss and is also a quest item. You will need to give this Segment to the keeper if you want to progress further in the quest.
Void cinder
It is also one of the crafting materials used in Remnant 2. You can give it to McCabe, and she will craft you a special long gun called Aphelion.

With this, I conclude my detailed guide on Sentinels Keep Boss in Remnant 2. While you are at it, don’t forget to check out the guide on Soul Sparks Mission and how to get the World’s Edge Great Sword in Remnant 2.

You can also see the guide on Scroll Of Binding and Fruit Of Death in Remnant 2. If you want to upgrade your defense, then read the guide on Labyrinth Armor in Remnant 2. 

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