5 Methods: How To Farm For Scrap In Remnant 2

Obtain every weapon upgrade and consumable by farming enough scrap in Remnant 2 efficiently!

Remnant 2 offers players the ability to farm scrap which is an essential resource when it comes to purchasing anything. Players will need scrap for nearly anything and everything, and since it can be pretty hard to come across, players might want to know the most efficient and fast way to Remnant 2 Scrap Farm and what resources can get you to scrap fast. 

Key Takeaways
  • Scrap in Remnant 2 is a resource that is used to buy consumables as well as weapons, gear, or upgrades. 
  • Farming for Scrap can be pretty difficult since every resource is scarce. 
  • Assassinating Enemies is an excellent way since there are many enemies to murder in the Yaesha, Losomn, N’Erud, and The Labyrinth Areas. 
  • Defeating world bosses such as Legion, Root Nexus, Corrupted Ravage, Nightcrawler, Magister Dullain, Bloat King, and many more to gain 500-750 scrap per boss. 
  • Selling items to merchants in Ward 13 such as the Lumenite Crystals can get you 150 scrap. 
  • Adventure Mode in Remnant 2 can allow you to defeat bosses and rerun campaigns in a concize world run and gain scrap. 

What Is Scrap In Remnant 2? 

First things first, players might want to know what exactly Scrap is Remnant 2, since it might get confusing for players that are just arriving to the scene right now. 

  • Scrap is essentially the main currency used for doing almost anything in Remnant 2, from being able to upgrade the gear that has been allocated to you to being able to access archetypes
    Scrap Use
    Scrap Use (Image Credits Exputer)

How To Farm Scrap In Remnant 2?

Scrap is one of the main resources that players will need to start farming from early in Remnant 2 since prices for attaining and upgrading gear or unlocking archetypes can get pretty steep. If you don’t get scrap early on, you’re pretty much screwed. 

1. Kill Enemies

One of the main things that you will be able to do to Remnant 2 Scrap Farm is to go around murdering every enemy in sight. Luckily for players, there isn’t a shortage of opponents who are ready to be eradicated in Remnant 2. Therefore, you will have plenty of opportunities for farming enemies, and while they don’t drop tons of scrap, it can still pile up if you save enough. 

Assassinating Enemies
Assassinating Enemies (Image Credits Exputer)

Enemies can be found in all sorts of places, and players will be able to murder them by approaching them and using various techniques. 

One thing you should know is that these enemies will vary in difficulty as you traverse from place to place, and the enemies you can encounter are all listed as follows that you can come across in the area. 

YaeshaLosomnN'ErudThe Labyrinth
Pan WarriorFae SoldierSentinelEnergy Sphere
SlayerMelee FaeBattle DroneSmall Golem
Elite InfectorHeavy FaeRobot GruntElite Golem
InfectorTeleport FaeE.D Alpha
Root AxemanRanged FaePossessed
Root WartChainsaw Elite DranCorpse Ball
Root ShamanCultist DranN'Erud Zombie
Root ZombieDran CommonfolkSpecter
Root HulkDran Ranged CommonfolkBaby Parasite
Root SniperGrenadier DranSlug Parasite
Root TumblerOil DranParasite
Root HorrorManticoraHatcher
Root FlyerLantern Horror
Root Moth
Root Slasher
Empowered Slayer
Root Wisp
Stalking Statue

2. Killing Bosses 

Now, a rather tougher alternative to farming enemies will be to murder bosses that are in different locations

Bosses (Image Credits Exputer)

Bosses in Remnant 2 can be absolutely brutal to the player if you don’t know what you’re doing since they require strategy and an efficient skillset if you are to take them down. However, murdering bosses also means getting your hands on scrap and other materials you might have missed out on otherwise. Below listed are all the bosses and how much scrap they drop. 

Boss NamesRewardsBoss Location
Legion3 Lumenite Crystals, Tome of Knowledge, 500 ScrapThe Twisted Chantry in Yaesha
Shrewd Skullcracker-The Expanding Glade in Yaesha
Root NexusBlood Bond trait and 100 ScrapThe Forbidden Grove in Yaesha
Mother Mind3 Lumenite Crystal, 1 Tome of Knowledge, Cordycep Gland and 500 ScrapThe Nameless Nest in Yaesha
Corrupted Ravage1 Segment, 1 Tome of Knowledge, 5 Lumenite Crystal and 750 ScrapRavager's Lair in Yaesha
Nightcrawler1 Segment, 1 Cursed Dream Skills, 1 Tome of Knowledge, 5 Lumenite Crystal and 750 ScrapThe Tormented Asylum in Losomn
Magister Dullain1 Tainted Ichor, 1 Tome of Knowledge, 3 Lumenite Crystal and 500 ScrapShattered Gallery in Losomn
Bloat King3 Lumenite Crystal, 1 Tome of Knowledge, 1 Bone Sap and 500 ScrapThe Great Sewers in Losomn
Primogenitor1 Tome of Knowledge, 1 Cracked Shell, 3 Lumenite Crystal and 500 ScrapThe Hatchery in N'Erud
Tal'ratha1 Shining Essence Echo, 1 Spiced Bile, 1 Tome of Knowledge, 5 Lumenite Crystal, 1 Segment and 750 ScrapThe Tormented Asylum in N'Erud
Fetid Corpse2 Corrupted Lumenite Crystal, 1 Transference and 330 ScrapVoid Vessel Facility in N'Erud
Abomination Regenerator-The Putrid Domain in N'Erud
Labyrinth Sentinel1 Tome of Knowledge, 1 Conflux Prism, 5 Lumenite Crystal and 750 ScrapThe Labyrinth
Annihilation-Blackened Citadel in Root Earth
VenomTome of Knowledge, 3 Lumenite Crystal, 1 Dread Core and 500 ScrapCorrupted Harbor in Root Earth
CancerTome of Knowledge, 1 Necrocyte Strand, 3 Lumenite Crystal and 500 ScrapAshen Wasteland in Root Earth

3. Selling Unwanted Items 

Other than that, you should know that there are also ways to Remnant 2 Scrap Farm by getting rid of unwanted items or that can be sold for scrap. 

Selling Items
Selling Items (Image Credits Exputer)

If you manage to make your way to Ward13, you will be able to come across many vendors, such as Rigs, Ace, Reggie, Root Mother, Whispers, and a few more NPCs lingering around. 

While most of these NPCs and merchants will be responsible for selling the player items, if you open up their interactions screen, there is another tab called “Sell,” whereby you should be able to sell items you don’t need. 

One of the items you can sell off is Lumenite Crystals, and a few others can be sold to earn some quick scrap. 

4. Adventure Mode 

Moving on, yet another way to gain some scrap is through the use of Adventure Mode. The Adventure mode grants players who are looking to complete a particular quest or want to murder a specific boss to access it again, but this time, the quest or boss will be focused on one world and will allow you to get a shorter experience. 

Adventure Mode
Adventure Mode (Image Credits Exputer)

The main way that players will be able to access adventure mode will be through completing the first main boss that you will be able to encounter once you are able to enter the first world in Remnant 2. 

After that has been done, you should be able to return to Ward 13. There should be a checkpoint-like stone that you can encounter, and you can interact with it. Afterward, head to world settings and the Adventure mode settings should be available. 

The adventure mode allows you to revisit the dungeons and bosses you’ve fought and gain scrap. 

What Is Scrap Used For In Remnant 2? 

Now, when it comes to spending the scrap you’ve earned so generously in Remnant 2, you should be able to use it to gather important resources or even buy weapons or weapon upgrades, which can help further boost your overall progress in Remnant 2. 

One of the main things you should invest your scrap is in merchants located at Ward 13

One of the really important merchants here is Reggie, who sells consumables for scrap listed as follows. 

ConsumablesScrap Price
Ammo Box200
Ethereal Orb50
Frenzy Dust100
Heavy Water Elixir50
Hydro Coolant50
Oilskin Tonic50
Orb Of Undoing2500
Ring of the Admiral2

Other than this, you should also invest in Crafting Materials and upgrades.

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Remnant 2 Scrap Farm guide, and with that, let’s wrap it up! While you’re here, why not read the Remnant 2 Features guide, which will tell you all you need to know about the features in-game? Apart from this, the Remnant 2 Best Control settings guide will showcase the best PC and Console settings for Remnant 2. 

Alongside that, the Remnant 2 Best Medic Build guide will tell you about the medic build of your dreams for Remnant 2! Lastly, the Remnant 2 Release Platforms guide will detail the platforms it released. 

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