Remnant 2: All Labyrinth Secret Items & Locations

Unveil the Remnant 2 Labyrinth secret locations and get to know about all the hidden items and rare loot in the region.

The Labyrinth, from my experience, is home to many mysteries and secret areas in Remnant 2 and holds significant importance. As you explore this central hub, you unveil special loot and rare items that can assist you in your gameplay progression. Having knowledge about Remnant 2 Labyrinth secrets will give you an extra edge to get exceptional items and dominate your opponents.

Key Takeaways
  • Labyrinth is a central hub of different worlds in Remnant 2 and holds many secret locations and weapons.
  • By exploring the areas of Labyrinth, you can find different items, weapons, and consumables that will help you enhance your stats and capabilities.
  • You can get the Energized Neck Coil and Shard Banged Ring once you get past the Fractured Ingress point.
  • To get the Labyrinth Staff and Vengeful Strike, follow the right steps to reach the mini-boss Bastion and kill it.
  • Similarly, you can get the Cipher Rod and Reprocessed heart by using the Glitched portal on Labyrinth.
  • Finally, you can also find Leto’s Stash on the Labyrinth, including the Chicago Typewriter, along with Leto Mark Armor set.

Remnant 2 Labyrinth Secrets

Here is an overview of the secret loot along with their perks and abilities:

Item NamePerksLocation/How to get
Shard Banged RingEnhances Status Effect damage by 25%. Applying a damaging Status Effect creates a 5m Explosion for 20% of the Status Effect's full damageBeneath giant sculpture near Fractured Ingress Checkpoint
Energized Neck CoilIncreases Mod damage by 12%The hidden Cave past the giant scupltures
Labyrinth Staff/Vengeful StrikeLabyrinth Staff is a melee AoE weapon with 64 base damage. Vengeful Strike is a melee mutator that increases melee weapons damage. Defeat mini-boss Bastion
Cipher RodGiven to McCabe to craft Enigma Handgun weaponEntering the world with a bridge through Glitching Portal
Encrypted RingUsing a Mod provides a healing effect that heals 10% of max HP over 10s. Left Hallway near Fractured Ingress Checkpoint
Reprocessed HeartConverts 5 Health to 40 Mod Power each second for duration of 25s for Both Weapons. Cannot die from conversion.Entering the second world through Glitching Portal
Leto's StashYou get Chicago Typewriter weapon and Leto Mark 2 SetSecret passage near Worldstone

While exploring the area and beating Sentinel, you can also look out for some secret areas that hold mysterious loot. Here are the Labyrinth secret loot locations that are worth finding.

1. Energized Neck Coil And Shard Banged Ring

Remnant 2 Labyrinth Secrets
Energized Neck Coil Shard and Banged Ring location [Image by eXputer]
The Energized Neck Coil is a unique Amulet that is crafted from segments of the Labyrinth. The Amulet increases the Elemental Attacks and boosts the base damage by 25 percent. The burst damage attacks also create an explosion with an effective radius of up to five meters with a 20 percent damage effect of the total damage.

During your venture to get Energized Neck Coil, you can also get Shard Banged Ring. It is a special ring that enhances the mod abilities and increases the mod base damage by twelve percent.


To find the Energized Neck Coil Location in the Labyrinth, here’s the optimal path I would recommend:

  1. Go towards the narrow stairs going up the left side from the Fractured ingress checkpoint.
  2. After climbing the stairs, turn left and reach the location of the two giant sculptures.
  3. As you reach the second sculpture, you can see the Shard Banged Ring lying near its base from where you can collect it.
  4. In front of the statues, you can find a wall with a huge cross mark. As you reach the cross, you can spot a small opening at the base of the wall.
  5. Crouch down to cross the wall and jump down the slab to spot a cave opening on the left side.
  6. Enter the cave and walk forward to find the purple-glowing Energized Neck Coil placed on a stone slab.

2. Labyrinth Staff And Vengeful Strike

Remnant 2 melee weapon
Labyrinth Staff [Image by eXputer]
Vengeful Strike is a Melee Mutator that enhances your melee damage by 20 percent when your hp drops down 50 percent of the maximum health. In my opinion, the item is quite useful in critical combat and helps to change the outcomes of the fights.

Labyrinth Staff, on the other hand, is a Melee Weapon. Based on my gameplay experience, it is a deadly close-range item that generates impressive mod power and possesses the ability to knock down enemies in one go. The charge attacks of Labyrinth Staff cause AoE damage and affect all the enemies within its premises. You can equip it with the Mutator to further enhance its capabilities.


  1. To get both items, you have to defeat a specific mini-boss named Bastion. If you do not take up the fight, you will miss both the special items.
  2. To get to the boss, you need to reach the glitching portal of the level that cycles between five different locations. 
  3. Instead of going into the portal, take a left turn and jump down the gyroscopic slab structure.
  4. As you jump on the slabs, they will start to fuse, making your way to the destination.
  5. When you reach the edge, a cutscene of the golem will appear, after which the fight will start.
  6. Once you defeat Bastion, it will automatically drop Vengeful Strike.
  7. Now walk a bit forward to spot the Labyrinth staff placed beside a stone slab.

3. Cipher Rod

Cipher rod location
The Cipher Rod [Image by eXputer]
The Cipher Rod is a unique material that is used in crafting special weapons. The game addresses it as a palm-sized device that contains incomprehensible knowledge and the understanding of subatomic levels and unique measurements. Cipher Rod is used by McCabe to craft the Enigma Rifle.


  1. To get the Cipher Rod, return to the glitching portal as mentioned earlier and wait for it to shift.
  2. Once the portal portrays a white screen and an empty realm, it is time to jump in.
  3. You might be feeling like you’re jumping to nothingness, but eventually, you’ll fall on a bridge that will spawn shortly.
  4. As you walk forward the bridge and eliminate the elites, you will spot another giant statue.
  5. Reach the base of the statue and collect the Cipher Rod.

4. Reprocessed Heart

Remnant 2 Labyrinth Secrets
Reprocessed Heart [Image by eXputer]
A reprocessed heart is a Relic that can convert Health into Mod Power. On use, the item transforms +5 health as grey health, thus converting it into 40 mod power per second for both weapons. The effect of a Reprocessed heart lasts for 25 seconds, and the user can not die due to the conversion effect. The item is a great way to maximize your DPS potential and dominate the enemies and sturdy bosses.


  1. To get Reprocessed Heart, you need to head to the glitching portal again.
  2. This time, you need to wait for the portal to shift until you can see a bird’s eye view of a floating portal.
  3. If you time your jump right, you will fall directly into another portal and land on a platform.
  4. Once you land on the platform, turn around to see the Reprocessed heart placed on the pedestal.

5. Encrypted Ring

Remnant 2 Labyrinth Secrets
The Encrypted Ring [Image by eXputer]
Encrypted Ring is a stat-enhancing accessory that heals your HP over time. When equipped, the ring will heal your HP with an effect of 10 percent of max HP over 10 seconds whenever you cast a mod or a skill. After some testing, I also found out you can stack up the duration effect up to 30 seconds by casting multiple skills or mods.


  1. To get the encrypted ring, go back to the Fractured ingress checkpoint and go down to the left side this time.
  2. Once you enter the hallway and clear the enemies, take another left and climb up the stairs.
  3. After that, take another left to reach a dead end, where you will find the ring placed on the slab.

6. Leto’s Stash

Chicago Typewriter weapon
Chicago Typewriter [Image by eXputer]
Leto’s Stash is a significant event in Remnant 2 that grants you access to very special items including the Chicago Typewriter weapon. Events are situations in the Remnant universe where you can get special weapons and items by solving some sort of puzzles or finding secret passageways.

Important: To get to Leto’s Stash, you need to reach its portal, which requires the master key. So, it is recommended to complete the main objectives of the progression and get the key first before starting the hunt for the event.


Remnant 2 Labyrinth Secrets
Leto’s Stash loot [Image by eXputer]
To uncover the secrets of the Labyrinth in Remnant 2, follow these steps:

  1. Start by reaching the main Worldstone in the Labyrinth hub in front of the giant portal.
  2. Ascend the stairs on the right side and proceed across the corridor.
  3. After crossing the bridge, turn right and descend to a platform below, eliminating any spawning enemies.
  4. Once the path is clear, you’ll notice a large portal ahead.
  5. Instead of entering the portal, circumvent it and reach the cliff’s edge, where you’ll find another portal below.
  6. Jump into this portal to land on a platform with an elite enemy. You can either defeat the enemy or proceed up the stairs to the next portal.
  7. Beyond the next portal, look to your right to discover a small doorway. Enter it and take a left turn as you cross through.
  8. Ascend the stone slabs, leading to a narrow passageway at the top. Follow this passageway until you reach the golden portal.
  9. Reach the gate and utilize your master key to unlock it.
  10. Once inside, you’ll find the Chicago Typewriter and Leto Mark Armor.

Explore the vast Labyrinth region in Remnant 2 to uncover powerful weapons, hidden treasures, and a secret that I believe will certainly help in the long run.


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