Remnant 2: How To Get Second Archetype [Explained]

Learn how to get the second archetype in Remnant 2 to unleash your true potential.

Players can upgrade their abilities by getting a second archetype. However, in Remnant 2, Many players don’t know this and are stuck with their initial class and exhaust their potential.

Key Takeaways
  • In Remnant 2, equip a second archetype alongside the primary one to enhance playstyle and abilities.
  • To unlock the second archetype, players need 10 trait points, be beyond level 10, and acquire a special item for an engram.
  • In Remnant 2, find special items primarily in Ward 13; purchase them from NPCs or vendors for 1500 scrap.
  • Take the special item to Wallace in Ward 13, who crafts an engram for 1500 scrap and 10 Lumenite Crystals.
  • Equip the engram from the main character screen to access the second archetype.

How To Get Second Archetype?

You can get the second archetype after you have collected 10 trait points and you are beyond level 10 at least.

Trait points are earned by:

  • Defeating bosses
  • Finding Tomes of Knowledge
  • Completing side quests
Trait points in Remnant 2
You need at least 10 trait points to get the second archetype. [image by eXputer]
Once you have collected 10 trait points, you can unlock a second archetype. However, this is just not it! You will also have to get an Engram to get the second archetype.

How To Get An Engram?

To get the Engram, you must buy a special item from NPCs or vendors for 1500 scrap. Each archetype demands a different Engram, and each Engram demands a different special item. 

You will find most of the vendors in different locations of Ward 13. Some secret archetypes require some secret items that have yet to be discovered, such as Gunslinger

I recommend getting the following special items, as they are required to unlock the second archetype:

  • Old Metal Tool: buy it from Reggie to get the Challenger archetype.
  • Medic Pin: buy it from Doc Norah to get the Medic archetype.
  • Old Whistle: buy it from Mudtooth to get the Handler archetype.
  • War Medal: buy it from Brabus to get the Hunter archetype.
Remnant 2: special item for an Engram.
Bought the special item from a vendor. [image grabbed by us]
Once you have acquired the special item, take it to Wallace in Ward 13 to turn it into an engram. However, you must spend an extra 1500 scrap and 10 Lumenite Crystals to get Wallace to forge the Engram for you. 

Remnant 2: Engram Forged.
Forged Engram by Wallace in Ward 13. [image by eXputer]
Once the Engram is crafted, you can equip it in your character screen. This will allow you to use the skills and abilities of the second archetype.

Additional Information

Now that you know how to get the second archetype, you must know that the secondary archetype does not grant you access to the primary perk. Only your primary archetype has that. So, you must choose or select the perks that best suit your taste. 

This concludes my guide on Remnant 2 how to get second archetype. If you found this guide helpful, you can check out the other guide on Remnant 2 how to respec, and Thaen Seed.  

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