Remnant 2: Stone Of Malevolence Location

Learn all details required to know to find the Stone of Malevolence Remnant 2, an extremely desirable ring in-game!

Remnant 2 is a game full of trinkets and collectibles to gather all around the map. Now some of these may be a treat to find, but others have proven to be quite the hassle. The Stone Of Malevolence Remnant 2 is a ring that is extremely desirable, and this guide aims to show where this ring can be found. Not only that but all benefits and uses of the ring will also be discussed!

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2 includes a bunch of items that players can acquire for their characters, and the Stone of Malevolence is one of these!
  • Also known as the Ring of Malevolence in Remnant 2, this ring helps boost damage dealt by 15% once wielded.
  • The Stone of Malevolence ring will be found inside Losomn, and the best places to check are as follows:
  • The ring is a random world drop, so the exact location cannot be determined.
  • The starting point to find the Stone Of Malevolence in Remnant 2 is to find a large statue and turn right. Once a room appears, enter there and turn left. The path will lead to the ring.

Stone Of Malevolence Location In Remnant 2

This ring can be found at different locations all around the map. The best places to check have been listed below; all locations are inside Losomn.

  • Gilded Chambers 
  • Forsaken Quarter
  • The Great Hall

Players should note that the Stone of Malevolence is a random world drop, which means that the ring can be acquired from enemies or chests in certain places. The ring can drop randomly at any place in Losomn, adding uncertainty to its location at all times. 

How To Acquire The Stone Of Malevolence?

where to find the stone of malevolence
The Stone of Malevolence next to the corpse

Acquiring the ring has a few steps to it, and players must follow them to improve their chances. Once in the world of Losomn, keep an eye out for large statues as they are the base for finding the Stone Of Malevolence Remnant 2. 

Once at the statue, turn right and make your way forth. Continuing on, there will be a door that players will have to head into. Once inside, turn left and follow the path. At the very end, there will be a new room where lies the Stone Of Malevolence beside a corpse. 

What Is The Stone Of Malevolence?

The Stone Of Malevolence, also known as the Ring of Malevolence, is an extremely powerful accessory in Remnant 2. The Ring provides a 15% boost for damage dealt to the player’s Mod Power Elemental Statuses.

That is all there is to know about the Stone Of Malevolence Remnant 2; make sure to search for this specific item no matter how hard it may be, as it is a great addition. Whilst playing Remnant 2, check out other guides on the game, such as How To Unlock & Use Navigator Helm or Location & Uses For Thaen Seed. Make sure to drop comments down below for any questions there may be!

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