Remnant 2 Override Pin [Location & Uses]

Learn how to find the Override Pin in Remnant 2, along with its uses & craft an amazing weapon at the end.

Remnant 2 features a lot of quest items. Some items can be found while completing the main quests, and some can be found during side quests. However, apart from the quest items, there are items that can be found lying in different locations. These items can prove to be useful sometimes. An Override Pin is one such item. This item is not a part of any side or main quest, but players have to look for it to get their hands on it. In this guide, I will show you the location of the “Remnant 2 Override Pin.”

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2 Override Pin is a special item in Remnant 2.
  • The Override Pin can be found in the nameless dungeon of Timeless Horizon.
  • Players must explore the nameless dungeon’s depths to get their hands on the Override Pin.

  • It can also be used to craft one of the dangerous weapons in Remnant 2, Aphelion.
  • Aphelion is a long gun that dominates the mid-range fights
  • However, to craft Aphelion, some other items are also needed:
    • Void Cinder: 1
    • Lumenite Crystal: 7
    • Scrap: 1000

Remnant 2 Overrdie Pin Location

The override pin is an item that can be used to craft the long gun, “Aphelion.” However, the override pin can be found in a specific location. In order to get the override pin, first of all, you have to get to the biome of Timeless Horizon. Once you are at the Timeless Horizon, look for the nameless tower/dungeon, as shown in the image below.

Nameless Dungeon In front
Nameless Dungeon In front [Image Credit: Neyreyan]
After you find the nameless tower, follow the instructions below to find the Override Pin.

  1. Get inside the nameless tower in front.
  2. Go straight and get into the third room.
  3. Activate the elevator.
    Activating the First Elevator
    Activating the First Elevator [Image Credit: Neyreyan]
  4. The elevator will take you to the floor above.
  5. As you keep moving forward, on the right, you will see a hidden path.
    Hidden Passage to the right
    Hidden Passage to the Right [Image Credit: Neyreyan]
  6. Follow this hidden path. 
  7. Activate the second elevator that you encounter.
    Activating the second elevator
    Activating the Second Elevator [Image Credit: Neyreyan]
  8. Once you ascend to the floor above, you will encounter another elevator.
  9. Use this elevator to get to the floor below. 
  10. As the elevator makes its stop, right in front, you will see a red light.
  11. Get to this area, and you will find the override pin there.
    Override Pin Found
    Override Pin Found [Image Credit: Neyreyan]

How To Craft Aphelion In Remnant 2?

Now that you have your hands on the override pin, the next step is to craft the long gun, Aphelion. However, it is not as easy as it seems because, before that, you have to defeat the boss, “Sha’Hala Spectral Guardian of N’Erud.” In order to find Sha’Hala, follow the steps below:

  1. Travel to the Phantom Wastelands in Remnant 2.
  2. Use the Seeker’s Keys in the console in front.
    Using Seeker's Eyes
    Using Seeker’s Eyes [Image Credit: Neyreyan]
  3. Three Seeker’s Keys are required to open the giant door.
  4. Once you have opened the giant door, get inside.
  5. It will take you to a place known as “Sentinel’s Keep.”
    The Sentinel's Keep
    Inside The Sentinel’s Keep [Image Credit: Neyreyan]
  6. Keep moving forward, and the rest is simple.
  7. You will eventually reach a console. 
  8. There are two interaction points in the console.
    The Console
    The Console [Image Credit: Neyreyan]
  9. Interact with the second point, and it will ask you for the override pin.
    Using the Override Pin
    Using the Override Pin [Image Credit: Neyreyan]
  10. Insert the override pin, and Sha’Hala will appear.
  11. Now, defeat Sha’Hala, and it will drop a crafting item known as Void Cinder.
  12. The Void Cinder can be used to craft the long gun Aphelion.
  13. Now, travel back to Ward 13.
  14. Go and interact with the craftswoman Ava McCabe.
  15. Ask her to craft Aphelion for you.

However, make sure that you have the following required material to craft Aphelion:

  • Void Cinder: 1
  • Lumenite Crystal: 7
  • Scrap: 1000
Crafting Aphelion
Crafting Aphelion [Image Credit: Neyreyan]
Now that Aphelion has been crafted, you can unleash the true power of the Dying Star. Aphelion proves to be one of the most dangerous weapons for mid-range fights. 

With all of the information regarding the location and uses of the Remnant 2 Override Pin, this guide ends. The override pin can be used to craft one of the dominating mid-range weapons, Aphelion. In order to craft Aphelion, one has to defeat Sha’Hala and get the Void Cinder that it drops. 

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